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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill Episode 7.10 - "You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son"

Ok, who handed out the bitchy pills? Everyone tonight got a turn at the bitch stick. And I do mean everyone, guy and girl. Some of the bitchy moments were well and truly earned, others weren't. More below....

Let's start with the major storyline: Nathan and Haley vs. Clay and Quinn with Dan making a special guest appearance. I am seriously torn in this situation. Nathan had every right to be upset and pissed off. Granted, Clay was trying to do his best for Nathan and granted, Clay has been having personal issues recently, but he still seriously failed Nathan. I totally do not know the ins and outs of sports negotiations, but it does seem that Clay allowed himself to be too distracted to do his best for Nathan. I do want to smack Haley for being so bitchy with Quinn, I sort of get it. She was seriously upset about what happened to Nathan and lashed out at someone who was supporting Clay in lieu of Clay himself. That doesn't excuse her, but it does explain her actions. I seriously hope that Nathan and Clay work things out and that Haley removes the bitch stick out of her @$$. Who'd thought I'd ever say that about Haley?

And now for Dan. I found his methods of dealing with Clay to be.....interesting. Dan totally wants the best for Nathan and in typical Dan fashion, overreacts to the situation. Then, New Dan (TM) asserts himself and Dan goes on his whole redemption kick. Watching him and Clay interact was very interesting. Dan still hasn't lost his talent to thoroughly piss off everyone around him.

Is it wrong to say that I was glad to see Victoria back? I am glad to see that she can still be a bi!ch while being totally supportive of Brooke. Still dismissive of Brooke's former paramours (see Chase), but totally seeing what she can do to help Brooke was funny. Millie has been being such a total and complete bi!ch that I was happy to see Victoria get her in trouble and to see Brooke reject her. Millie, don't demand $500,000 on your first gig. You are not that good. Brooke was trying to be helpful and supportive and you are totally taking advantage of that. And watching her lie to Mouth's face was not fun. The look on his face and the resolve in his voice is saying that she is in serious trouble. Hopefully she will take this wake-up call and change her ways. I am expecting her to descend further, but I could be wrong.

I felt so sad for Brooke when she revealed that she can't have babies. She so wants to be a mom that losing that dream is killing her. And with Julian abandoning her last week made things that much worse. Granted, he didn't know, but that doesn't lessen the pain at all. I wonder how Victoria is going to react to this. I am glad that Julian is doing the right things and being supportive, he is winning back points.

Rachel, what the hell are you thinking taping a show in the hallway where Dan shot Keith? I know you're an insensitive bi!ch and whatnot, but that is taking it all to another level.

In two weeks, Brooke/Julian have a meltdown and all sort of fun ensues.....