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Friday, September 16, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.01- The Birthday

Tyler and Caroline get closer; Stefan and Klaus are on a wolf hunt; Damon, Alaric, and Elena are hunting for Stefan; and Jeremy sees dead people as he spirals downward.....

Well, welcome back to Vampire Diaries and welcome to my first ever review of the show.  Let's get to it, shall we?

Elena has had a tough summer.  After losing her aunt and then dying (which always ruins my day too), she loses her boyfriend after kissing his brother.  Can we just say, "C*O*M*P*L*I*C*A*T*E*D"? (um, yeah, that's putting it mildly too...)  But, like the Elena we know and love, she just keeps on trucking along, holding out hope that Stefan will come back.  Sweetie, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  Damon is exaggerating when he says that it won't happen in her lifetime, but it sure ain't gonna happen quickly.  But she keeps hoping anyway.  And to top it all off, Caroline insists on having a massive bash for her 18th birthday.  So not the best day of her life.

And at said bash, Elena finds out two interesting pieces of information.  First, Damon has been looking for Stefan all along and hasn't told her.  To be honest, I get his reason.  He doesn't want to hurt her and crush her hope.  Sadly, he hasn't realized yet that keeping information like this to himself is so *NOT* a good thing.  <head smacking into hands>  The second thing she finds out is that Jeremy has starting smoking weed again.  Oh boy...are we in for a repeat of the beginning of Season 1?  I hope not, but given what Jeremy is going through, I can't say I am surprised that he has relapsed into getting stoned.  Seeing two dead vampire ex-girlfriends both of whom were killed is gonna make anyone a little loopy.  Not that I have personal experience in this particular area, but I can so get it.  And (on a slightly trashy side note) is it just me or do Steven and Zach look more buff than usual?  Maybe its just the tight shirts...Ok, I'm back now.  :-)

And now for Damon, our bad boy with a good heart (well, sorta).  Still compelling women to be his girlfriends and walking around nekkid.  Although, I must say that if I looked like that, I'd shed my clothes a lot too.  (Sorry, just, *WOW!*)  The scene where he was naked and walked in on Elena was just totally hilarious.  She was so embarrassed and he so didn't care.  <snerk>  It is nice to see the Damon/Alaric bromance is still going on, even if it is a little strained.  And nice recognition of the Ripper having a party.  That was just way creepy.  Ripper Stefan (Ripfan?  Rifan?) is creepier than Klaus is.  And that is saying something.

You gotta feel for Stefan.  He is doing what he can to protect his brother and the woman that he loves and in the process is turning into the thing he hates the most.  That just sucks.  I would almost believe his nonchalance if he hadn't insisted on going back to warn Damon.  That, more than anything else, told me that our Stefan is still in there, just carefully hidden and tucked away so that the people he loves are protected.  And Klaus knows it.  I think that fact gives Klaus the most pleasure possible.  Creepy and totally sadistic, that's our Klaus.

As for Tyler and Caroline, can we just say "COLD SHOWER!"  Wow, those two were pouring on the flames at all times.  And the culmination was, well, interesting to say the least.  At least he took enough care not to bite.  Presumably she did too.  <snerk, snerk>

Alaric is having the worst time of everyone.  His girlfriend and vampirized and then killed and he moves into her house for the summer and sleeps on the couch.  He really does need to stay with Elena and Jeremy, mainly for his own sake.  He needs someone to help and someone to help him out.

And our guest of the week, David Gallagher as a werewolf (forgot the name).  He had a bad week too.  Tortured by having darts dipped in alcohol laced with wolfsbane and then having his neck snapped after being forced to drink Klaus' blood.  Army of hybrids, here we come.

Last but not least, the ending.  All I have to say is "WTF!?!?!?!"  Mrs. Lockwood shoots Caroline with darts that seemed to be laced with vervain.  Suckage all around....

Next week, Kalus continues his army building.....