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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.12- Code Breaker

And so the first season ends with 2 deaths, major revelations, a serious blow, and 2 major questions.....

Ok, last week I made a couple of predictions, one of which came partially true and one of which possibly came true.   PsychoAunt is officially dead.  She had her throat ripped out by the Alpha in front of Allison.  That gets points for trauma to Allison and the Alpha gets style points.  Ahhh, justice!  I was wrong in that her death didn't drive a wedge between Scott and Allison, probably because he was right there to ensure her safety.  So I get a half point.  The possibility comes later under the heading of major questions.

No matter how much I disliked the Alpha, he gets points for the greatest line in reference to Lydia.  His crack about trying to kill Stiles twice a month was hilarious.  Sexist and crude, but hilarious nonetheless.

Let's start with Stiles.  Stiles, the ordinary guy who somehow finds a way to put things together and hold it together so that he can help his best friend.  He leaves Lydia after calling Jackson because the Alpha told him so he can help Scott.  And the username and password to Scott's computer was just too damn funny.  "Allison" for both?  <snerk>  Then going to the hospital and interrogating his dad long enough to figure out who torched the Hale house and mouthing off at Allison's dad because he is pissed off?  Geez.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have Xander 2.0.  Does whatever he can for his friends even though he is sadly ill equipped to do so.  And what exactly was in that flask he threw at the Alpha?  Whatever it was caused a nice little fire when Allison shot it and combined with what Jackson threw to mostly kill the Alpha.  Nicely done sidekick.

And Scott.  Running from his girlfriend's dad.  Nearly shot by said girlfriend and then blinded by a flashbang arrow.  That seriously sucks.  But she can't do more than that (thank goodness!) and she should be grateful for that because that is about the only thing that saved her from being killed by the Alpha.  2 Betas (Derek and Scott) v. 1 Alpha and the result is that the Alpha cleans up the floor with them until the humans arrive with nifty chemicals.  Nicely done.  Only to be betrayed by his "mentor" who kills the Alpha in order to become the new Alpha.  That sucks.  And if I am not mistaken, that means that Derek's sister was an Alpha.  That was an interesting little twist.

Allison, I am so glad you decided not to follow in PsychoAunts footsteps.  You'll be better for it, I promise.  For a bit there, I was a little worried, but you pulled through nicely and are now even more solidly in the good camp.  I am not entirely sure what daddy is going to think about you dating a werewolf, but I suspect he'll not protest too much since Scott did save your life.

And Jackson's good moment of helping was apparently done so that he could get himself turned.  <head smack>  Be careful what you ask for....

The twist I never saw coming, Derek killing the Alpha and assuming that mantle himself.  That cannot be good.

And last, what is up with Lydia.  She isn't healing, hence probably not a werewolf, but then what is happening?  Is she going to pull through?

We'll have these questions answered next summer during Season 2.  Until then!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Review of Teen Wolf 1.11- Formality

Jackson sinks to new lows, Stiles makes a deal with the Alpha to save someone he cares about, Psycho Aunt shows how psycho she is, and Allison learns the truth....

Well, that was one heck of a part I of the finale!  I have some predictions about part II that I will mention at the end of the review.

Scott's life just got a lot more complicated.  After a very nice talk with his mom, he tells Allison that he loves her, only to be forced to reveal what he is when her dad and one of his buddies try to crush him between their trucks.  The look on her face was just about the worst thing that could have been seen.  Allison hears from Psycho Aunt about how bad and evil werewolves are only for it to be revealed to her that her boyfriend, the guy who just said that he loves her, is one.  Can we just say that this is one hell of a complication?!?!?  And although she doesn't know it, Scott has been going all out to protect her.  From getting her called out of the store when the Alpha is near to getting Jackson (!) to take her to the formal.  I did laugh at his method of persuasion.  That was hilarious.  And could Jackson have been a bigger ass towards her?  I know he's a jerk, but couldn't he have least pretended to want to be there with her?  Geez.....

And how much did I love that Allison got Lydia to go to the dance with Stiles?  Yes, he is a total goofball, but he is so sweet and so nice.  He deserves good things.  Three of my favorite moments were between Stiles and Lydia.  Number one was in the store when he was helping her shop for dresses.  Read that as, she was shopping and he was acting as her dress carrier.  Then at the formal when Jackson totally dissed her, Stiles told her she looked beautiful.  She gave him such a grateful look that it was nice to see.  The third was when Stiles was asking her to dance, then demanding, and then he told her that he knew how smart she was and that she would go to bigger and better things.  That was incredibly sweet and he so did not deserve to be left for her to find Jackson.  I do appreciate that she was honest about it after he forced the issue.  I so want those two together.  That would be nifty.  To end their night, Lydia was attacked by the Alpha and Stiles told the Alpha how to find Derek in exchange for saving Lydia.  Not the best idea, but given the circumstances, I find it hard to blame him.

Another hilarious moment was when Scott was on the run from the coach because he wasn't supposed to be at the dance and he got Danny to dance with him.  Poor guy, he just keeps getting used by people.  That had me in stitches.

