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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.22- This is My House, This is My Home

Well, the season finale has been viewed (finally!) by yours truly.  I must say that I was a little underwhelmed, but I have my suspicions in that department which will be revealed in a little bit.

First, WELCOME BACK GAVIN DEGRAW!  WOO-HOO!!!  So happy to hear the original!

Before I go any further, I ended up being a little spoiled by the press release for next season put out by the network.  They revealed that Brooke was the mother of twins (spoiling that reveal and the potential drama around her fall) and most of the rest of the drama seemed to be very unsurprising.  There is also the fact that they seemed to be ready for this to be a *SERIES* finale, and so wrapped everything up nice and neatly like after the 4th season.  I am not complaining, but compared to past season finales, this one was a little on the disappointing side.  Then again, this does seem to be in keeping with the shows more family oriented theme.  I like that theme given that they are now all grown up and everything.  The drama this season seems less forced than before and more realistic.  But, that's just my not so humble opinion.  :-)  The other factor is all of this is that this episode crunched a year (or so) into one episode.  That is alot to put into that short a period of time.  That might have had an impact on the story as well.

Let's start with the Scott family.  Haley is reopening Karen's Cafe with Brooke (and it looks awesome!), Nathan is working as a sports agent with Clay, and Jamie is growing up and taking care of his adorable little sister.  I have to say that Nathan's little "duet" with Lydia had to be one of the highlights of the entire episode.  That was so d@mn cute.  And thank God James didn't really sing.  If I remember correctly, it is as bad as his dancing.  <shudder>  In fact, it's as bad as *MY* dancing...and that's truly scary.  Given the fact that James hasn't signed on for next season (so far as I know anyway), I suspect that Haley is going to be very much the single parent.  That was reinforced near the end with Jamie in the Keith Scott sweatshop, bouncing a ball along the bridge (see the opening credits) to Karen's Cafe where his mom told him to sit down for dinner.  Talk about a major league flashback to the first season.  Jamie as the stand-in for Lucas and Madison as a sort-of Haley maybe?  :-)  I like the fact that the show has swung full circle.  Gives everything a nice sense of symmetry that is very important.  And I loved that Nathan went to Dan with Jamie's first hit ball and the picture of Lydia.  I understand why he doesn't want Dan in his family's life, but giving him that information was really nice and given the look on Dan's face, it was sincerely appreciated.

For Brooke and Julian, they spent most of the episode in pre-baby heaven.  Preparing a cradle (or two) and measuring stomachs with Julian being trained too well to say how skinny Brooke looked and then when he said she looked fat she (naturally) was offended.  That was just an amusing moment.  They were so happy to find out about the twins, it was just adorable.  And when she fell, I might have been worried about her a season or two ago, but given this season and my knowledge (thanks to the press release), I wasn't.  I was a little surprised at the delivery of the twins prematurely, but it was worth it.  I missed the names (although I think one was Davis?) though.  If anyone caught them, can you let me know?

Mouth and Millie officially got their own morning show.  And apparently Millie impressed enough people to be offered a network position which she refused in order to stay with Mouth.  Not terribly surprising and very cute.

Chase and Alex seemed to grow apart when he went to the Air Force, but when he came back, they got right back together.  And Chuck (who never said goodbye to Chase) was extremely happy to see him come back.

Clay and Quinn continued the cuteness with Quinn getting Clay a chair to replace the one he lost last week.

Looking forward to next season, I do wonder where they are going.  There are 13 episodes left and no storyline really left hanging.  I do hope they continue on with the family orientation they have had this year.  No forced drama, nothing totally horrible, just life for a group of friends.

Until the new season, I bid you adieu....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Fall 2011 TV Schedule

Since CW has now released their schedule, I can set my viewing schedule (for the networks anyways) for this fall.  This is not including Syfy Channel (Alphas, Sanctuary, and Being Human), Lifetime (Project Runway), or USA (White Collar and Covert Affairs). And here it is:


8 pm
- Terra Nova (Fox) and Gossip Girl (CW)
9 pm- Hart of Dixie (CW)


8 pm
- Glee (Fox) and 90210 (CW)
9 pm- Ringer (CW)
10 pm- Body of Proof (ABC) and Unforgettable (CBS)


10 pm
- Revenge (ABC) and Top Chef (whatever variation) (Bravo)


8 pm
- Vampire Diaries (CW)
9 pm- Secret Circle (CW) and Bones/The Finder (Fox)


8 pm
- Chuck (NBC) and Nikita (CW)
9 pm- Fringe (Fox) and Supernatural (CW)

*Note- I really want to watch Grimm, but can't fit it in here. If anyone else is going to watch it, let me know how it is.


