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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.07- Ghost World

Jeremy makes a decision, Bonnie gets pissed, Caroline defends Mrs. Lockwood, Mason Lockwood teams up with Damon (!), and Elena finds someone with experience in detoxing Stefan....

Well, we found out why exactly people were able to cross over.  When Bonnie brought Jeremy back, she opened a door that the First Witch took advantage of.  And when Matt sent Vicki back last week, she was able to throw the door open for all sorts of beings with unfinished business to come back.  And come back they did.  Bonnie's grandmother came back as did Lexi and the graveyard vampires.  Basically, the population  of Mystic Falls experienced a serious boost due to the ghosts.

Let's start with Mason and Damon.  Was anyone else just totally amused by the fact that Mason chained up Damon and stabbed him with a red hot poker the way that Damon did to him.  Only thing missing was the ripped out heart.  I know it may be wrong, but I found it definitively amusing.  What was even more amusing was the "apology" that Damon threw at Mason.  We all knew it was the best Mason would get, so he just went with it.  The fact that he and Damon then teamed up to find a weapon to kill Klaus was pretty cool.  And it turns out that what they found were drawings.  I am guessing the drawings tell the stories of the Originals or something like that.  And given what they look like, they are *REALLY* old.

Lexi has a *VERY* direct way of drying Stefan out.  First, knock him out.  Then chain him to a chair.  Then put him through some sort of mega-accelerated detox.  I am guessing this is a ghost thing, but I could be wrong.  Then stab him repeatedly with a stake to make him feel.  Not exactly an orthodox method, but then again, these are not orthodox conditions.  I was very happy to see her back though.  I wonder what Elena will do now that Lexi has been sent back.

Jeremy screwed up.  Ok, he's been screwing up.  I understand that Anna is his first love post-drugs and what not and will always have a special place in his heart.  Not to mention that he never really got closure with her because she was killed by his uncle.  So he has alot to work through.  However, he also knows how Bonnie feels about this and he ended up ignoring that.  These two are going to have some issues to work through.  Not sure if their going to have much of a chance due to the necklace coming back.  I am foreseeing bad things for Bonnie.

The graveyard vampires were back with vengeance on their minds.  Specifically, killing members of the founding families.  Again, not a good thing.  Fortunately, there is only one victim.  There would have been a second, except Caroline went all badass and starting kicking ghost ass.  That girl just keeps on impressing me.  Yes, she's a total blonde, but she can fight really well when she needs to.  I love watching her fight because it is just really cool.

Next week, Elena (or is that Katherine?) and Rebekah have a throwdown and Alaric tries to decipher the pictures.....