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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.03- Loner

Tonight Cassie continues to sing from the "I just want to be normal" song book, Diana and Cassie have a short heart-to-heart about Adam, Faye continues her journey to actual humanity, and a blast from the past returns....

After the events of last week, can anyone blame Cassie for wanting normality?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  But, like many reluctant heroes and heroines of yore, her life resists all things normal.  Oh well.  At this point dear, do the best you can and accept the fact that normal is just not in the cards for you.  Particularly when it seems your mom did something fairly awful to one of her friends 16 years ago.  I suspect that her mom didn't actually do anything, that whatever happened was a byproduct of the fire, but still to someone who seems a little disturbed, that don't make much difference.  And sweetie, avoid Adam at all costs.  Stop making googly eyes at him, stop dancing with him, and don't automatically run to him when you are in trouble.  I know you aren't aiming to hurt Diana, but you are headed that way at breakneck speed.  Diana knows that there is attraction there and she is seriously worried.  But, alas, this is a high school drama and no high school drama is complete without at least one love triangle.  Sigh....

Who knew that Faye could care about someone outside of herself?  I loved her when she told Melissa not to settle for the crap that Nick was giving her and that she deserved better.  That was a fairly major step for the queen biatch of the show.  I could actually get to like her.  I was highly amused by her annoyance at not doing simple spells (hint dear, know your combination anyways, just to be safe).  And that magic that she and Diana did together was impressive.

Well, Adam tried to give Cassie someone else to focus on.  Unfortunately, since Cassie's life resists all things normal, it just didn't work.  And dude, dancing with Cassie, particularly a slow dance, *SO* not a good idea.  I was also impressed with what he did in that little confrontation.  And the fact that they could weave a semi-convincing lie so quickly was impressive.  Granted, Mrs. Chamberlain was just looking for an excuse so she could sweep it under the rug, but still, props must be given when they are due.

Melissa and Nick are *S*L*O*W*L*Y* being fleshed out.  I wish we could get a bit more on the two of them.  So, Nick has lost both of his parents (both in the fire?) and so is severely damaged.  Here's hoping that Melissa can tame the bad boy, because the two of them are sort of cute together.

Principal Chamberlain (can never remember her first name) and Charles just keep playing cleanup crew, whether it is for their own messes or for the kids.  This is a good thing, but at some point they are going to slip up.

Next week, Cassie finds the friend her mom damaged.....

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.03- The End of the Affair

Tonight we learned some backstory of Stefan, Klaus, and his sister Rebecca; Elena got a rude wake-up call; and Sheriff Forbes had a little confrontation with her ex....

Well, that was interesting.  Turns out that Stefan has met Klaus before.  In Chicago in the 1920s, Stefan met a vampire named Rebecca who has an older brother named Nick (aka Klaus).  Nick didn't like Stefan at first, then Stefan compelled a man to drink his own wife's blood and they became friends until Nick compelled Stefan to forget about it until he was given leave to remember.  That just sucks.  I am definitely enjoying seeing Stefan in his glory days as the Ripper.  It just makes him a much more interesting character overall.  While I do enjoy St. Stefan, watching fallen Stefan is just nifty.  And it make me totally realize why Stefan is the way he is now.  I mean, we all knew that Stefan had been a bad, bad boy, but seeing the delight he took in it just brings it to a whole other level entirely.  And how about Stefan making time with an Original?  Very nice!

Poor Elena.  That confrontation with Stefan was just murder.  I get it, he wants to keep her safe, but damn, did he have to be that harsh?  Ok, well, I guess so, but still.  That poor girl got one scare after another tonight.  First, Klaus and Stefan nearly walk in on her in Stefan's apartment.  Then Stefan tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore.  Granted, we know this is not true and that he is just saying this to protect her, but still.  Wow...

Damon listening to Katherine.  This time it was a good thing, but seriously, not always the wisest thing to do.  And what is it about him pissing off Klaus?  Granted, this time he was doing it to ensure that Stefan could meet with Elena, but still, the only thing that saved him was the fact that Gloria didn't want him killed in her bar.  Stop pushing your luck!  We get it, you're a bad boy who likes to live dangerously!  For Elena's sake, take fewer risks!

