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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.17- The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

 First, sorry about the blank message. Minor technical glitch.

On tonight's OTH, pregnancies, contract signings, secrets revealed, and colors debated....

First, hated the theme. Was just totally wrong.

Second, loved the episode. Like last week, they struck a good balance between drama and hilarity. Hope this pattern continues.

Third, loved the ending. Not cliffhangery, but it did leave some questions that I can't wait to see answered....

Ok, and now the review.

First, Haley, aka the woman who cryed "Wolf!" Not entirely sure why she is testing everyone now. Granted it was damn funny, but I would think that when it is your second child, you wouldn't be as worked up about it. Unless my memory is seriously bad, she wasn't like this with Jamie. Although, I must admit that with Jamie, going into labor in the middle of your valedictorian speech is not such a great thing. I definitely appreciated the humour of the whole thing though. Between Quinn freaking out the first time, Brooke tripping and losing her keys, Julian totally fainting (and for the record, I have to keep looking up his name since I *ALWAYS* want to type Austin), and Clay and Nathan not falling for it at first but then believing her, this storyline had some of the episodes funniest moments. And what was up with Quinn singing that little ditty to her toaster pastries? Speaking of which, what was the deal with everyone suddenly loving toaster pastries?

Second, Chase and Chuck. I loved the stroke of brilliance realizing that Chuck might need glasses. Getting Alex's glasses was rather amusing as was Chuck first putting them on. The glasses themselves were amusing, but the weird smile Chuck made when he put on the glasses was what got me to start laughing. And the first hit by Chuck into Chase's stomach had me in stitches, especially when Chuck cried out "Chuck!" <snerk>

Third, Mouth and Millie. Not sure if social commentary and local news actually mix, but given the givens, I loved Millie's rant. And btw, if anyone didn't see the end result from a mile away raise your hands so I can b!tchslap you upside the head. That was *SO* predictable. I liked it, but it was seriously predictable.

Fourth, Nathan and Clay. I can seriously appreciate that Nathan sees alot of himself in Ian. And honestly, they are alot alike. Ian seems to be a bit harder of a drinker and partier, but then again he is in college and Nathan was in high school, so no real surprise there. And as for the revelation that Ian is apparently the driver of the car that knocked Brooke and Jamie off the bridge, that was not a huge surprise given that they indicated (in the previously on) that something would be coming out about that. A little surprising, but not seriously. I must admit that I am wondering if Ian is the father of Chloe's baby. Clay seems to be happy that the morals clause was included in the contract and I bet Nathan is having second thoughts about the whole thing given the discovery about the car. Nathan, before you go off, may I just mention the time you drove Peyton's car into another car? Or was it a lamppost? Anyways, point made.

Well, new episodes back on April 19th. Will see you then!