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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.10- Co-Captain

Ok, that was a jam packed episode that seriously raised the stakes for everyone in Scott's life and brought some major surprises to the table....

Just when Scott life couldn't get any worse, it does.  His semi-mentor, Derek, has teamed up with the Alpha; aka Derek's uncle; and threatens everyone in Scott's life.  From taking his mom on a date to threatening Allison's family to threatening Stiles, Scott is matched into a serious game of playing protector to keep everyone safe.  And Jackson is so not helping at all.  Jackson is so filled with hubris that he thinks that he can actually handle everything and is totally ignoring Scott's warnings.  But more on that later.

On the good side, Scott and Allison are talking again.  Well, sort of.  Allison wants to tell Scott about all the weird stuff her family is saying and doing, but Scott keeps getting distracted trying to save people.  Fortunately, he has Stiles to help him keep his mom safe.  And that whole "accident" was just terribly amusing.  I can't say I was terribly surprised at how quickly the Alpha figured out that Scott was behind that.  And just when Scott thought people were safe, the Alpha reveals that Jackson is in trouble,   I'll stop with Scott for the moment and come back to him after everyone else.

First, Jackson.  As I said above, his hubris is going to be his undoing.  He is so convinced that he can handle everything that he is totally ignoring what Scott has to say.  So when Derek comes along to offer him everything he wants, he follows along like Derek is the Pied Piper and nearly gets both himself and Scott killed and gets Derek captured by PsychoAunt as a result.  Derek is right to a certain extent, I don't know how many people would really and truly miss Jackson if something happened to him.  Fortunately for him, Scott has a very strong sense of morality and appears in time to protect Jackson from Derek.  But, as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.  When PsychoAunt (and apparently a couple other people as well, possibly Allison's dad?) attacks the Hale house, Scott is shot and Derek allows himself to be captured to ensure that Scott gets away and saved by the vet, who seems to know alot about werewolves since he knows what to give Scott to "speed the healing process."

Allison caught PsychoAunt and her dad talking in the garage and sees PsychoAunt put down an arrowhead, which flares on impact.  Cool, but not good.  So, she goes to talk to Scott who is in the middle of the aforementioned crisis and leaves her alone in his room.  She then receives a text from PsychoAunt and goes and sees Derek (but does she realize that?) chained up in an open cagetype structure.

Was anyone else totally freaked out when the Alpha started to stroke Scott's mom's face?  Thank goodness for Stiles showing up to rescue her in the nick of time.

And speaking of Stiles, he found out some interesting information.  Every person killed (except Derek's sister) was involved in the fire that destroyed the Hale house and killed Derek's family.  So not good.  And I think I am missing something because when Stiles' dad said that he missed Stiles' mom, Stiles turned around with a total look of shock.  And may I say that getting your dad drunk to pump him for information is so not kosher?  Yes, I believe you may have a special level in hell reserved for you....

I loved the talk between Allison and Lydia.  Allison revealing that she knows about the kiss just brought the funniest look onto Lydia's face and when she gave Lydia the bow to find the sound, Lydia gave the cutest little gulp and was about to totally panic.

Back to Scott.  He is just not having a good time.  As much as he should be enjoying talking with Allison again, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and just can't enjoy her.  Here's hoping things get better, even though we know they won't....well, not for a while anyways.

Next week, PsychoAunt and Allison have a talk and Lydia appears to be threatened....