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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.21- Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Last review from LiveJournal.  Thanks for bearing with me as I moved everything.


The ladies in Puerto Rico, Brooke and Julian can't keep a secret, the guy become bird-watchers, Mouth and Millie make some TV, and Haley is hit by nostalgia....

I loved this version of the theme. Very similar but with a nice, distinctive style. Very well done.

I'll start with the guys. The main storyline with them was their going camping to find an endangered species of bird that might live on the River Court in order to save the Court from development. The whole thing was somewhat amusing. Clay wanted to stay at home in a flowered(!) shirt in an old chair with a cooler filled with half-melted ice. Interesting way to spend a weekend. Then Nathan unleashed his secret weapon. No, not scantily clad young ladies, but Jamie giving him a pathetic little smile. <snerk> So, he brought the shirt, chair, and cooler with him. And everyone proceeded to insult him and the shirt. Just damn funny, especially when Quinn and the girls saw a guy in Puerto Rico with the same shirt and made a comment about it. While camping, Jamie and Chuck ran across a bulldozer and climbed in, but more on that later. The taping and bonding were just funny. I will say that now Robert's tweets about a shirt that he liked from that episode now make a whole lot more sense....

I have to say that I felt sorry about how Chuck find out about Chase leaving. Given everything he has gone through, his reaction was unsurprising. He proceeded to turn on the bulldozer and start it moving. Chase then jumped in and proceeded to drive over all of Clay's stuff. Poor abused Clay. After this, he got upset at Chuck who got uncharacteristically quiet and withdrawn until he confessed about why he did what he did. And Chase getting Chuck that bike (his dad's last sentence to Chuck was that he would be getting a bike and then teach Chuck to ride it) was just totally sweet. And I loved that when Chuck "chucked" Nathan, Nathan proceeded to kick his butt (literally) and called it a "nathan." ROFL

Ultimately, the River Court appeared to be saved when some eggs from the bird were found where Chuck had driven over. I also liked the Mouth/Millie story. I've said it before and will say it again, the two of them need to keep these nice fun storylines, otherwise they get really boring. Millie's rants (including the latest one where she dressed as a dog to complain about people letting their dogs poop wherever) got the attention of higher ups and they want to give her a morning show. So naturally, Mouth helped out. The manager asked Millie to do something a little more serious, so Mouth suggested the River Court. When Millie did her live taping, she allowed Mouth to keep going. Totally awesome and hope this bodes well for his career.

As for the girls in Puerto Rico, Quinn got a nice storyline where she went around with a model taking pictures of ordinary everyday things for B.Davis magazine that ultimately landed her the cover shot. Very well done. I loved that Lauren got drunk and then sent partially naked shots to Chuck's mom. Fortunately (well sort of), Chuck had the phone and intercepted the pictures before his mom saw them. Drunk Lauren= high amusement factor.

Brooke spent the entire time pretending to not be pregnant. She was not entirely successful as Quinn figured it out and congratulated her. That was nice. So now, Naley, Alex, Chase, and Quinn all know about Brooke's pregnancy. Just waiting for Clay, Mouth, and Millie to find out.

And I love that Haley wants to reopen Karen's Cafe. That will definitely give her something nice to do next season (assuming the show is renewed, which I heard it is). And having Brooke as a partner will be nice.

Next week, Brooke's pregnancy progresses and everyone is cute....