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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.01- Pilot

SMG is back on TV.  And she's accompanied by a wonderful cast.  And let's get started....

Before I talk about the events, lets talk about the characters:

Bridget Kelly (Cafferty?, saw two different names, anyone know for sure?)- an addict who is an eyewitness to a major crime
Siobhan Marx- Bridget's twin sister who seems to be living a charmed life
Andrew Marx- Siobhan's husband
Gemma Gallagher- Siobhan's best friend who is designing the new loft that Siobhan and Andrew are planning to move into
Henry Gallagher- Gemma's husband and Siobhan's lover
Malcolm Howard- Bridget's sponsor
Victor Machado- a lawman (FBI maybe?) who is trying to protect Bridget

This show is definitely going to need to have definite attention paid to it.  It has some interesting layers that are definitely going to take some peeling back to get to what is going on.  But let's start with the characters.

Bridget is a troubled young woman.  Ex-stripper and prostitute who is an eyewitness to a crime (presumably murder), she decides to run rather than testify in court.  So, she goes to her sister, Siobhan in New York.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Bridget, Siobhan has told no one that Bridget exists.  These two have some definite issues to work out.  Bridget apologizes for what happened to Sean, and Siobhan brushes off the apology with the statement that she has already forgiven Bridget who needs to forgive herself.  On the surface, this is about a boyfriend or something who Bridget slept with.  A little later we find out that Sean was (is?) a young boy; presumably Siobhan's son given the picture we saw.  Anyways, while out sailing Bridget falls asleep and when she wakes up, Siobhan is gone.  Bridget assumes that Siobhan committed suicide and decides to assume Siobhan's "perfect" life rather than go back to her own.  Unfortunately for Bridget, things take an interesting turn or two.

Siobhan and Andrew appear to have an in-name-only marriage.  There is a *DEFINITE* chill factor here.  Andrew is surprised when Bridget kisses him and after a party when Bridget asks him why he seemed happy at the party, but is not anymore, Andrew says that he is just playing the game that Siobhan wants.  Bridget also sees Henry watching her and at the party, he follows her and kisses her, much to her surprise.  Oh, yeah, this is complicated.  And then Gemma tells Bridget that she suspects that Henry is having an affair and Bridget has no clue how to respond.  Follow this with the step-daughter Bridget doesn't know about who despises Siobhan (and the feelings seem to be mutual) who is also a drug user or dealer (not made clear which) and you have a recipe for disaster.

Oh, and did I mention that Victor went to talk with "Siobhan" about Bridget?  That was an interesting conversation.  And Victor knows that Bridget has written Siobhan because he discovered a letter between the two in a locker that Bridget rented in a bus station.

And one more twist.  Siobhan is pregnant.  Andrew knows about the pregnancy.  Henry assumes the baby is his.  This will be *VERY* interesting.

Our episode ends with a scene that completes one we saw at the opening (an in media res opening) where Bridget is attacked by a masked man.  She insists that he has the wrong sister; assuming that the man is after her and not Siobhan; only to discover that he is actually after Siobhan.  We close with Siobhan in Paris receiving a phone call that there is a problem.

So here are some questions:

[1] What happened to Sean?
[2] Why is someone after Siobhan?
[3] Why did Siobhan run?  Presumably, if 2 is answered, then so will this question.
[4] Will Victor figure out what happened?
[5] Will Andrew figure out that Siobhan is pregnant with another man's child (if Henry is right)?
[6] Gemma seems to have figured out that Siobhan was sleeping with Henry.  What will she do?

Until next week!