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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.02- The Hybrid

Klaus has a nasty surprise, Damon and Alaric try to help Elena, Tyler and his mom learn things about each other, Matt helps out Jeremy, and we meet Caroline's dad....

Well, if you didn't already know that Elena was a little crazy, this week proves it.  After the call from Stefan last week, she decides to track him down and convinces Alaric to come along.  Alaric invites Damon, who shows up in typical Damon fashion- out of the blue.  Gotta give Elena credit though, she is so determined to help Stefan that she is willing to risk her own life to save him.  Fortunately, she is not so willing to sacrifice anyone else, and so gives Alaric the protective ring and then forces everyone to run at the first sign of trouble threatening Damon.  Then again, this isn't surprising.  Like Stefan, Elena is a martyr.  She is willing to sacrifice herself in order to help save her friends and loved ones just like last season with Klaus.  Sweet, but not a good thing.

Ever practical Damon uses his customary tact to cut right through everything in order to get to the truth.  He knows why Elena made him and Alaric run and forces her to confront the fact that she cares for him to and to say it out loud.  Granted, it was for what is ultimately a selfish motive, but still.  As for Damon's little conversation with Stefan, that was interesting.  The more Stefan protests that he needs to be abandoned, the more Damon realizes that Stefan can't be.  Like Damon said, Stefan is a martyr.  See Elena above.

As for Matt and Jeremy, that was just interesting.  I am definitely glad that Matt is not being cut out anymore, but I bet he wishes he was.  All this weirdness is almost too much for him.  Unfortunately, Jeremy is convinced that he needs Matt's help in order to help Vicki.  Unfortunately, Vicki wants help in order to come back.  And Anna is here to stop her.  I have to ask, did bringing Jeremy back open some sort of gateway between this world and the next?  If so, can anyone he cares about come back, or only certain people?  Because Jenna died as a vampire like Vicki and Anna, so could she be next?

Mrs. Lockwood got a nasty surprise tonight.  She discovered that Tyler is a werewolf.  She obviously thought he was a vampire (given the hanging around with and sleeping with Caroline) so she test him by giving him vervain.  Then, he reveals the truth by making her watch him as he transforms.  Yikes.  Oh, and the vampire hunter that Mrs. Lockwood called for in order to get rid of Caroline?  Her dad.  Talk about Daddy I*S*S*U*E*S!!!!!

As for Klaus, he was in for a very disappointing time.  He so wanted his army of hybrids and so broke the curse.  Unfortunately for him, the doppleganger is still alive and so he can't have his army.  Fortunately, he doesn't seemed to have figured out Elena is alive or I suspect he would be on his way back to kill her.  Stefan needs to be careful though or else there will be hell to pay.

Next week, Stefan meets a blast from his past...