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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.15- Valentine's Day is Over

 Oh wow. I am so not sure how to lead into this, so here we go.....

First, I *HATED* the theme. I like the New Amsterdams (who did the theme this week), but this was so not a good version....

Second, I apologize for the lateness of this review, but was unable to watch last night, so I watched it this morning. Now onto the review proper.

Ok, I so have to start with Jamie and Madison. How totally cute were the two of them? The shoelaces Jamie bought of which they both proceeded to wear one of.   The wristbands and homemade valentine were really cute too. I love the sweetness and innocence of the two of them. It is so cool to watch.

Mouth and Millicent. Thank you for helping me to remember why I fell in love with these two as a couple. Sweet, uncomplicated, and just fun. The running joke about the muffin was fun and the making of the tv demo tape just brought us back to a nice place. And with Millie apparently getting an anchor job, I wonder what the future holds.

Chase, Chuck, and Chuck's mom. Watching Chase and Chuck together is really nice. I have to admit to totally hiding my face when Chuck announced his intention to sing a showtune that he wrote. His voice was not bad and the lyrics were so that of a kid. His enthusiasm was just nifty. I like the development that they are having him go through. He wants his dad back and Chase is smart enough to not destroy his hopes in that area. Instead, he is letting Chuck realize things on his own, which is really important. Chuck's mom is more than just a bit of a bitch. Not sure if she is this way because of his dad leaving or what, but she seriously needs to pull herself together for Chuck's sake. Fortunately, they have Chase to look out for them. And yes dear, Chase is better than you.

Is Nathan going to be able to persuade Kellerman's son to sign? Given his own experiences and his helping to turn Q into a decent person, I would like to think so, but am so not sure. I am a little surprised that Clay was so readily dissuaded though. He has always struck me as being more persistent than that.  Unless of course, he is trying to push Nathan a bit which would make a certain amount of sense. I also appreciate the fact that Nathan is not hiding that he sort of wants to stick it to Professor Kellerman. Totally understandable that he wants to and it is much better to admit that one up front.

I loved that Haley was totally ransacking the house for the gifts. I do wonder how much of what she is doing is honest acting and how much is because Bethany is actually pregnant. Not that it matters because it is all just seriously fun.  Watching her joy at the gifts was cute and the look on her face when Nathan gave her the single rose and the envelope was hilarious. She looked so confused and also a little hurt. Not so fond of the explosion at Nathan (although it was understandable), but the swing back when she saw the room was just too cute for
words as was her total delight at discovering the stack of Ho-Hos.

Quinn and Clay at Tric was so "awwww" inducing. Did Chase put up the decorations? Or did Clay do it? I loved the artist (whose name I have totally forgotten) and was surprised to see someone with that many tattoos playing that style of music. Loved it, but was still surprised. Also loved his look when he was waiting to start the second song and Clay and Quinn were talking.

Brooke and Julian had the most....ahhh....interesting storyline of the night.  It was like someone took all of the bad porn cliches and slammed them all together. The hot plumber (do those actually exist?), the French maid, the naughty nanny (bad Nanny Carrie flashbacks there), the high school jock with the cougar (ok, well, sort of), and the pizza delivery guy (that was attempted anyways). Just throw in a naughty nurse and it would have been complete. I had to hide my face at the beginning of each of their scenes. Not that the scenes were bad, but the cliches were almost too much for me. My favorite was when Brooke asked for a meat lovers' pizza and Julian took her literally. That just had the most hilarious scene particularly with the door being slammed in his face 3 times (Brooke once and Julian twice) and with his comment about not minding a threesome. <snerk> And they are looking to adopt. How cool.

The juxtaposition of the three couples at the beginning of the episode (Clay/Quinn, Naley, and Brooke/Julian) was giggle worthy particularly seeing how totally cute and adorable C/Q and B/J were and how ordinary Naley was.

Next week, adoption and jail of these things is not like the other....