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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.09- Homecoming

Oh my, talk about plans going awry for the most interesting reasons.  And the ending.....

Mikael is no more.  He was killed by Klaus after a betrayal by Stefan and Katherine, although the betrayal was not for the bad reasons you might assume.  Turns out that Klaus figured out that a betrayal was in the offing and so he threatened to have Damon killed if he died.  So, Katherine decided that it was better that he survive.  Unfortunately, in the process Klaus managed to get the stake made from the white ash tree and kill Mikael.  That was; I must admit; an impressive death.  The side effect is that we now have a very annoyed Klaus.  And then Stefan upped the ante by stealing the coffins with Klaus' family in them which just managed to piss him off even more.  I am so not looking forward to the revenge Klaus will inevitably take.

And while we are speaking of betrayals, can I also say that Rebekah is going to be incredibly pissed off at Elena for betraying her.  I get Elena's reason for doing it.  She just wanted to make sure that the plan went off well.  However, by literally stabbing Rebekah in the back, Elena burned a bridge that should not have been burned.  Hopefully, they moved Rebekah somewhere where she won't be revived to come back, although I fear that she will be back at the most inconvenient moment.

I have to side with Tyler in his betrayal of Caroline.  He just wanted to keep her as safe as he could which I totally get and applaud.  I am concerned at his willingness to accept his bondage to Klaus with such equanimity, but given what he was going through when he changed, being given the ability to control the change must be good for him.  But this puts a serious dent in his and Caroline's relationship.

Damon impressed me tonight.  He came up with an excellent plan that would have worked if Katherine hadn't sabotaged it in order to save his and Stefan's lives.  By having Katherine pose as Elena, he allowed Mikael to demonstrate his seriousness to Klaus without placing Elena in any actual danger.  And the nifty wolfsbane grenades were just an excellent weapon.  Unfortunately, he trusted Katherine too much and so ended up ruining his plan.  I am also impressed that he managed to get Bonnie to go along with the plan given their history.  But, maybe I shouldn't be too surprised.  Had it worked, the plan would have protected Elena and the town which Bonnie is more than willing to do.

Well, that's the last review until the new year, so I'll see y'all back in January with the next new episode!