8 pm
- Once Upon a Time (ABC)
9 pm- Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Anyone else want to share their schedule? :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill Episode 3.16- With Tired Eyes, Tired MInds, Tired Souls, We Slept

I wrote this post almost 4 years ago, in August of 2007.  I still mean every word that is written below.


This episode is so pivotal in One Tree Hill, that I think it can honestly be called the center of the whole show. The entirety of OTH can be summed up as pre- or post- 3.16.

This 45 minutes of television are the most powerful I have ever seen on a fictional show. Prior to seeing this, I would have said that "The Body" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the most powerful. However, 3.16 (as I will call it for simplicity's sake) blows "The Body" out of the water.

3.16 is the story of an ordinary guy who is pushed too far and pushes back in the worst possible manner. Jimmy Edwards is just a normal kid. He had friends; who abandoned him; he had a mom and dad; and his dad abandoned him; and he was picked on at school. So he vented his rage and frustration into a safe place, the time capsule, supposedly safe for 50 years. But what he said gets out. That only increase the persecution. NOt only does the persecution increase, but his two "friends" who abandoned him to become popular, suddenly want to talk again. What fakers! So, for some reason, he brings a gun to school. Probably just to threaten someone and make them feel as small as they made him feel. He sees guys take apart his locker and throw his stuff on the floor. He decides to use the gun and scare them, only to shoot it. He is so freaked out that he stays in the school and hides. Eventually, he is forced to take hostages to avoid being captured by the cops. Then, seeing no other way out, he kills himself.

Is all that necessarily true and/or fair? No. Does it excuse Jimmy's actions? No. But it does explain them.

I really get what Jimmy was going through because I used to be Jimmy. Oh, I never even thought of bringing a gun to school, but I had one of my best friends from middle school turn his back on me in high school because I was unpopular. In middle and high school, I was constantly teased and harassed because I was uncool, fat, too smart, and other things. The only reason I could deal with high school was that I wanted to teach and I knew that if I wanted that, I would have to stick it out. If I had lost that chance, I don't know what I would have done.

This episode is about words. Even more than actions, words can make the biggest difference in someone's life. The wrong words can really, really hurt someone. Even the lack of the right words can really hurt. But, if you hear those words of praise or love, they can really make your day.

And don't think that just kids and teens have this problem. Even adult sometimes forget that words have power and use them carelessly.

So, no matter what your position in life, remember that what you say and do really does matter. If you're going to do something that can only hurt someone, don't do it. If it won't help, think twice. Please.

I know I sound like a PSA, but I really know the power that words can have. Even more than actions, believe me.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

My Review of One Tree Hill Season 3

Here is my season 3 review.


Ok, last one until Season 4 comes out in November or
December (I think). Rather obviously, I think this
will be the longest, with the end focusing on episode
3.16 "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We

The first part of Season 3; I would say up through
episode 3.13 "The Wind That Blew My Heart Away"; was
dealing with the fallout of Season 2. From Naley's
near dissolution to Peyton and Ellie to the fire,
those storylines were; for the most part; completed by
this time. Of course, the fallout from the fire
lasted until the end of S4, and my guess is that those
ramifications will keep on going in Dan for a long

The second part of Season 3; starting with episode
3.15 "Just Watch the Fireworks" until the end of the
season; was the heavier end of the season. In fact I
would call episodes 3.15, 3.16, and 3.17 the three
pivotal episodes in One Tree Hill history.
Collectively, they changed the world of One Tree Hill

We'll start our character examination by looking first
at Naley. And for the first time this season, they
really are Naley. At the end of the first season,
they approached it, during the second season Naley
dissolved, but in the third season Naley came roaring
back. It took a while to get started, at the
beginning of the season they were Nathan and Haley.
By "Just Watch the Fireworks", they had stopped being
Nathan and Haley and started to become Naley. That
was wonderful to see.