I have to say that I loved Gloria.  Not around much (although I suspect that she'll return at some point), but she was nifty.  Powerful enough to stave off aging and smart enough to remain on friendly terms with Klaus.  I suspect that if she and Bonnie ever had a confrontation it would be one hell of a knock down, drag out fight.  Doubt Bonnie could win without a major power boost, but it would be interesting.  And who exactly is the first witch?

Caroline also gets the short end of the stick this week.  Daddy is back and has *ISSUES* with his darling child being a vampire.  So, he decides to get her to submerge her vampiric tendencies.  His method is taken straight out of the Pavlovian textbook that came directly from hell.  He tortures her so that she'll associate vampirism with pain.  Exposing her to the sun (sans ring) and then shoving a blood bag beneath her nose.  Nice fellow.  Fortunately for Caroline, Tyler knew enough to get the Sheriff to rescue Caroline.  Very nice.  Seeing Tyler carry her out was sweet as was their scene in her bedroom after she got back.  How much did I love that Sheriff Forbes gave Caroline blood to drink so she could recover?  And when Caroline crumpled against Tyler and wept about her dad?  That was just heart wrenching.

Next week, Bonnie returns and the Saga of Klaus and Stefan continues....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.03- If You Ever Want a French Lesson...

Siobhan finds out she is pregnant at a bad time, Bridget looks into the phone of her assailant with some interesting results, Andrew discovers something Siobhan has been hiding, and Gemma finds out something that Henry has done in a not entirely nice way that makes her unhappy....

Most of this episode was centered around Bridget trying to figure out who the assailant was and who sent him.  So, she decides to use the phone to figure it out.  Unfortunately for her, it was a disposable phone and couldn't be used unless she went to the FBI or the police which wasn't going to happen, so, there you have it.  However, she did use the threat of the FBI in a very nice manner.  After the mystery guy who showed up at the party last week called her demanding the phone back, Bridget called Agent Marchado and when she knew that she had been seen with him, used that threat to get the guy to back off.  Well played.

Not so well played was her attempt to figure out who the assailant was connected to.  Upon seeing a picture of Andrew and Siobhan together, Bridget realized that this picture was where the picture of Siobhan that the assailant had came from.  So, naturally she assumed Andrew was behind it.  This semi-twisted investigation led to a divorce attorney which Andrew found out about thanks to someone who saw Bridget there.  And this was after he had bought Bridget a lovely dress to wear to the ballet that evening.  Ow.  Not good.  I would warn Bridget to be stealthy, except for the fact that she just keeps bumping into people who know Siobhan which makes stealth rather difficult.  I did appreciate how she made up for it in the end though.  Oh, and yes, that photo was used as part of a holiday card which means that any number of people could have used it.  I do get the feeling that Siobhan is somehow involved in the attack,  Don't remember what it was, but something about Siobhan just has me convinced that there is something there.

Speaking of Siobhan, after she meets a cute banker who works for Andrew's firm, she invites him to her room for "French class".  Um, yeah, ok.  Once he shows up, things quickly go horizontal.  Who knew you could learn French on a bed.  That just might have made learning languages easier when I was younger.  Unfortunately, at that moment, morning sickness strikes and she forces him out and finds that she is pregnant.  Sickness interruptus!  And she obviosly cares about Henry given that she called him after discovering about her pregnancy.

As for Agent Machado, he is still circling and trying to figure a way in.  Judges just keep turning down his requests for information about Siobhan's phone records.  His instincts are very good even if he can never prove them.  Just keep plugging away.

And that partner of Andrew's is a complete bitch.  When Henry asked to withdraw the money and after Andrew told her not to tell Gemma, guess what she does.  Oh yes, she tells Gemma.  I just want to know if we are allowed to hurt her.  And it is as if these two need any more issues....

No new questions this week really although I suspect there is something more to that Pratt Street property than we are seeing.

