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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.19- Where Not to Look for Freedom

The truth about the accident comes out, Haley plays mom, Brooke gets a job offer, Julian gets seriously pissed, Quinn organizes a concert (and gets embarrassed several times in the process), Alex sings a song, and a dad sacrifices his life for his son.....

First, the theme. That was godawful, the less said the better.

Let's start with the accident storyline. Before the hiatus, Nathan discovered the vehicle that was a part of the hit and run that nearly killed Jamie and Brooke in Kellerman's garage. Before I get to what happened tonight, here is what I said in my review of that episode:

"And as for the revelation that Ian is apparently the driver of the car that knocked Brooke and Jamie off the bridge, that was not a huge surprise given that they indicated (in the previously on) that something would be coming out about that. A little surprising, but not seriously."

Am I good or what? Ok, maybe that was not that hard to guess, but given how easily Professor Kellerman caved to Nathan, I did see it coming a mile off. I am wondering if anyone was surprised by that. Lord knows that I wasn't. I have to say that Kellerman has risen several notches in my estimation. To have the guts to give up what has made your life to protect your son's life was not something I would have expected from him. Ian on the other hand is a totally different story. I get that he wants to protect his career, but doing so at the expense of your dad is incredibly low and just awful. I am glad that Nathan took the high road here and let the Professor do what he did. And given the fact (from the end of the episode and the preview for next week) that he has figured it out, I would *SO* not want to be in Ian's shoes. James has said that the old Nathan would make a reappearance and I think Ian is in for a world of hurt.

And who woulda thunk that Julian could get so utterly pissed off. That was almost scary. I wonder how he is going to react to the revelation about Ian. I do shudder.....

Ok, how many people just laughed out loud about Quinn's three song related embarrassments? First, Alex finds her singing "Eye of the Tiger" (I think that's the title anyway) in the studio. Then Haley sees her singing something (didn't catch what) to Lydia (and how cute was that?). Finally, the band catches her encore of "Eye of the Tiger" via webcam for Haley and Lydia. <snerk, snerk, snerk> But she did put on a good concert. Jana has a lovely voice and that was a good song. Never heard of Olin and the Moon, but they were really nice as well. Very mellow music.

Poor Brooke spent most of the episode depressed about not being able to adopt. Then she gets an invitation to be the VP of Clothes Over Bros. I have a sneaking suspicion that Victoria has something to do with this. I am not sure how given what she did, but I just have a suspicion given some of the things she said to Brooke. Will Brooke take the job? Given the fact that there will be a time jump in the finale, I would think that she will but will come back for some reason.

Haley didn't do much but be the stay-at-home-mom. I suspect this has to do with Bethany's newborn, but again not so sure.

Clay with a partially open shirt and cowboy hat? Surprisingly hot...

Next week, a confrontation between Julian, Nathan, Clay, and Ian. Uh oh......