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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.03- If You Ever Want a French Lesson...

Siobhan finds out she is pregnant at a bad time, Bridget looks into the phone of her assailant with some interesting results, Andrew discovers something Siobhan has been hiding, and Gemma finds out something that Henry has done in a not entirely nice way that makes her unhappy....

Most of this episode was centered around Bridget trying to figure out who the assailant was and who sent him.  So, she decides to use the phone to figure it out.  Unfortunately for her, it was a disposable phone and couldn't be used unless she went to the FBI or the police which wasn't going to happen, so, there you have it.  However, she did use the threat of the FBI in a very nice manner.  After the mystery guy who showed up at the party last week called her demanding the phone back, Bridget called Agent Marchado and when she knew that she had been seen with him, used that threat to get the guy to back off.  Well played.

Not so well played was her attempt to figure out who the assailant was connected to.  Upon seeing a picture of Andrew and Siobhan together, Bridget realized that this picture was where the picture of Siobhan that the assailant had came from.  So, naturally she assumed Andrew was behind it.  This semi-twisted investigation led to a divorce attorney which Andrew found out about thanks to someone who saw Bridget there.  And this was after he had bought Bridget a lovely dress to wear to the ballet that evening.  Ow.  Not good.  I would warn Bridget to be stealthy, except for the fact that she just keeps bumping into people who know Siobhan which makes stealth rather difficult.  I did appreciate how she made up for it in the end though.  Oh, and yes, that photo was used as part of a holiday card which means that any number of people could have used it.  I do get the feeling that Siobhan is somehow involved in the attack,  Don't remember what it was, but something about Siobhan just has me convinced that there is something there.

Speaking of Siobhan, after she meets a cute banker who works for Andrew's firm, she invites him to her room for "French class".  Um, yeah, ok.  Once he shows up, things quickly go horizontal.  Who knew you could learn French on a bed.  That just might have made learning languages easier when I was younger.  Unfortunately, at that moment, morning sickness strikes and she forces him out and finds that she is pregnant.  Sickness interruptus!  And she obviosly cares about Henry given that she called him after discovering about her pregnancy.

As for Agent Machado, he is still circling and trying to figure a way in.  Judges just keep turning down his requests for information about Siobhan's phone records.  His instincts are very good even if he can never prove them.  Just keep plugging away.

And that partner of Andrew's is a complete bitch.  When Henry asked to withdraw the money and after Andrew told her not to tell Gemma, guess what she does.  Oh yes, she tells Gemma.  I just want to know if we are allowed to hurt her.  And it is as if these two need any more issues....

No new questions this week really although I suspect there is something more to that Pratt Street property than we are seeing.

Until next week!