Until next week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.02- The Hybrid

Klaus has a nasty surprise, Damon and Alaric try to help Elena, Tyler and his mom learn things about each other, Matt helps out Jeremy, and we meet Caroline's dad....

Well, if you didn't already know that Elena was a little crazy, this week proves it.  After the call from Stefan last week, she decides to track him down and convinces Alaric to come along.  Alaric invites Damon, who shows up in typical Damon fashion- out of the blue.  Gotta give Elena credit though, she is so determined to help Stefan that she is willing to risk her own life to save him.  Fortunately, she is not so willing to sacrifice anyone else, and so gives Alaric the protective ring and then forces everyone to run at the first sign of trouble threatening Damon.  Then again, this isn't surprising.  Like Stefan, Elena is a martyr.  She is willing to sacrifice herself in order to help save her friends and loved ones just like last season with Klaus.  Sweet, but not a good thing.

Ever practical Damon uses his customary tact to cut right through everything in order to get to the truth.  He knows why Elena made him and Alaric run and forces her to confront the fact that she cares for him to and to say it out loud.  Granted, it was for what is ultimately a selfish motive, but still.  As for Damon's little conversation with Stefan, that was interesting.  The more Stefan protests that he needs to be abandoned, the more Damon realizes that Stefan can't be.  Like Damon said, Stefan is a martyr.  See Elena above.

As for Matt and Jeremy, that was just interesting.  I am definitely glad that Matt is not being cut out anymore, but I bet he wishes he was.  All this weirdness is almost too much for him.  Unfortunately, Jeremy is convinced that he needs Matt's help in order to help Vicki.  Unfortunately, Vicki wants help in order to come back.  And Anna is here to stop her.  I have to ask, did bringing Jeremy back open some sort of gateway between this world and the next?  If so, can anyone he cares about come back, or only certain people?  Because Jenna died as a vampire like Vicki and Anna, so could she be next?

Mrs. Lockwood got a nasty surprise tonight.  She discovered that Tyler is a werewolf.  She obviously thought he was a vampire (given the hanging around with and sleeping with Caroline) so she test him by giving him vervain.  Then, he reveals the truth by making her watch him as he transforms.  Yikes.  Oh, and the vampire hunter that Mrs. Lockwood called for in order to get rid of Caroline?  Her dad.  Talk about Daddy I*S*S*U*E*S!!!!!

As for Klaus, he was in for a very disappointing time.  He so wanted his army of hybrids and so broke the curse.  Unfortunately for him, the doppleganger is still alive and so he can't have his army.  Fortunately, he doesn't seemed to have figured out Elena is alive or I suspect he would be on his way back to kill her.  Stefan needs to be careful though or else there will be hell to pay.

Next week, Stefan meets a blast from his past...

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.02- Bound

The consequences of the fire 16 years ago, Cassie attempts to have a normal life, Cassie and Adam have sparks flying, Diana is insecure, Faye is a world class bitch, and Dawn goes to extraordinary lengths to keep events moving....

So, after the fire 16 years ago that killed half of the Circle, the parents of that Circle and other elders banded together to strip them of their power.  Interesting.  And so Charles has been using a crystal to use magic again.  Not good.  Fortunately (ok, not so fortunately after all), Dawn took the crystal because once it is used up, their powers are gone.  I wonder why they want the kids to form a Circle though.  Do they think that the kids can restore their powers?  That seems to be the most likely possibility.  And Dawn has some humanity and used magic to save Sally who was killed (or almost killed, not entirely clear there) by Faye using magic.  As a result, of this Dawn's father-in-law (who doesn't like her) was going to report this to the elders and so she killed him.  So not a good sign.

Poor Cassie was trying to live a normal life.  Alas, it is not to be.  She not only completes the Circle, but appears to be seriously powerful and not in control of what happens.  Dear, please, be specific in what you want.  Although the whole shattering glass thing was highly amusing.  As was her observation about whether or not Nick owns a shirt.  <snerk>  The question is, was Diana right in insisting that the Circle be bound?  Faye's grandfather seemed to be dead set against the idea and allusions were made to the fact that the binding may have some unintended consequences.

