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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.16- I Think I'm Going to Like It Here

Baby showers, adopting a baby, and baseball tryouts tonight on One Tree Hill

I loved the theme tonight. Very nicely done and very good.

I also loved tonight's episode alot more than I have loved the past few episodes. I love fluffy, fun episodes periodically, but tonight they struck that great balance of drama and fun that has been missing from the past several episodes. Thank you!

First, Brooke and Julian. Brooke, honey, I understand that you really want to adopt a baby, but lying is so not not the way to get a potential mother to allow you to adopt her baby. Julian was right, being honest and being yourself was what was really needed. While a picture perfect family may be nice and fine on paper, lying ain't going to cut it in the long run. When Brooke was honest and really showed who she was and why she wanted the baby so badly, that was what got Chloe to want to give her the baby. Brooke and Julian will be great parents given the chance which it looks like they'll get. We already know Brooke can be a great mom and I am pretty sure Julian will be an awesome; if more than a little quirky; dad.

Quinn, Quinn, Quinn. You are so not meant to be a lying sidekick. She was so bad at the excuses that it was funny. But at least she got Haley to the baby shower on time. Unfortunately for her, Haley was enjoying the time alone and then the celebration of the Little League to go anywhere, so ultimately, the truth was the only thing to get Haley to her own baby shower. Ah well, c'est le vie. And not quite sure what was up with all of the engagement talk. While I would like to see Quinn and Clay together in a matrimonial way, this talk out of nowhere struck me as a little odd. But maybe they are getting around to laying groundwork for a proposal. And that last scene in the lit garden was just adorable.

Who knew that growing up as Dan Scott's boy would actually end up being useful in a professional capacity? At least one good thing came out of the hell of being Dan Scott's son. Ok, alot of good (such as how *NOT* to be a dad) have come out of it, but this is the first professional thing to come out of it. Nathan knew how to handle Kellerman's son (forgot his name). And he lands another deal. Not entirely sure why Julian was along aside from the fact that he wants to adopt, I think that having Chase along (since he is Chuck's Big Brother) might have made more sense, but whatever.

I am so glad that Mouth is handling the whole Millie getting the reporter spot so well. He is being super supportive and just cool. Millie should be very grateful. And dear, don't be afraid to use Mouth as necessary. Let us just hope that this is not some sort of buildup to problems for the two of them. Let them be happy!

The baby shower was just loads of fun. From the adorableness of Brooke chugging a beer to the totally awesome toast that Haley gave it was just perfect.

Until next week!