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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill Episode 7.17- "At the Bottom of Everything"

Woah....that was a heavy, heavy episode. One or two light moments, but some pretty hefty stuff going on.

I am going to apologize now if my constant referencing of my mom's death wears thin over the next few weeks. The comparison to what is going on with Lydia is inevitable, so please be understanding. Thanks.

I totally understand Haley wanting to find a cure. When a parent; or anyone you love for that matter; is dying, you just want to do one of three things. either you are like me and want to avoid thinking about it as much as possible to avoid a complete shutdown, you are like Haley and try to fix everything, or you are like Lydia and accept it. If you can do the last, I think that is best for the person who is dying and hard on the loved one and my way can be the easiest on you and hard on them. The second option will be hard on both. What happens if in the course of trying to find a cure, the person dying takes a turn for the worst or even dies and you are not there to say goodbye. That would be a burden you would carry for your whole life. Also, what if you get so focused on looking for a cure that you ignore the rest of your life? Unfortunately, there are no good answers or things to do, it is hard on everyone. This may all seem obvious, but when you are in the middle of this, rational thinking is not exactly a priority.

The purpose of the long-winded paragraph above is simply that as is fairly obvious people react very differently to the prospect of death. Nathan has the advantage of being able to view everything fairly abstractly since it is not his mom. This allows him to be the rock of support for Haley that she really needs. He unquestioningly does what he can to help her even when he would handle things differently. He sees that she needs to do something and helps her out as best he can. And his talk with Lydia was nice. Nothing new, but I enjoyed the reminiscing.

Haley is desperately trying to hold it all together and is having lots of trouble, totally unsurprisingly. She is someone who tries to fix things and people and so she instinctively wants to do what she can to fix her mom. Fortunately her mom understands this and agrees to letting Haley try on the condition that Haley accept the verdict if Nathan's doctor agrees with what her doctor says. Watching Haley sitting with Jamie was heartbreaking. She is in so much pain and he is too. But rather than focus on himself, Jamie sympathizes with his mom. That was totally sweet and totallyheartwrenching.

Jamie is going to be another pillar for Haley. Granted, he will be a pillar in a different way than Nathan, but he will be someone who needs her and something that she can focus on outside of herself. Hopefully, this will help her to maintain some stability even as she relies on Nathan for support.

I am glad Clay is there for Quinn. He is her Nathan, at least in the support sense. Having him around will make this easier on her.

And now for everyone else....

Julian, I so want to smack you. Brooke is finally ready to let you in and you sleep with Alex. You frakking moron! All brownie points lost in one boneheaded maneuver. Shape up or risk losing Brooke forever and that you do not want.

Alex loses points too, just not as many. She has been so good about avoiding the whole Brooke/Julian drama until tonight. Why oh why did you let yourself get sucked back in? Stick with Alexander, he is hot and better for you than Julian is.

I wish Mouth and Millie would wise up. They are good for each other, but both of them are so insecure about what is going on that they won't talk with each other. Not sure what to think about Mouth and Lauren. But will wait and see what happens. And please don't stick Millie and Owen together. Not fond of Owen and want him gone.

I laughed at Grubbs and producer lady. That was a riot. Particularly her coming out in her underwear to help him see what she'll do for him. QUite amusing.

Next week: Lydia's illness. 'Nuff said.