As for Adam and Cassie, there is most definitely something there.  Their attraction to each other is undeniable and given that lights were shattering when the two of them were in close proximity, this cannot be a good thing.  They are obviously the star-crossed couple here, but it remains to be seen what route they will follow.  Will they deny their passion or give in to it?  Obviously deny it for a while, and I wonder how long it will last.

Faye was playing around with the power and it bit her on the @$$ big time.  She has no control over it and then killed Sally.  Not a good thing.  Well, the only good part about it was that she was forced to go through with the binding once she faced what she was capable of.  That was a rough way to learn, but at least no permanent damage was done, well, not that we know of anyways.

The glimpse under Diana's self-assured exterior was interesting.  I do wonder if she played any of it up for Adam's benefit or if it was 100% real.  I guessing the latter, but I could be wrong.  She honestly wants the binding to make sure that things stay under control and she also has a good head on her shoulders.

And poor Melissa.  Nick sleeps with her and then moves on almost immediately to Faye.  Can we say "man whore"?  Ok, all together now.  Dump him sweetie.  Granted, he is hot and what not, but you can do so much better.

Next week, a stranger shows up and the Circle has magic issues....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.02- She's Ruining Everything

Bridget covers up the events of last week and prepares to run ruining Siobhan's plans in the process, Gemma has a confrontation in a very public location, and Agent Machado continues to circle....

Bridget had an interesting week.  First, Gemma comes along after the shooting while Bridget is hiding the body.  Then, after Bridget decides to run, she just keeps getting roped into staying.  Between Juliet and Andrew, she just can't get away.  I actually think this is a good thing.  As made plentifully; and painfully; clear by the flashbacks, Bridget has never been in a position to help anyone.  Now, she can use her past to help Juliet out.  This could be interesting.  Juliet seems to be; ok is; spiraling out of control and while I don't think one good night is going to solve anything, it is a good start.  When Bridget was comforting her in the end, you could see the decision to stay; at least for now; being made.  After being abandoned by Siobhan; probably for valid reasons; Bridget is determined not to make the same decision with regards to Juliet.

I am also impressed with how she handled Machado.  Although obviously flustered during the first meeting, when he came to the party she handled him with grace and aplomb.  That was impressive.  And I don't know how involved she was in the party planning, but it came together incredibly well.  With only two minor problems, the phone and Gemma's confrontation, it came off rather nicely too.

Poor Gemma.  She knows that her husband is cheating on her, but she just can't figure out with who.  I shudder to think what will happen to Bridget when Gemma figures out that Siobhan was sleeping with him.  But, for now, she is relying on Bridget for support.  Yet another person that Bridget can help.

I was highly amused when it was revealed that Bridget had unknowingly spiked Siobhan's plan.  I do wonder what Siobhan is planning.  That is one of several questions raised this week that need to be answered.

Andrew was so happy to have the old Siobhan back.  If only he knew.  Well, at least he has a "wife" who is trying to be helpful, both to him and his daughter.


[1] Who was Siobhan calling?
[2] What was the secret account set up for?
[3] What is Bridget ruining?
[4] Who was that man at the party?
[5] Why was the masked man from last week trying to kill Siobhan?
[6] Who took the body out of the chest?

Until next week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.01- Pilot

As this is the first episode, I'll mainly talk about the characters.  So here we go....

I have to say that I was really looking forward to the pilot and it did not disappoint.  I did read the books over the summer and I like the fact that they kept the characters mostly true to the books while not slavishly imitating them.  I approve of that.

Our main character is Cassie Blake, played by Britt Robertson from Life Unexpected.  And she did a good job.  Cassie seems to be a sweet girl and is totally clueless about her heritage.  And that last part was on purpose because he mother (played by Emily Holmes [TakenStargate SG-1Supernatural, etc.]) wanted it that way.  Does that girl have power, or does she have power?!?  Between making the fire in her car bigger (if you can believe Faye) to floating a ton of water droplets to ending a fairly massive storm, she has power.  As for her attraction to Adam, that is so not a good thing.

