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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.20- The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

A pregnancy, an absolutely hideous spray tan, a recitation of "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer, and the resolution to the Kellerman drama.....

First, the theme. It was ok, but definitely not my favorite. The only good thing I can say about it is that it was better than some.

The episode seemed to be a transition episode. Certain plotlines were all wrapped up and the remaining 2 episodes were set up. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what will happen during the time jump in the finale, but more on that later.

First, the Kellerman storyline is wrapped up. I am glad that Nathan went to Professor Kellerman with the truth and apologized. That was definitely classy of him. It was definitely nice to see Kellerman be a genuine human being and admit that just as Nathan had prejudged him, he had prejudged Nathan. And his explanation for why he protected Ian was very touching. Ian so doesn't deserve it, but its what parents do for their kids. And I must admit that I wish Ian had gotten more than knocked off the bridge and then held under several times. Unfortunately, given that there was really no proof about what happened, nothing more could be done unless Nathan, Julian, or Clay happened to tape the confession. Here's hoping karma will come along and bite him on the @$$ big time.

What is it with Quinn getting all of the embarassing storylines now? Last week with the singing and this week with that absolutely hideously godawful spray tan. I did find Clay's reaction amusing. He was so ready for the date night (particularly after seeing her in the string bikini) and then that spray tan was seen and he changed his tune incredibly quickly. <snerk> Loved that. And so happy that it came off in the hot tub. I meant the spray tan! Geez.....get your minds out of the gutter. Mine is in there taking up all the space. :-)

I must admit that the whole pregnancy storyline took me by surprise. I was not expecting that. The best part was the end twist where Brooke is pregnant and not Alex. That really threw me, but in a totally cool way. For some reason, I thought that they had said that Brooke could never get pregnant, but maybe they just said that it would be really hard for her. I so hope that everything goes ok and she and Julian have their baby because they so deserve it. As for what I was saying about the time jump before, I suspect that they will have Brooke have her baby during that time to avoid the whole fake pregnancy thing. Ok, obvious at this point, but :-P. :-)

I did enjoy having Jamie recite "Casey at the Bat" during the game. If you have never read it, the poem is about a man named Casey who is supposedly an awesome baseball player who ends up striking out due to overconfidence and hubris. So, I was wondering how the ending was going to go. Would they be faithful to the poem and have Jamie strike out? Or would they follow the more conventional approach and have him hit the ball? They did the latter which was nice. I loved that Chuck "chucked" Julian. That was funny. I also liked that Madison and Chuck took on characters from the poem. In the poem, in the final inning, a bad player (Chuck) hits a single and a not-so-masculine player (Madison) hits a double. Casey (Jamie) then comes up and gets two strikes. In the poem, Casey strikes out and so there is no cheering in Mudville. In OTH, Jamie hits it. Sort of fun.

Next week, wacky hijinks with the guys camping and the girls in Puerto Rico. Til then!