And Jackson, I want to dope smack you so badly right now.  I know your life sucks right now, but giving Scott up to the hunters, so *NOT* a good thing.  It is going to take a lot to regain what little respect he gained recently.

Oh, and Psycho Aunt slept with Derek in order to get to his family.  Can I just say that I didn't think she could sink any lower, but she manages....

Ok, my predictions for next week.  Given the fact that the ads and the actors have said that someone dies next week and the ads saying that not everyone makes it out human, here is what I think will happen.  Either Psycho Aunt or daddy hunter will be killed and this will throw a major wrench into Scott and Allison's relationship.  I would see poetic justice in Psycho Aunt being turned though.  I could also see Jackson getting turned, although I think that is much lower on the list of possibilities.

Next week, part II of the first season finale of Teen Wolf.  Until then...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.21- Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Last review from LiveJournal.  Thanks for bearing with me as I moved everything.


The ladies in Puerto Rico, Brooke and Julian can't keep a secret, the guy become bird-watchers, Mouth and Millie make some TV, and Haley is hit by nostalgia....

I loved this version of the theme. Very similar but with a nice, distinctive style. Very well done.

I'll start with the guys. The main storyline with them was their going camping to find an endangered species of bird that might live on the River Court in order to save the Court from development. The whole thing was somewhat amusing. Clay wanted to stay at home in a flowered(!) shirt in an old chair with a cooler filled with half-melted ice. Interesting way to spend a weekend. Then Nathan unleashed his secret weapon. No, not scantily clad young ladies, but Jamie giving him a pathetic little smile. <snerk> So, he brought the shirt, chair, and cooler with him. And everyone proceeded to insult him and the shirt. Just damn funny, especially when Quinn and the girls saw a guy in Puerto Rico with the same shirt and made a comment about it. While camping, Jamie and Chuck ran across a bulldozer and climbed in, but more on that later. The taping and bonding were just funny. I will say that now Robert's tweets about a shirt that he liked from that episode now make a whole lot more sense....

I have to say that I felt sorry about how Chuck find out about Chase leaving. Given everything he has gone through, his reaction was unsurprising. He proceeded to turn on the bulldozer and start it moving. Chase then jumped in and proceeded to drive over all of Clay's stuff. Poor abused Clay. After this, he got upset at Chuck who got uncharacteristically quiet and withdrawn until he confessed about why he did what he did. And Chase getting Chuck that bike (his dad's last sentence to Chuck was that he would be getting a bike and then teach Chuck to ride it) was just totally sweet. And I loved that when Chuck "chucked" Nathan, Nathan proceeded to kick his butt (literally) and called it a "nathan." ROFL

Ultimately, the River Court appeared to be saved when some eggs from the bird were found where Chuck had driven over. I also liked the Mouth/Millie story. I've said it before and will say it again, the two of them need to keep these nice fun storylines, otherwise they get really boring. Millie's rants (including the latest one where she dressed as a dog to complain about people letting their dogs poop wherever) got the attention of higher ups and they want to give her a morning show. So naturally, Mouth helped out. The manager asked Millie to do something a little more serious, so Mouth suggested the River Court. When Millie did her live taping, she allowed Mouth to keep going. Totally awesome and hope this bodes well for his career.

As for the girls in Puerto Rico, Quinn got a nice storyline where she went around with a model taking pictures of ordinary everyday things for B.Davis magazine that ultimately landed her the cover shot. Very well done. I loved that Lauren got drunk and then sent partially naked shots to Chuck's mom. Fortunately (well sort of), Chuck had the phone and intercepted the pictures before his mom saw them. Drunk Lauren= high amusement factor.

Brooke spent the entire time pretending to not be pregnant. She was not entirely successful as Quinn figured it out and congratulated her. That was nice. So now, Naley, Alex, Chase, and Quinn all know about Brooke's pregnancy. Just waiting for Clay, Mouth, and Millie to find out.

And I love that Haley wants to reopen Karen's Cafe. That will definitely give her something nice to do next season (assuming the show is renewed, which I heard it is). And having Brooke as a partner will be nice.

Next week, Brooke's pregnancy progresses and everyone is cute....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.20- The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul

A pregnancy, an absolutely hideous spray tan, a recitation of "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer, and the resolution to the Kellerman drama.....

First, the theme. It was ok, but definitely not my favorite. The only good thing I can say about it is that it was better than some.

The episode seemed to be a transition episode. Certain plotlines were all wrapped up and the remaining 2 episodes were set up. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what will happen during the time jump in the finale, but more on that later.

First, the Kellerman storyline is wrapped up. I am glad that Nathan went to Professor Kellerman with the truth and apologized. That was definitely classy of him. It was definitely nice to see Kellerman be a genuine human being and admit that just as Nathan had prejudged him, he had prejudged Nathan. And his explanation for why he protected Ian was very touching. Ian so doesn't deserve it, but its what parents do for their kids. And I must admit that I wish Ian had gotten more than knocked off the bridge and then held under several times. Unfortunately, given that there was really no proof about what happened, nothing more could be done unless Nathan, Julian, or Clay happened to tape the confession. Here's hoping karma will come along and bite him on the @$$ big time.

