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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.04- Disturbing Behavior

Elena gets a wake-up call, a surprising person comes to Mr. Forbes' defense, Bonnie learns some disturbing news, and someone unwelcome has returned to town....

Well, well, well at long last, Klaus and Stefan have come back to Mystic Falls.  And road was not easy and the arrival came at a *VERY* unpropitious moment for Elena.  But, more on this later.  Let's start with the twisted saga of Elena and Damon.

After 2 seasons of banter, semi-flirting, and interesting looks, Elena confronts the fact that she cares about Damon.  If you're shocked, raise your hand.  No hands, that's what I thought.  There has clearly always been something there between the two of them.  It is nowhere near the level of Elena and Stefan, but it is there.  Elena has been trying (unsuccessfully) to tame Damon and change him to make him more like Stefan; in other words more civilized and less vampiric.  Well, tonight, Damon let her know in no uncertain terms that he was having none of it.  Let me see, tonight he drank from Mr. Forbes (twice), attempted to compel him once, and snapped Alaric's neck when Alaric annoyed him (which led to a very amusing talk when Alaric recovered).  So, when Katherine shows up, Damon leaves with her because he feels that the walls are closing in on him.  How much do we love that Caroline forced Elena to confront the feelings and admit they were there?  Can I just say, "Oodles and oodles!"  Also loved Caroline attacking Damon to protect her dad.  Not that he really deserved it, but it was nice to see.  Now if only the man could bend a little for Caroline.....

And Bonnie returns.  And just in time too, because Klaus' witch (Gloria) was looking for the necklace.  Unfortunately, Bonnie couldn't stop her or anything, but she is determined to see what she can do in regards to the necklace.  And she also knows that Jeremy has been seeing Anna and Vicky.  I wonder what she is going to do or if she can do anything about it.  Work magic and consequences ensue.  Unfortunately this time, the consequences are pretty severe given that the magic was restoring life to Jeremy.  Also interesting to learn that Vicky and Anna can only appear when Jeremy wants them to.  Only problem with the necklace is that now Katherine has it.  I worry about that one.

And now for the Klaus/Stefan show.  After being tortured by Gloria who figures out why Stefan is hiding his knowledge of the necklace, Stefan is rescued by Katherine.  We also learn that Klaus' name is Niklaus and that the hunter from last week is named Michael.  Oh, and one other small matter.  Rebecca knows that Stefan is holding onto a part of his old life.  Thus, Klaus knocks Stefan out and they return to Mystic Falls, just as Damon and Katherine are leaving.  So not a good sign.

And one last matter, Alaric has forced his way onto the Council as the representative of the Gilbert family to speak for the normal humans.  I do get a bad feeling about this....

Until next week.