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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.03- The End of the Affair

Tonight we learned some backstory of Stefan, Klaus, and his sister Rebecca; Elena got a rude wake-up call; and Sheriff Forbes had a little confrontation with her ex....

Well, that was interesting.  Turns out that Stefan has met Klaus before.  In Chicago in the 1920s, Stefan met a vampire named Rebecca who has an older brother named Nick (aka Klaus).  Nick didn't like Stefan at first, then Stefan compelled a man to drink his own wife's blood and they became friends until Nick compelled Stefan to forget about it until he was given leave to remember.  That just sucks.  I am definitely enjoying seeing Stefan in his glory days as the Ripper.  It just makes him a much more interesting character overall.  While I do enjoy St. Stefan, watching fallen Stefan is just nifty.  And it make me totally realize why Stefan is the way he is now.  I mean, we all knew that Stefan had been a bad, bad boy, but seeing the delight he took in it just brings it to a whole other level entirely.  And how about Stefan making time with an Original?  Very nice!

Poor Elena.  That confrontation with Stefan was just murder.  I get it, he wants to keep her safe, but damn, did he have to be that harsh?  Ok, well, I guess so, but still.  That poor girl got one scare after another tonight.  First, Klaus and Stefan nearly walk in on her in Stefan's apartment.  Then Stefan tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore.  Granted, we know this is not true and that he is just saying this to protect her, but still.  Wow...

Damon listening to Katherine.  This time it was a good thing, but seriously, not always the wisest thing to do.  And what is it about him pissing off Klaus?  Granted, this time he was doing it to ensure that Stefan could meet with Elena, but still, the only thing that saved him was the fact that Gloria didn't want him killed in her bar.  Stop pushing your luck!  We get it, you're a bad boy who likes to live dangerously!  For Elena's sake, take fewer risks!

I have to say that I loved Gloria.  Not around much (although I suspect that she'll return at some point), but she was nifty.  Powerful enough to stave off aging and smart enough to remain on friendly terms with Klaus.  I suspect that if she and Bonnie ever had a confrontation it would be one hell of a knock down, drag out fight.  Doubt Bonnie could win without a major power boost, but it would be interesting.  And who exactly is the first witch?

Caroline also gets the short end of the stick this week.  Daddy is back and has *ISSUES* with his darling child being a vampire.  So, he decides to get her to submerge her vampiric tendencies.  His method is taken straight out of the Pavlovian textbook that came directly from hell.  He tortures her so that she'll associate vampirism with pain.  Exposing her to the sun (sans ring) and then shoving a blood bag beneath her nose.  Nice fellow.  Fortunately for Caroline, Tyler knew enough to get the Sheriff to rescue Caroline.  Very nice.  Seeing Tyler carry her out was sweet as was their scene in her bedroom after she got back.  How much did I love that Sheriff Forbes gave Caroline blood to drink so she could recover?  And when Caroline crumpled against Tyler and wept about her dad?  That was just heart wrenching.

Next week, Bonnie returns and the Saga of Klaus and Stefan continues....