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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.03- Loner

Tonight Cassie continues to sing from the "I just want to be normal" song book, Diana and Cassie have a short heart-to-heart about Adam, Faye continues her journey to actual humanity, and a blast from the past returns....

After the events of last week, can anyone blame Cassie for wanting normality?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  But, like many reluctant heroes and heroines of yore, her life resists all things normal.  Oh well.  At this point dear, do the best you can and accept the fact that normal is just not in the cards for you.  Particularly when it seems your mom did something fairly awful to one of her friends 16 years ago.  I suspect that her mom didn't actually do anything, that whatever happened was a byproduct of the fire, but still to someone who seems a little disturbed, that don't make much difference.  And sweetie, avoid Adam at all costs.  Stop making googly eyes at him, stop dancing with him, and don't automatically run to him when you are in trouble.  I know you aren't aiming to hurt Diana, but you are headed that way at breakneck speed.  Diana knows that there is attraction there and she is seriously worried.  But, alas, this is a high school drama and no high school drama is complete without at least one love triangle.  Sigh....

Who knew that Faye could care about someone outside of herself?  I loved her when she told Melissa not to settle for the crap that Nick was giving her and that she deserved better.  That was a fairly major step for the queen biatch of the show.  I could actually get to like her.  I was highly amused by her annoyance at not doing simple spells (hint dear, know your combination anyways, just to be safe).  And that magic that she and Diana did together was impressive.

Well, Adam tried to give Cassie someone else to focus on.  Unfortunately, since Cassie's life resists all things normal, it just didn't work.  And dude, dancing with Cassie, particularly a slow dance, *SO* not a good idea.  I was also impressed with what he did in that little confrontation.  And the fact that they could weave a semi-convincing lie so quickly was impressive.  Granted, Mrs. Chamberlain was just looking for an excuse so she could sweep it under the rug, but still, props must be given when they are due.

Melissa and Nick are *S*L*O*W*L*Y* being fleshed out.  I wish we could get a bit more on the two of them.  So, Nick has lost both of his parents (both in the fire?) and so is severely damaged.  Here's hoping that Melissa can tame the bad boy, because the two of them are sort of cute together.

Principal Chamberlain (can never remember her first name) and Charles just keep playing cleanup crew, whether it is for their own messes or for the kids.  This is a good thing, but at some point they are going to slip up.

Next week, Cassie finds the friend her mom damaged.....