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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Review of Ringer 1.10- That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me

She's baaaccckkk!!  Siobhan returns to New York as things get even more complicated between Andrew and Bridget and everyone realizes the connection between John and Gemma's disappearance....

So, Gemma is now really dead.  Killed by John as she tried to escape from him after he thought he killed her before.  In turn, Siobhan returned and killed John.  No, this isn't complicated at all.  Somewhat surprisingly, Siobhan was crystal clear on the fact that she didn't want Gemma hurt or killed.  Rather, she just wanted Gemma to be kept quiet about Bridget.  And Siobhan has decided to stay in New York.  I wonder what this means for Bridget.  Nothing good, of that I am sure.

Bridget managed to complicate things with Andrew even more by sleeping with him.  Granted, it is a wifely thing to do, but not necessarily the smartest thing, particularly with Siobhan back in town.  This whole situation is going to get incredibly messy now.  Especially since she discovered an envelope with Siobhan's name and what appears to be an address from Paris in John's apartment.

I cannot believe that Juliet has accused her teacher of rape.  She was so obviously trying to get into his pants and he turned her down.  Now, I don't understand why he would kick a student out of the room, close the door, and talk with Juliet alone.  Not a smart maneuver.  I am going on the record now as saying that she is totally lying about the rape.  Could I be wrong?  Sure, but I seriously doubt it.  She is not used to being denied, particularly as bluntly as he denied her, and now she wants revenge.  Period.

To think that if Henry hadn't interfered, Gemma may very well still be alive as might John.  I hope he realizes that.  I do know that he was doing what he thought was best, but he did manage to screw everything up royally.

It was also nice to see Machado actually see through someone's lies.  It's taken him long enough.  And he's supposed to be a great cop?  Sigh....

And we'll be back on January 10th.  Until then....