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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.12- Code Breaker

And so the first season ends with 2 deaths, major revelations, a serious blow, and 2 major questions.....

Ok, last week I made a couple of predictions, one of which came partially true and one of which possibly came true.   PsychoAunt is officially dead.  She had her throat ripped out by the Alpha in front of Allison.  That gets points for trauma to Allison and the Alpha gets style points.  Ahhh, justice!  I was wrong in that her death didn't drive a wedge between Scott and Allison, probably because he was right there to ensure her safety.  So I get a half point.  The possibility comes later under the heading of major questions.

No matter how much I disliked the Alpha, he gets points for the greatest line in reference to Lydia.  His crack about trying to kill Stiles twice a month was hilarious.  Sexist and crude, but hilarious nonetheless.

Let's start with Stiles.  Stiles, the ordinary guy who somehow finds a way to put things together and hold it together so that he can help his best friend.  He leaves Lydia after calling Jackson because the Alpha told him so he can help Scott.  And the username and password to Scott's computer was just too damn funny.  "Allison" for both?  <snerk>  Then going to the hospital and interrogating his dad long enough to figure out who torched the Hale house and mouthing off at Allison's dad because he is pissed off?  Geez.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have Xander 2.0.  Does whatever he can for his friends even though he is sadly ill equipped to do so.  And what exactly was in that flask he threw at the Alpha?  Whatever it was caused a nice little fire when Allison shot it and combined with what Jackson threw to mostly kill the Alpha.  Nicely done sidekick.

And Scott.  Running from his girlfriend's dad.  Nearly shot by said girlfriend and then blinded by a flashbang arrow.  That seriously sucks.  But she can't do more than that (thank goodness!) and she should be grateful for that because that is about the only thing that saved her from being killed by the Alpha.  2 Betas (Derek and Scott) v. 1 Alpha and the result is that the Alpha cleans up the floor with them until the humans arrive with nifty chemicals.  Nicely done.  Only to be betrayed by his "mentor" who kills the Alpha in order to become the new Alpha.  That sucks.  And if I am not mistaken, that means that Derek's sister was an Alpha.  That was an interesting little twist.

Allison, I am so glad you decided not to follow in PsychoAunts footsteps.  You'll be better for it, I promise.  For a bit there, I was a little worried, but you pulled through nicely and are now even more solidly in the good camp.  I am not entirely sure what daddy is going to think about you dating a werewolf, but I suspect he'll not protest too much since Scott did save your life.

And Jackson's good moment of helping was apparently done so that he could get himself turned.  <head smack>  Be careful what you ask for....

The twist I never saw coming, Derek killing the Alpha and assuming that mantle himself.  That cannot be good.

And last, what is up with Lydia.  She isn't healing, hence probably not a werewolf, but then what is happening?  Is she going to pull through?

We'll have these questions answered next summer during Season 2.  Until then!