While I was a little annoyed with Nathan at the
beginning of the season, you do have to admit that he
was always honest with Haley. He didn't play games,
didn't try and cause her pain, didn't do anything that
would destroy them. Instead, he told her how he felt
and; most of the time; listened to her. They
eventually talked their way through everything and got
back together in time for the absolutely hilarious
reenactments of their dating life and for a beautiful
remarriage ceremony.

Lucas probably had the biggest shock to his system
this year; with the definite exception of Karen and
the possible exception of Peyton. He saved his dad;
who he hates; from death only to have his dad try and
kill him. His mom is going to marry the man who
basically raised him, and together they are going to
adopt him, only to have that man ripped away. His
girlfriend seems to have a serious case of multiple
personalities when it comes to dating sometimes. And
one of his best friends finds and loses her mother in
the course of a few months. Wow. No wonder he needed
to get away for a few days.....

The only reason that I would list Peyton's shock as
being less than Lucas' is that she had just met Ellie.
She never formed the same lasting link with her that
Lucas had with Keith. That being said, she did have
that whole mother/daughter link. So who knows. I
know I don't. I feel so sorry for Peyton. She finds
out; after 17 years; that her birth mother gave her up
for adoption and that the woman she has been mourning
as her mother adopted her. That would have to suck.
And then she finds out that her birth mother is dying
of cancer. So they put together a way to raise money
for cancer research only to have her mother die before
she gets to see the final product. Then ep 3.16
happens. Then she accidentally tells the one guy she
loves that she is in love with someone else, who just
happens to be her best friends boyfriend. So she
decides to be honest with best friend, who promptly
becomes a major league bitch and breaks everything

But, I have a special rant saved just for Peyton. It
is about Bitch!Peyton from the beginning of the
season. Nathan being mad at Haley, I get. Peyton
being upset, I can get. Peyton being a numero uno,
major league, grade A, primero, (pick your
superlative) bitch< I cannot stand. She constantly
verbally abused Haley, ignored her, and basically did
what she could to make Haley feel unwelcome. If
anyone should be doing that, Nathan should, not his
ex. I do get that Peyton is tired of losing people,
but to take all of that anger out on Haley is wrong
and really obnoxious. I so preferred Brooke's method
of dealing. Tell Haley she gets no sympathy because
she screwed up, but be a friend now that she's back.

Speaking of Brooke, I swear that all that girl's
brains fall out during this season. First, she tries
the whole "Friends with Benefits" thing with Lucas,
then she becomes Ms. Dating-MPD, then she goes all
major league psycho-bitch on Peyton. I love Sophia, I
really do, but Brooke is not my favorite person this
season, with a few exceptions.

I love that they made Mouth a lead character this
season. I remember the first time I saw Lee Norris in
the credits, I "squeed" really loudly. I love Mouth
and wish him all the best. He has this way of
bringing out the best in people around him by really
caring about them and by being real. He is probably
the coolest character on the whole show.

And now for Rachel. Oh Lord, how I love to hate this
girl. The resident bitch, majorly sexy, and quite the
conniver. Love her, love her, love her.

Dan goes through an interesting journey this season.
Initially, he is obsessed with finding out who tried
to kill him. First he thinks of Lucas, then Nathan,
then Haley, then Karen, then Andy, and finally Keith.
I think maybe he thought Whitey did too, but I
honestly can't remember. I am really surprised that
he never seemed to suspect Deb. When he finds out she
did it, it is the beginning of the end for him. He
slowly loses his hold on reality.

I did so dearly love the whole storyline this season
of Dan and Deb seeing who could out prank the other in
terms of making life hellish on the other. Some were
cruel, some crude, and others just a riot to see.
That was just neat.

Karen also has an interesting journey. Just as it
looks like she'll be getting married, she loses her
fiancee and can only pull herself back together when
her son needs her. Wow.

Actually, I am going to make a separate review for
episode 3.16 which I will send along in a few.

Repost of an actual message

Following the season 2 finale of OTH, I wrote the following message which is briefly mentioned in the season 2 review.


Who (presumably) killed Dan?

[1] Deb: The obvious subject. She has been through
hell because of this man and so has her son. She has
been trying to divorce him, and obviously hates him.
She also had pills which she could use to drug him.
In addition, he threatened her with jail if she
exposed him. So incredibly obvious that she is both
the most and least likely suspect.

