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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.08- Ordinary People

We find out some surprising information about the Originals, Michael (or is it Mikael?), and the Original witch.   Also, Damon has an interesting approach to helping Stefan...

So Michael; although I've also seen the spelling as Mikael; is the father of the Originals and the Original witch is their mother.  Those were two interesting twists I so didn't see coming until the last minute.  So Klaus has been running from Daddy for 1000 years.  Wow.  Talk about family issues.  So let's see if we can get this story straight:

The Originals moved to America from Europe to escape a plague and moved to a town of werewolves.  Klaus' mom had an affair with one of them and Klaus was born, causing his father to despise him because of wounded pride over being cuckolded.  Then one full moon, Klaus and his youngest brother (Henry?) went to see the werewolves transform and the brother was killed.  In response, Michael and his wife (Esther?) decided to ask a witch to give them the ability to protect themselves.  The witch declined, so the wife (being a witch) did the protective spell herself.  The spell involved each member of the family dying and then feeding on blood in order to be reborn.  Since the spell involved an old white ash tree, that tree could be used to kill them.  Also, each of their abilities had a downside.  They were immortal and therefore couldn't go out into the sun.  They also couldn't enter into the houses of the living without an invitation.  At some point, Klaus' mother cast a curse on him to restrain his werewolf side and so he killed her and then told Rebekah and Elijah that Michael had killed her by ripping out her heart.  Also either Klaus or Michael (I'm betting on Klaus here), destroyed most of the village.

That was alot of information to pack into an episode.  Very cool and interesting information, but alot.  The one thing that gets me is that if Klaus killed his mother, why did he record how he did it?  Wouldn't he have recorded that Michael did it like he told Rebekah and Elijah?  At least given the first scene, I assume he wrote the drawings on the wall.  It is possible that Michael or someone else did it so that the truth would be known.  I hope they answer this one definitively at some point, because I really want to know.

Now to Damon and his plan to help Stefan.  He frees Stefan and then takes him to a bar so that they can have some fun.  In the middle of this fun, Stefan dropped an interesting insight into Stefan's character.  Stefan is seemingly incapable of half measures where drinking blood is concerned.  Either he is the Ripper or he is Stefan, there is no happy medium.  This tells us that Stefan is an addict.  It is a classic addict character trait.  They either have to be on what they crave or not, they cannot be in between.  This is just a little bit of interesting information.  It has been implied (maybe said, but don't remember offhand) that Stefan is addicted to blood given the steps Lexi has to take to get him off of it, but this confirmation is just interesting.

I also found it interesting that Michael could not break Klaus' compulsion of Stefan.  Either he isn't strong enough yet or Klaus is just flat out too powerful.  I wonder which it is.  And the little loophole Stefan exploited was just interesting.  It sounds similar to the Asimovian laws of robots that he cannot directly cause harm to come to Klaus.  I wonder if this means that he cannot through inaction allow Klaus to be hurt.  In other words, would he somehow be forced to rescue Klaus or could he stand to the side in order to allow something to happen?

Next week, Homecoming and Klaus returns....