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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill Episode 7.06 - "Deep Ocean Vast Sea"

Well, I was wrong about one thing from last week. More on that below.

Tonight, Nathan and Haley are tested, Dan and Rachel are plotting, Brooke has a revelation, and Mouth grows a pair of big steel ones and goes out with a bang....

So not sure where to start. Well, let me start by saying that the theme of tonight's episode was testing. Whether it was a relationship, principles, or something else, everyone was tested tonight.

I'll start with where I went wrong last week. I thought that Dan had gotten The Bitch to get Nathan, but it turns out that he believes her and sees Nathan as himself. So warped. Dan is so desperate to connect with Nathan that he thinks that Nathan could actually be like him and do what Dan did in ignoring Lucas. Dan really hasn't changed that much. His manipulating is less subtle now and he does it under the guise of the truth. Damn, and I was really just starting to like him. The man is so desperate for acceptance and a connection that he is willing to destroy his son and his son's marriage. @$$hole.....

I feel so bad for Nathan. If Haley were to just totally stand by him, he would be able to weather anything. But now that she is so doubting him that she was considering paying The Bitch off. Damn dude, that just sucks. Losing the endorsement deals and being crucified in the media is bad enough, but to have your own wife thinking you could cheat is just awful. I so loved his speech about how he is not like Dan. She so needed that verbal slap in the face to realize what she was doing to him. I do love Haley, but not so fond of her insecurities and the fact that she could doubt such a wonderful man as Nathan Scott. Not a perfect man, but that is part of what make him so great and wonderful.

Damn Mouth! You go! Getting the boss to think you have caved to him and then going out there and throwing a major league curveball. I have to admire him and his cojones. This does mean that his career could be permanently sidelined, or it could help propel him to even greater heights, only the future knows. I also admire how he handled Millie. Telling her that she is special to him was great. Granted, expected of a good boyfriend, but great nonetheless.

And speaking of Millie, it is time for another round of "Slap her!" Dear, don't let the Skanky Ho-Bag actress (TM) get you down. You are pretty and nicely proportioned. Don't go on some stupid and insane diet to be like her. Please....

Speaking of Skanky Ho-Bag, anyone want to join me in a public effigy burning? Geez, she manipulates Millie into feeling bad (granted not hard since Millie has a terminal case of low self-esteem) and keeps trying to get into Julian's pants. I must admit that I do admire her taste, that was a nice shot of his butt....ok, I'm back now.

And I loved Brooke tonight. First, having Chase be a model was such an obvious attempt to get Julian jealous. And it worked. Then when Chase pointed out that Skanky Ho-Bag is alot like high school Brooke was (well, from the early first season anyways) she realized the danger and went to put the kibosh on it. And now Julian is in the dog house. Or should I say the couch?

Clay had an interesting show tonight. A little was revealed about his past and how he came to Tree Hill. I do so love to see him and Quinn together as friends. Don't think it will get much further unless Nathan loosens up a bit, which seemed to happen at the end of the episode. Also, Clay would need to figure out what he wants.

And speaking of Quinn, she didn't seem to do much tonight. She mainly was a sounding board for Clay and then fighting with Nathan. At least she can commiserate with him.

Until next week, have fun.....