[2] Keith: The royally pissed off brother. Dan's
belittled him and made him feel worthless all of his
life. Then Dan paid a woman to make Keith fall in
love with her and then break his heart. When he left
town he was swearing revenge. Again a fairly obvious
suspect. Maybe a bit too obvious.

[3] Whitey: The embittered ex-coach. He's always
tried to protect his kids; which includes Dan's son
Nathan. He has also been threatened by Dan with being
fired. There is no love lost here. A decently
obvious suspect.

[4] Lucas: The abandoned son. His mom and father
figure (Keith) has been hurt deeply by Dan and Lucas
has never really had a father. Sure, he's had a
father figure, but no real father. His best friend
has also been hurt by Dan when he demanded that Haley
sign the annullment papers. Obvious, but unlikely. I
can't imagine them twisting Lucas this way.

[5] Nathan: The abused son. Yes, abused. Not
physically, but emotionally and mentally. Dan has
always been jealous of Nathan and tries to make Nathan
feel like $h!t. Also, his mom and wife have been hurt
deeply by Dan. Again, obvious but unlikely.

[6] Haley: The daughter-in-law. She could have done
it to protect Nathan from Dan. She also has her own
hurt from the annullment issue. Unlikely.

[7] Andy: The man who loves the mother of Dan's
bastard child. Sorry, just being techincally correct
in my terminology. Dan has threatened Andy directly;
or did he?; with keeping him out of the country. Dan
has also deeply hurt Karen and Lucas with all of his
antics. One of the more likely and more obvious

[8] Karen: The ex-girlfriend and aforementioned mother
of Dan's bastard child. Sorry, again just being
techincally correct in my terminology. Dan kissed her
and has threatened her relationship with her son. He
has also (supposedly) threatened to keep her boyfriend
out of the country. Obvious, but unlikely.

[9] Jules: The hired woman. She was hired to seduce
Keith and then drop him like a hot potato. She made
the mistake of falling in love with Keith and then
left him on their wedding day. Obviously harbors no
good feelings towards Dan. Not so obvious, and not

I honestly don't see any motives for Brooke, Peyton,
or Jake. But otherwise I think almost everyone else
is a subject.

Other reactions:

The first hour or so was a fairly typical episode.
Good, but no massive surprises. Most of the next hour
was the same. The last ten minutes or so however,
blew me away.

First, Nathan tells Lucas that he wants nothing to do
with him again save on the basketball court. And I do
not blame him. I understand what Lucas was doing, but
he promised to stop twice and did not. I hope they
reconcile, but it will take a while.

Second, Peyton's mom shows up. This really threw me
for a loop. Intially I was trying to figure out if
her mom didn't really die in the crash. Then it
occurred to me that it was probably her biological
mother and that Peyton was adopted or something like
that. This will be very interesting.

Third, Dan. I knew from the moment I saw the bottle
that it was poisoned or something. I did not expect
the fire.

Finally, Haley shows up. I really hope Nathan and
Haley work things out, even if they have to be
separated for a bit to think things through.

Well, that's all. Have fun!

My Review of One Tree Hill Season 2

And now for Season 2.


This is a season I loved and a season I hated. This
is a season that I could watch over and over and a
season I never want to watch again. Given that,
expect this review to maybe be a bit confused. This
season brings up so many contradictory emotions and is
hard to accurately talk about as a result.

First, I'll get the easy stuff out of the way: the
guest stars, i.e. Felix, Anna, Jules, and Andy.

I can't really stand Felix. He is an arrogant little
prick and at best I tolerate him as necessary. See, I
like Dan as a bad guy. Dan has style and is great.
Felix isn't. He just comes in, causes problems, and
then expects to be loved. While my hat is off to
Michael Copon for created such a character, I still
can barely tolerate the guy. His only redeeming
qualities were that he (at least sometimes) protected
Anna and Brooke.

Anna I actually liked. I know alot of people hated
her, but I never did. I am not fond of how she blew
off Peyton during the whole "dyke" thing, but she
ended up redeeming herself. Daniella Alonso played
that character so wonderfully that I have to say
kudos. She was a really good friend to Lucas and
normally a good friend to Peyton.

Jules I just feel sorry for. I can't really hate her.
I hate the fact that she let herself be used to hurt
Keith, but I feel for her. She was in an awful
position and Dan used that to manipulate her. And
then a she fell in love with Keith.

