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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.08- Beneath

Cassie shows her independent powers (along with a bitchy streak), Diana shows she can be petty, Faye is seeing things, and Charles and Dawn have a bit of a falling out....

So Cassie can get her bitch on.  Nice to know and while maybe a little overly harsh toward Faye, well, Faye deserved it.  And two times tonight, Cassie used solo magic (although in one case, she may have had help from Jake).  First, she lights a fire by thinking about it and then she raises the body of Faye's grandfather from the bottom of the lake.  She also taps into the memory that is haunting Faye.  Her power level is more than a little scary.  I think Jake is totally right to be wary of her.  The witch hunters had better be careful of Cassie.  Granted, they may be able to overpower her by surprise, but I suspect that if she sees it coming, they won't get very far with her.

Jake is definitely into Cassie.  The way he refused the kiss and the way he was talking about her to the witch hunter clearly show that there is more there than just simple curiosity about her origins.  He is also wise enough to not want to cross her magically speaking since I suspect that she could kick his ass up one side and then down the other.  If she were to be able to call upon the full power of the Circle, that would be truly scary.

Watching Diana be petty and bitchy was also an interesting sight.  She was so obviously testing Adam and he failed miserably.  She seems to be vacillating between wanting to hate Adam and Cassie and wanting them as friends (well, Cassie anyway).  Let's hope she makes up her mind soon.  And Adam needs to make a decision as well.  He loves Diana, but the attraction between him and Cassie is definitely there as well.

Faye was a little petty, but that is almost expected from her at this point.  She actually spent most of the night distracted by her memories of herself trying to point out where her grandfather's body was.  Given that, a little pettiness and bitchiness is understandable.

One of the more interesting parts was when Charles stood up to Dawn.  He isn't planning on letting her have control this time.  Instead, he kept the crystal for himself and proceeded to cast a spell on Cassie's grandmother in order to control her.   Given the ending there are three possibilities:

1. The spell isn't quite what he thought it was.
2. He isn't powerful enough to fully control her, but he could affect her memories.
3. The spell is working as desired.

I wonder which it was....

Next week, Jake is revealed to be a witch hunter and its the mid-season finale....