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Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Kyle XY.....

Ok, its been a while since I posted about this show, but I just saw the final season on DVD. There was a commentary on the final episode and a special feature about what the future would have held. Just wanted to weigh in with some thoughts and comments.

First, I was somewhat surprised to find out that in the last episode when Cassidy told Kyle that they were brothers, Cassidy was not lying. Cassidy's mother Grace was an egg donor and therefore Kyle's biological mother. I have to admit that I sort of hoped Cassidy was lying, but he wasn't. That storyline was supposed to have dominated the fourth season with Kyle being torn between his biological family (Cassidy and Grace) and his real family (the Tragers, Declan, Amanda, and Jessi). Also, there would have been questions of Kyle taking over Latnok since it is a family business of sorts.

Second, Kyle and Amanda were never meant to last. Which sucks, but makes sense. They were constantly being referenced as "star-cross'd lovers" or Romeo and Juliet, both of which mean a love that is doomed. What was interesting was part of the reasons behind this. Since Matt is about 8 years older than Kirsten; who was 18 when the show stopped taping; they felt it would be creepy to have their relationship go too far, so they kept it at the pure, puppy love type of level. Kyle and Jessi, on the other hand, would have had a long and stormy relationship. Ultimately however, it seems that they wanted Kyle to end up alone.

Third, the "corruption" of Kyle. Note, I use quotes. The producers of the show insist that Kyle was being corrupted by Latnok, but I just don't see it. They talk about the fact that near the end of the third season, he was breaking laws and lying to get at Latnok. But, as I noted in my reviews of the episodes, that is nothing new for Kyle. Back in the first season, he would lie or break the law if he felt he was on solid ethical grounds. While his reactions were a bit more extreme than in the past, so were the circumstances. Cassidy directly threatened everyone Kyle loves, so of course Kyle is going to react badly. Cassidy had killed Sarah and hurt Jessi tremendously and Latnok had cloned Kyle for god only knows what reasons, so of course he is going to go off. He is not perfect and everyone has their breaking point. He just took a long time to reach his.

I do want to say that I wish they would have the chance to make a TV movie or something to wrap up the storylines. There was so much left hanging because they weren't told about the cancellation until after they had finished stories (or maybe it was taping) for the final season. Hope it happens, but I am not holding my breath.....