I really liked Andy. I remember at the time that I
thought Andy was a plant like Jules. Odd in
retrospect, but given that Dan had shown himself fully
capable and willing to ruin the lives of people around
him, not a totally out there thought.

Now for the main characters. I am saving Naley for
last because that is going to be the hardest section,
so I'll start with Dan.

Dan reaches new levels of nastiness this season. I do
get the whole being pissed off at Keith and Deb thing.
But the way he manipulated Lucas as a test,
threatened Whitey's job, manipulated the situation
with Andy, and used words to help bring down Naley
were absolutely despicable. But I gotta admire the
guy for his style. He manages to never do anything
halfway. He so thoroughly pisses off so many people
that by the time the fire came about, almost everyone
was a suspect. (ED: A message I wrote at that time will
be put up soon :-) )

Brooke grew up so much this season. She and Peyton
patched things up, she sorta started down the slutty
path; albeit a monogamous one so that's an
improvement. But ultimately, she pulled herself
together in typical Brooke fashion. Part of that was
thanks to Karen being such a wonderful mother and part
of it was thanks to Lucas being such a good friend.
But mostly, it was Brooke being strong enough to know
that she could do it. That girl has nothing to be
insecure about. She is strong and a totally rocking
girl who I would love to have as a friend.

Lucas has seriously recovered from his downfall last
year. He also has alot more deviousness than I would
have given him credit for. The way he single-mindedly
went after Dan and used Dan's affections as a way to
get in was brilliant. Unfortunately, Dan was playing
the same game on a higher level. The serious screwups
of Lucas' were not getting the HCM test in the first
place and lying to Nathan about going to see Haley and
about the investigation of Dan continuing. While all
of these were totally understandable, they did hurt
him and his relationships in the long run.

Peyton never seems to change much. She is still Ms.
Issues, but at least this season she had Jake to
depend on for a while. That was wonderful to see.
She made alot of mistakes where the drugs were
concerned, but she ultimately pulled through.

Don't really have a whole lot to say about Whitey,
Deb, Karen, or Keith. They are all pretty much
playing second fiddle to the kids. While I loved
seeing what happened to them, it paled in comparison
to what comes next.

And that is the near dissolution of Naley. Probably
one of the most painful and drawn out storylines in
One Tree Hill. There is so much that happens that it
is hard to do justice to any of it. Things got so
tangled up and so complicated that it is hard to think
through with any sense of rationality. But, I'll try.

First, I do have to say that I am grateful this
happened so that we could have Chris introduced.
While the guy is a self-absorbed @$$hole, he is
hilarious. He is almost a miniature Dan. Of course,
this reflects furture knowledge, but I just had to say

Now, onto the hard part. Alot of people look at what
happened and instantly blame Haley. I don't see it as
being that simple. Both Nathan and Haley share the
blame for what happened. Nathan was insecure about
himself as a person, gave up a dream for Haley, and
had Deb and Dan sitting on his shoulders whispering
doubts into his ears. Haley had a dream that she
wanted to pursue, had a husband who demanded that she
choose her dream or him, and saw a sister who lived it
up. Add it all up and you get Haley leaving. Was it
right? No. Was it all her fault? Hell no.

And Nathan was right when he said that if they didn't
chase their dreams that they would be bitter. If they
gave up on their dreams and hopes to stay together,
then eventually they would have become Dan and Deb, a
bitter, spiteful couple who couldn't stand to be
together. And that would have been a real shame.

Ultimately, I think that Dan, Deb, and Chris also
share some of the blame for what happened. Dan and
Deb were so pervertedly overjoyed at seeing Naley
falling apart that they helped it happen, in fact they
even partially caused the falling apart with their
words. And Chris played the part of the tempter,
tempting Haley towards music.

But none of that would have worked if Nathan and Haley
were more sure of themselves as Naley. Their own
doubts and insecurities opened cracks in their
relationships that allowed Dan, Deb, and Chris to work
their stuff and to split them up.

Tonight, I start Season 3.

One Tree Hill, Season 1 Review

I did not archive all of my reviews, so this is about the earliest I have.  Between seasons 4 and 5, OTH took a long break to figure out how to do a 4 year time warp.  During that time I wrote reviews of each of the first three seasons as well as episode 3.16.  I will be posting those reviews tonight.  Seasons 5-8 will go up after that as I have time.  I will put the season finale of season 8 up as soon as I write it this weekend even though it will be out of order.

