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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.09- Balcoin

That was a good mid-season finale.  Mostly wrapped up one storyline while allowing it to continue if needed and also presenting us with new questions that will give good storylines when we return in January.

So, Cassie's dad is John Blackwell who descends from an ancient, evil, and powerful line who were originally called Balcoin.  So her power comes from the Blake side which is one of the original witch families and the Balcoins.  This seems to mean that she has both dark magic and good (white?) magic inside of her.  The combination of these two sides; presumably; is what allows her to do solo magic even when her magic is supposedly contained.  Ok, that is a little scary.  Even scarier is the fact that supposedly another member of the Circle is descended from the Balcoins as well.  The obvious choice is Faye, so I have my doubts about that.  If it is Adam, I will be a little weirded out, although that would explain the inexplicable connection the two of them seem to share.  Another fairly obvious choice is Jake given his ability to do solo magic, although they have said that he isn't bound to the Circle, so that could be wrong.

Speaking of Jake, I feel sorry for the poor guy.  He obviously has feelings for Cassie and so was reluctant to have any harm come to her, but he was caught between a rock and a hard place.  Ultimately, I think he did the right thing is helping to free Cassie and then leave.  I also honestly think that he meant to run away with Cassie and get her away from the witch hunters and the Circle, both for her protection and theirs.  I do think that he wants to protect the town from more bad magic, even if he is not going about it the right way.  I so hope he comes back.

Watching Faye and Adam work together was very interesting.  Don't think we've ever seen the two of them cooperate so much before.  But then again, the need has never been quite so desperate.  I was also impressed at how quickly Diana was able to put her personal feelings aside and work with Adam again.  I do hope that Melissa gets more stories, I really would love to see her fleshed out.

Charles managed to screwup royally.  His spell has totally messed with Jane's mind.  He needs to figure out how to fix it and quick.  I am afraid that if he doesn't fix it, Dawn will step in and the consequences will not be good for either of them.

Until January....