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Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Thoughts on One Tree Hill Season far

This post is actually inspired by a thread recently on a couple of lists about people who aren't fond of this season. For the record, I do not agree with them. I like this season, but I do have a few comments. I don't feel like getting into a debate, and this post is not about that. If you disagree with me, all well and good. I'll live. All I ask for for respectful and thoughtful replies. Thank you.

While I do like this season, I do think the quality has gone slightly downhill. Last season was great. I wasn't fond of the whole Nanny Carrie storyline because it seemed to create drama for the sake of drama rather than for any good reason. But the whole gang was together and their stories pretty much meshed.

This season seems to have lacked some focus. Each pairing or group seems to have its own separate storyline and there seems to be little if any connection between them. This lack of cohesion is hurting the season. Lucas and Peyton have all of the baby drama and are in their own world. Haley has a little crossover with Peyton when it comes to music, but not alot. Brooke has been dealing with losing Clothes over Bros, the attack, and Julian and Sam. Again, a little crossover with other people, but not alot.

The chemistry between the cast is a large part of what makes this show work. Having them seriously split up for this long makes everything less interesting. I still appreciate and enjoy every second of OTH, but I think it could be better if the writers could focus things. As much as I love them both, Mouth and Millie seem like excess baggage right now. They need to be brought back in big time or they need to go. And the less said about the whole storyline leading to their breakup the better. Like Nanny Carrie from last season, drama for the sake of causing drama and not for a good reason.

And speaking of Nanny Carrie, I believe I said this at the time, but that whole plotline was wierd and un-One Tree Hill to me. So glad that is over.

I think that this season is probably wrapped and in the can at this point (or very soon to be anyway), but I really hope that for Season 7 the writers take the time to keep the group together. This is one show where the ensemble needs to be together in a main story with one or two minor ones to make it work well. Having so many seperate stories makes each individual story weaker and not as good as they can be.

Just my humble opinion....