So, here we go...


Due to new episodes of OTH being put off until January, I have been rewatching the prior 3 seasons; S4 is not out on DVD yet. After finishing each season, I will be writing a review of that season. Here is Season 1, written last week. Season 2 will be up in a litle bit.


Ok, as I said, here is my review of Season 1.

Let's start with the obvious that my review of the
season is obviously going to be colored by the fact
that I seen every episode. Can't really avoid it,
although I will try to avoid referring to future

Lets start at the beginning, with Lucas Scott.
Introduced as a wonderful basketball player and
seemingly more or less perfect guy with a wonderful
best friend in the person of Haley James and several
friends (Skillz, Fergie, and Junk) who he plays
basketball with, while their friends Mouth and Jimmy
(who disappears after an episode or two) do
commentary. He is very attracted to a silent, broody
cheerleader in the form of Peyton Sawyer, who happens
to be dating his half-brother Nathan Scott. As if
that is not complicated enough, his mother has a
platonic relationship; almost an emotional marriage;
to Keith Scott, the brother of Lucas' father, Dan
Scott. Dan's wife, Deb, is not in the picture at
first. And that is mostly established within the
first few minutes of the pilot.

I remember that when OTH came on for the first time, I
was hooked almost instantly. I had just recently
started to watch teen dramas, and had discovered that
I really enjoyed them; despite the fact that I was 25
at the time. I liked the complicated relationships
that were set up very quickly, loved the way the
different worlds melded, and loved the clear
delineation between good and bad.

That delineation lasted for a few episodes, but rather
quickly blurred after that. As Nathan adjusted to
Lucas' presence in his life and as his relationship
with Haley continued, he slowly became less and less
like Dan and more and more human. I remember thinking
at the time that I loved that Nathan kept screwing up.
He would take a few steps towards being a better
person and then would lose a few because he pulled an
absolute stupid. That really showed that he was not
some superhuman who could change overnight, rather he
had to constantly struggle to become the person who he
could be. That was Nathan's storyline throughout
Season 1. The struggle to become a good, solid
person. A person whom people could depend on, even
though he would keep on screwing up.

Lucas' storyline was in some ways a mirror image of
Nathan's. Lucas started off as a really good guy, but
once he was introduced to the world of popularity, he
fell. Now, I'll grant that he was still probably
better than 95% of guys out there, but for him, it was
a big fall. He screwed up left and right, but in the
end, he found his bearings. The fact that by the last
episode Lucas and Nathan were really good friends
shows how far they both came in a very short period of
time. We also started the love triangle of Brooke,
Peyton, and Lucas that would last until Season 4 in
one form or another. I hate love triangles so I'll
say no more about it than I have to.

Brooke's storyline is in some ways the most
interesting. Seemingly introduced merely as a friend
of Peyton's and the queen of Slutville, Brooke very
quickly became indispensable to the show. Like Summer
on the O.C., Brooke moved from a secondary character
to mian character in just a few episodes. While I
could not stand her at first, once episode 1.07, "The
Search for Something More" rolled around, I really
warmed to her. Yes, she could be shallow, slutty, and
very materialistic, but she also had a heart of gold
lurking in her chest. At first, I actually cheered
for Brooke and Lucas to pair up once Peyton blew her
shot. But over time, I didn't like it as much. Once
episode 1.17, "To Wish Impossible Things"; aka "The
Boytoy Episode"; played, I instantly fell for Mouth
and Brooke as a pair. They are so completely
different, but that seems to be really good for
Brooke. She treat Mouth differently than she treats
any other guy. I loved watching the two of them
together. Then, once we hit the end of the season and
Brooke turned from righteous anger against Lucas and
Peyton to sheer bitchery, I started to dislike her
again. She never recovered her former high status in
my eyes for the rest of the season.

