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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.07- Masked

We find out some interesting information about Cassie, Adam tries (and fails) to win Diana back, Faye tries (and fails) to "distract" Jake, and the witch hunters strike....

Well, Cassie is not only seriously powerful from her mom's side, but her dad's side has seriously dark mojo.  Dark enough that she has to be "taken care of" in a different manner.  And apparently also dark and powerful enough for her to be able to do some serious involuntary magic on her own while in a circle meant to contain her magic.  That is not a good thing.  Her power seemed to scare Jake and totally freaked out the leader of the witch hunters.  Don't mess with Cassie.  I fear what will happen if/when she gets her full powers under conscious control.

Jake really needs to pick a side.  He does seem fairly solidly on the side of the witch hunters, but there are moments where he wavers.  Nothing major and maybe it is just my imagination, but there are moments.  It definitely feels like he needs to force himself to take some actions which is part of this.  I do congratulate Cassie for realizing that something is off about him, she just needs to put all the pieces together and figure out that 1 and 1 equal 2.

Adam is desperately trying to make everything up to Diana and he ain't succeeding.  I do wish she would give him a chance, but I get it.  He and Cassie have been getting closer and closer and then his dad goes on about their "fate".  Fortunately, she is still talking with Cassie.  I think she'll probably try and get back with Adam at some point, let's just hope it is not too late.

Who smacked Cassie's grandmother over the head?  I suspect Charles or Dawn, but I could be very wrong.  And who exactly is Jack Blackwell and why does he have such seriously dark magic?

Next week, Cassie tries to be naughty....