Next, (since I just mentioned him) is Adam, played by Thomas Dekker from Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Nice guy, totally cute, but going to be a serious problem.  He is dating Diana who was the first person to befriend Cassie.  This could be awkward.  And if you believe his dad (played by Adam Harrington [Queer As Folk]), Adam and Cassie are meant to be together.  Well, he gets points for helping her out of the car, putting out the fire, and helping her to realize her potential.  Which is followed by losing points for the attempted kiss.  Well, nobody's perfect.

Next we have Diana, played by Shelley Hennig (don't know her from anything else).  She is nominally in charge of the group (the Circle) and seems to be in constant conflict with Faye.  She does need to work on her threats.  It just didn't work well.  Of course the fact that Faye was totally unfazed probably didn't help.  And is she totally clueless about the sparks flying between Adam and Cassie?  That could be really bad....

And Faye, our resident bad girl played by Phoebe Tonkin.  She is a witch in more ways than one (if you catch my drift), but she needs to work on the bad girl thing.  She strikes me as more of a spoiled, pampered princess than a bad girl.  She also has serious impulse control issues (the storm and the fire in Cassie's car) and needs to learn the meaning of the word "diplomacy".  I do think I could get to really like her.  But I could also go the completely opposite direction.  Depends on how they write her.

To complete the Circle, we have Melissa (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy [Smallville]) who seems to be a hanger on to Faye and Nick (played by Louis Hunter).  Neither is particularly fleshed out except for Nick liking to peek in on girls changing.  BTW, nice chest.  Glad to see the evidence of working out.  Now we just need to work on the hair....  :-)

Cassie's grandmother is played by Ashley Crow (Heroes).  She so doesn't want the kids playing with magic given the accident that killed several of the kids parents 16 years ago.

Our villains (well, seeming villains anyway) are Diana's father, played by Gale Harold (Desperate Housewives and Queer as Folk) who killed Cassie's mom in order to bring Cassie to the Circle and Faye's mom and the principal of the local high school, played by Natasha Henstridge.  Diana's dad is more overtly evil and slightly creepy while Faye's mom shows us that the apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

Until next week!

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.01- The Birthday

Tyler and Caroline get closer; Stefan and Klaus are on a wolf hunt; Damon, Alaric, and Elena are hunting for Stefan; and Jeremy sees dead people as he spirals downward.....

Well, welcome back to Vampire Diaries and welcome to my first ever review of the show.  Let's get to it, shall we?

Elena has had a tough summer.  After losing her aunt and then dying (which always ruins my day too), she loses her boyfriend after kissing his brother.  Can we just say, "C*O*M*P*L*I*C*A*T*E*D"? (um, yeah, that's putting it mildly too...)  But, like the Elena we know and love, she just keeps on trucking along, holding out hope that Stefan will come back.  Sweetie, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  Damon is exaggerating when he says that it won't happen in her lifetime, but it sure ain't gonna happen quickly.  But she keeps hoping anyway.  And to top it all off, Caroline insists on having a massive bash for her 18th birthday.  So not the best day of her life.

And at said bash, Elena finds out two interesting pieces of information.  First, Damon has been looking for Stefan all along and hasn't told her.  To be honest, I get his reason.  He doesn't want to hurt her and crush her hope.  Sadly, he hasn't realized yet that keeping information like this to himself is so *NOT* a good thing.  <head smacking into hands>  The second thing she finds out is that Jeremy has starting smoking weed again.  Oh boy...are we in for a repeat of the beginning of Season 1?  I hope not, but given what Jeremy is going through, I can't say I am surprised that he has relapsed into getting stoned.  Seeing two dead vampire ex-girlfriends both of whom were killed is gonna make anyone a little loopy.  Not that I have personal experience in this particular area, but I can so get it.  And (on a slightly trashy side note) is it just me or do Steven and Zach look more buff than usual?  Maybe its just the tight shirts...Ok, I'm back now.  :-)