Haley had what was probably the weirdest journey. At
first, I was afraid that they were trying to turn her
into Joey from Dawsons' Creek; aka the girl in love
with the best friend who is in love with another girl.
Fortunately, they rather quickly moved on from that
possibility, much to my delight. She was approached
by Nathan to tutor her, and it was obvious what his
plans were. But somewhere along the line, his goals
changed. He started to see that Haley was a girl he
really liked, and she started to warm to him. Then
Brooke interfered....grrr.... But she made up for it
by getting them back together. Than Nathan; who was
going good for a bit; screwed it up by refusing to
acknowledge her in front of his friends. But, Haley
and Nathan patch up their difficulties, and proceed to
have their relationship grow more and more intense as
the season goes on. Also interesting to see is Haley
relationship with Peyton. These two very different
people grow very close as they bond over Nathan and
Lucas. I have to say that I really enjoyed that.
Just as a future reference, I do wonder if this
closeness is the reason for Peyton's being such a
bitch to Haley in the third season. In this season,
we establish that Haley can sing and loves to do so,
which becomes important later. The other interesting
Haley relationship is her relationship with Lucas.
While it is strained several times; generally over
Nathan; they can always repair the damage, which is
wonderful to see.

Peyton is next. The broody cheerleader. "An enigma
wrapped inside of a puzzle in a bitch" as I believe
she put it. Initially dating Nathan Scott, then drawn
to Lucas Scott, this appeared to be another love
triangle that never really occurred; fortunately.
Peyton is probably the most screwed up member of the
teen group. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death,
but she is a walking bundle of ISSUES. She can be
absolutely wonderful, but she also has a lot of
problems. Fortunately, she doesn't turn to drinking
too often, or else Marissa comparisons would be made
here. I think that I was most intrigued by the whole
Jake/Peyton/Nikki dynamic. Nikki was an inspired
creation and an absolute bitch who rivaled Dan at
times in her sheer and unadulterated cruelty and mind
games. Like Lucas/Haley, the Brooke/Peyton friendship
is severely strained and even broken for a brief
period, but like true best friends, they find a way to
make it up and keep their friendship.

And now for Dan. Probably the most inspired character
in the entire show. A bitter man who fathered two of
our main characters. A devious and vicious man who
can play mind games like they are going out of style.
The domineering father who wants what he thinks is
best for his son; well his legitimate son anyway. A
misunderstood man who really was turned evil by the
machinations of others. All of these images of Dan
were presented in the first season; and I probably
missed a few. Seeing that this is a drama, someone
needs to stir up the pot, and that character is
generally Dan. He can screw with your mind and you
might never realize it. He can say one thing and mean
something else entirely, but not be lying; or so he
says. As a villain, he is probably one of the est out
there, and that is thanks in no small part to the
wonderful actor who lays him with such wonderful
cruelty, Paul Johansson. Dan's subtle manipulations;
and his more blatant ones at that; are things I am
forced to admire, even as I hate them. The man has a
flair for manipulation that is only rarely matched by
any other character.

Keith Scott at first seems like just like somewhat of
a lovable goof who is in love with Karen. But over
time, you see that he has depths that are virtually
limitless, including his simultaneous dislike and love
of his younger brother. He may be a blue collar guy,
but he has a wonderful heart. I do understand why
Karen chose not to marry him, but I do feel sorry for

Karen Roe. An interesting character, who mainly plays
second fiddle to Lucas and Dan. While she has some
story lines of her own, mainly dealing with either
Keith or Larry. You have to admire this woman. She
had a child when she was 18 and proceeded to establish
her own cafe and become a successful businesswoman,
while raising a relatively issues-free son. Have to
admire her guts.

Deb, like Karen, mainly plays second fiddle to her
son, Nathan and to Dan. She is the mother who was
never around much and is trapped in a loveless
marriage because she wants to stay together for her
son. Then once she decides to divorce Dan, she an Dan
start a war with each other that causes Nathan to pull
away from both of them. Sometimes I feel sorry for
her and sometimes I don't. I was very happy to see
her and Karen establish such a solid friendship.

There are so many other characters I could write
about, but they are so secondary that I don't want to
take the time or space. If anyone wants my thoughts
on other characters, please ask.

To finish this off, I want to go with my favorite
lines and episodes. My favorite episodes were "Spirit
in the Night" and "To Wish Impossible things". Both
episodes were hilarious, had wonderful stories, and
were just overall very good. My favorite line is in
"To Wish Impossible Things". When Haley is bidding on
Lucas, Peyton says, "That's a creepy threesome." And
of course, anytime Nathan gives a long sappy speech to
Haley about how much he loves her. I can never get
enough of those.

Will repeat this for seasons 2 and 3 when I finish
watching them. Enjoy!


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