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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Commentary on TV- Tuesday 9/13/11

I have decided to do a brief commentary about the shows I watched the previous
day every day. In other words, after I watch a show one night, the next day I
will write a brief commentary about the episode (unless I am writing a review of
it of course). So here is todays.

90210 Ep 4.01-

Ok, I have to admit here that I watched the first 7 or episodes of the first
season and then didn't see any others until the beginning of last season, so I
am missing alot about what happened (for example, when I was watching Ivy and
Teddy weren't in it), so my reactions will definitely different than someone who
saw everything. Just for the record.

Thinking about the characters and the original BH90210, I think that some
comparisons can be drawn between some of the characters. Here is how I see it:

Annie- A mixture of Kelly and Brenda
Wilson- David
Navid- Brandon
Teddy- Steve
Silver- A mixture of Donna, Kelly, and Andrea
Adrianna- A mixture of Gina, Val, and Brenda
Naomi- A mixture of Kelly and Val (mainly Val though)
Liam- Dylan
Ivy- No real comparison here

I do have to say that I loved Val as a character, so comparing her and Naomi is
a good thing in my book. As for Adrianna, she is almmost irredeemable in my
eyes. They are going to have to work *REALLY* hard to get me to even tolerate
her at this point.

Anyways, about last night. I love Naomi. Granted, she is a totally
self-absorbed girl, but she does seem to have a really good heart when she lets
it loose. I do have to say that burning pot plants when the police are coming
is so not a good thing to do. And while I can understand her being upset at Max
for what he said, I can totally get where he is coming from. I think the
reaction was more inopportune than bad. And meet the new Casa Naomi. Nice

As much as I wanted Annie to say yes to Liam, she did the right thing. With no
warning, no talking about it, no discussion of any sort, he proposes. Granted
the second proposal was seriously cute and romantic, but not that was a good way
to go about it. I hope they work things out. Oh, and BTW, Liam now owns a bar.

Navid and Silver are in for an interesting ride with Navid's sister. I do
wonder though, if space is an issue, why not move in with Naomi who seems to
have plenty of space?

Ivy and Raj are riding the wave of post marital bliss. It is nice to see, but I
wonder how much longer before things fall apart.

Dixon moving in with incredibly hot and sexy cowboy? Oh boy, this should be

I'm gonna miss Teddy when he leaves. Hopefully he'll be back though.

Adrianna is back in town. The less said about her, the better.