And now for Damon, our bad boy with a good heart (well, sorta).  Still compelling women to be his girlfriends and walking around nekkid.  Although, I must say that if I looked like that, I'd shed my clothes a lot too.  (Sorry, just, *WOW!*)  The scene where he was naked and walked in on Elena was just totally hilarious.  She was so embarrassed and he so didn't care.  <snerk>  It is nice to see the Damon/Alaric bromance is still going on, even if it is a little strained.  And nice recognition of the Ripper having a party.  That was just way creepy.  Ripper Stefan (Ripfan?  Rifan?) is creepier than Klaus is.  And that is saying something.

You gotta feel for Stefan.  He is doing what he can to protect his brother and the woman that he loves and in the process is turning into the thing he hates the most.  That just sucks.  I would almost believe his nonchalance if he hadn't insisted on going back to warn Damon.  That, more than anything else, told me that our Stefan is still in there, just carefully hidden and tucked away so that the people he loves are protected.  And Klaus knows it.  I think that fact gives Klaus the most pleasure possible.  Creepy and totally sadistic, that's our Klaus.

As for Tyler and Caroline, can we just say "COLD SHOWER!"  Wow, those two were pouring on the flames at all times.  And the culmination was, well, interesting to say the least.  At least he took enough care not to bite.  Presumably she did too.  <snerk, snerk>

Alaric is having the worst time of everyone.  His girlfriend and vampirized and then killed and he moves into her house for the summer and sleeps on the couch.  He really does need to stay with Elena and Jeremy, mainly for his own sake.  He needs someone to help and someone to help him out.

And our guest of the week, David Gallagher as a werewolf (forgot the name).  He had a bad week too.  Tortured by having darts dipped in alcohol laced with wolfsbane and then having his neck snapped after being forced to drink Klaus' blood.  Army of hybrids, here we come.

Last but not least, the ending.  All I have to say is "WTF!?!?!?!"  Mrs. Lockwood shoots Caroline with darts that seemed to be laced with vervain.  Suckage all around....

Next week, Kalus continues his army building.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Commentary on TV- Tuesday 9/13/11

I have decided to do a brief commentary about the shows I watched the previous
day every day. In other words, after I watch a show one night, the next day I
will write a brief commentary about the episode (unless I am writing a review of
it of course). So here is todays.

90210 Ep 4.01-

Ok, I have to admit here that I watched the first 7 or episodes of the first
season and then didn't see any others until the beginning of last season, so I
am missing alot about what happened (for example, when I was watching Ivy and
Teddy weren't in it), so my reactions will definitely different than someone who
saw everything. Just for the record.

Thinking about the characters and the original BH90210, I think that some
comparisons can be drawn between some of the characters. Here is how I see it:

Annie- A mixture of Kelly and Brenda
Wilson- David
Navid- Brandon
Teddy- Steve
Silver- A mixture of Donna, Kelly, and Andrea
Adrianna- A mixture of Gina, Val, and Brenda
Naomi- A mixture of Kelly and Val (mainly Val though)
Liam- Dylan
Ivy- No real comparison here

I do have to say that I loved Val as a character, so comparing her and Naomi is
a good thing in my book. As for Adrianna, she is almmost irredeemable in my
eyes. They are going to have to work *REALLY* hard to get me to even tolerate
her at this point.

Anyways, about last night. I love Naomi. Granted, she is a totally
self-absorbed girl, but she does seem to have a really good heart when she lets
it loose. I do have to say that burning pot plants when the police are coming
is so not a good thing to do. And while I can understand her being upset at Max
for what he said, I can totally get where he is coming from. I think the
reaction was more inopportune than bad. And meet the new Casa Naomi. Nice

As much as I wanted Annie to say yes to Liam, she did the right thing. With no
warning, no talking about it, no discussion of any sort, he proposes. Granted
the second proposal was seriously cute and romantic, but not that was a good way
to go about it. I hope they work things out. Oh, and BTW, Liam now owns a bar.

