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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.09-Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna

Oh my, talk about answers given and a little twist I didn't expect...

So, Siobhan seems to have had this whole thing mapped out from the beginning.  She had Charlie have one of his cop friends freak Bridget out and give her a gun so that she'd run to Siobhan.  Which means that I was totally wrong.  A few weeks ago, I said something about the fortuitous nature of Bridget's visit for Siobhan, but it was planned.  That is just, well, twisted.  I knew Siobhan was manipulative and whatnot, but this brings that to a whole new level.  She also planted seeds for running with her therapist.  Apparently, she actually meant for Bridget to die in the pilot, hence the paranoia the therapist noted.  Wow, this just makes her a total string puller.

Gemma is still alive!  Holy crap!  Not only alive, but being kept in the basement of Charlie's house.  By the way, Charlie is so not an addict.  Or if he is, he really isn't trying to get clean.  Hence the time he spends in the bar.  I wonder why he is leaving Gemma alive.  It seems that it would have been better to have just gotten rid of her.  Also, she barely seemed injured, so where did all the blood in her house come from that Henry was cleaning up?

And Olivia?  A complete bitch.  For the second time, she goes behind Charles' back to get to Henry's father-in-law.  And she knows about Henry and Siobhan.  That cannot be a good thing given the hostility she consistently displays.  You know she is going to pick the worst possible moment and exploit her new knowledge.  And this as Bridget is really turning her life around and making a good solid life for herself, albeit a life founded on a lie.

I am glad that Malcolm is helping Bridget out.  She needs the help and his being there for her is a good thing.  My only worry is his constant belittling of the life she is establishing.  I know, a life founded on lies is not a good life, but if she can continue to make this work, I think it will work out for the best.  And he was this close to helping Gemma out.

Well, mid-season finale in two weeks.  See y'all then!