Navid and Silver are in for an interesting ride with Navid's sister. I do
wonder though, if space is an issue, why not move in with Naomi who seems to
have plenty of space?

Ivy and Raj are riding the wave of post marital bliss. It is nice to see, but I
wonder how much longer before things fall apart.

Dixon moving in with incredibly hot and sexy cowboy? Oh boy, this should be

I'm gonna miss Teddy when he leaves. Hopefully he'll be back though.

Adrianna is back in town. The less said about her, the better.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.01- Pilot

SMG is back on TV.  And she's accompanied by a wonderful cast.  And let's get started....

Before I talk about the events, lets talk about the characters:

Bridget Kelly (Cafferty?, saw two different names, anyone know for sure?)- an addict who is an eyewitness to a major crime
Siobhan Marx- Bridget's twin sister who seems to be living a charmed life
Andrew Marx- Siobhan's husband
Gemma Gallagher- Siobhan's best friend who is designing the new loft that Siobhan and Andrew are planning to move into
Henry Gallagher- Gemma's husband and Siobhan's lover
Malcolm Howard- Bridget's sponsor
Victor Machado- a lawman (FBI maybe?) who is trying to protect Bridget

This show is definitely going to need to have definite attention paid to it.  It has some interesting layers that are definitely going to take some peeling back to get to what is going on.  But let's start with the characters.

Bridget is a troubled young woman.  Ex-stripper and prostitute who is an eyewitness to a crime (presumably murder), she decides to run rather than testify in court.  So, she goes to her sister, Siobhan in New York.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Bridget, Siobhan has told no one that Bridget exists.  These two have some definite issues to work out.  Bridget apologizes for what happened to Sean, and Siobhan brushes off the apology with the statement that she has already forgiven Bridget who needs to forgive herself.  On the surface, this is about a boyfriend or something who Bridget slept with.  A little later we find out that Sean was (is?) a young boy; presumably Siobhan's son given the picture we saw.  Anyways, while out sailing Bridget falls asleep and when she wakes up, Siobhan is gone.  Bridget assumes that Siobhan committed suicide and decides to assume Siobhan's "perfect" life rather than go back to her own.  Unfortunately for Bridget, things take an interesting turn or two.

Siobhan and Andrew appear to have an in-name-only marriage.  There is a *DEFINITE* chill factor here.  Andrew is surprised when Bridget kisses him and after a party when Bridget asks him why he seemed happy at the party, but is not anymore, Andrew says that he is just playing the game that Siobhan wants.  Bridget also sees Henry watching her and at the party, he follows her and kisses her, much to her surprise.  Oh, yeah, this is complicated.  And then Gemma tells Bridget that she suspects that Henry is having an affair and Bridget has no clue how to respond.  Follow this with the step-daughter Bridget doesn't know about who despises Siobhan (and the feelings seem to be mutual) who is also a drug user or dealer (not made clear which) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Oh, and did I mention that Victor went to talk with "Siobhan" about Bridget?  That was an interesting conversation.  And Victor knows that Bridget has written Siobhan because he discovered a letter between the two in a locker that Bridget rented in a bus station.

And one more twist.  Siobhan is pregnant.  Andrew knows about the pregnancy.  Henry assumes the baby is his.  This will be *VERY* interesting.

Our episode ends with a scene that completes one we saw at the opening (an in media res opening) where Bridget is attacked by a masked man.  She insists that he has the wrong sister; assuming that the man is after her and not Siobhan; only to discover that he is actually after Siobhan.  We close with Siobhan in Paris receiving a phone call that there is a problem.

So here are some questions:

[1] What happened to Sean?
[2] Why is someone after Siobhan?
[3] Why did Siobhan run?  Presumably, if 2 is answered, then so will this question.
[4] Will Victor figure out what happened?
[5] Will Andrew figure out that Siobhan is pregnant with another man's child (if Henry is right)?
[6] Gemma seems to have figured out that Siobhan was sleeping with Henry.  What will she do?

Until next week!