What is it with Quinn getting all of the embarassing storylines now? Last week with the singing and this week with that absolutely hideously godawful spray tan. I did find Clay's reaction amusing. He was so ready for the date night (particularly after seeing her in the string bikini) and then that spray tan was seen and he changed his tune incredibly quickly. <snerk> Loved that. And so happy that it came off in the hot tub. I meant the spray tan! Geez.....get your minds out of the gutter. Mine is in there taking up all the space. :-)

I must admit that the whole pregnancy storyline took me by surprise. I was not expecting that. The best part was the end twist where Brooke is pregnant and not Alex. That really threw me, but in a totally cool way. For some reason, I thought that they had said that Brooke could never get pregnant, but maybe they just said that it would be really hard for her. I so hope that everything goes ok and she and Julian have their baby because they so deserve it. As for what I was saying about the time jump before, I suspect that they will have Brooke have her baby during that time to avoid the whole fake pregnancy thing. Ok, obvious at this point, but :-P. :-)

I did enjoy having Jamie recite "Casey at the Bat" during the game. If you have never read it, the poem is about a man named Casey who is supposedly an awesome baseball player who ends up striking out due to overconfidence and hubris. So, I was wondering how the ending was going to go. Would they be faithful to the poem and have Jamie strike out? Or would they follow the more conventional approach and have him hit the ball? They did the latter which was nice. I loved that Chuck "chucked" Julian. That was funny. I also liked that Madison and Chuck took on characters from the poem. In the poem, in the final inning, a bad player (Chuck) hits a single and a not-so-masculine player (Madison) hits a double. Casey (Jamie) then comes up and gets two strikes. In the poem, Casey strikes out and so there is no cheering in Mudville. In OTH, Jamie hits it. Sort of fun.

Next week, wacky hijinks with the guys camping and the girls in Puerto Rico. Til then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.19- Where Not to Look for Freedom

The truth about the accident comes out, Haley plays mom, Brooke gets a job offer, Julian gets seriously pissed, Quinn organizes a concert (and gets embarrassed several times in the process), Alex sings a song, and a dad sacrifices his life for his son.....

First, the theme. That was godawful, the less said the better.

Let's start with the accident storyline. Before the hiatus, Nathan discovered the vehicle that was a part of the hit and run that nearly killed Jamie and Brooke in Kellerman's garage. Before I get to what happened tonight, here is what I said in my review of that episode:

"And as for the revelation that Ian is apparently the driver of the car that knocked Brooke and Jamie off the bridge, that was not a huge surprise given that they indicated (in the previously on) that something would be coming out about that. A little surprising, but not seriously."

Am I good or what? Ok, maybe that was not that hard to guess, but given how easily Professor Kellerman caved to Nathan, I did see it coming a mile off. I am wondering if anyone was surprised by that. Lord knows that I wasn't. I have to say that Kellerman has risen several notches in my estimation. To have the guts to give up what has made your life to protect your son's life was not something I would have expected from him. Ian on the other hand is a totally different story. I get that he wants to protect his career, but doing so at the expense of your dad is incredibly low and just awful. I am glad that Nathan took the high road here and let the Professor do what he did. And given the fact (from the end of the episode and the preview for next week) that he has figured it out, I would *SO* not want to be in Ian's shoes. James has said that the old Nathan would make a reappearance and I think Ian is in for a world of hurt.

And who woulda thunk that Julian could get so utterly pissed off. That was almost scary. I wonder how he is going to react to the revelation about Ian. I do shudder.....

Ok, how many people just laughed out loud about Quinn's three song related embarrassments? First, Alex finds her singing "Eye of the Tiger" (I think that's the title anyway) in the studio. Then Haley sees her singing something (didn't catch what) to Lydia (and how cute was that?). Finally, the band catches her encore of "Eye of the Tiger" via webcam for Haley and Lydia. <snerk, snerk, snerk> But she did put on a good concert. Jana has a lovely voice and that was a good song. Never heard of Olin and the Moon, but they were really nice as well. Very mellow music.

Poor Brooke spent most of the episode depressed about not being able to adopt. Then she gets an invitation to be the VP of Clothes Over Bros. I have a sneaking suspicion that Victoria has something to do with this. I am not sure how given what she did, but I just have a suspicion given some of the things she said to Brooke. Will Brooke take the job? Given the fact that there will be a time jump in the finale, I would think that she will but will come back for some reason.

Haley didn't do much but be the stay-at-home-mom. I suspect this has to do with Bethany's newborn, but again not so sure.

Clay with a partially open shirt and cowboy hat? Surprisingly hot...

Next week, a confrontation between Julian, Nathan, Clay, and Ian. Uh oh......

One Tree Hill Season 9

Don't know if everyone is up to date on Season 9, but here is the latest that I know of.  Yesterday, Sophia tweeted that she, Austin, Jana, Lisa, and Robert have officially signed on for a new season.  Last night official word came out that Bethany has as well.  I read that Stephen has said that he will come back to and I have heard nothing about Shantel, Jackson, and Lee.  James had not signed on yet, and I read that people are speculating that he is waiting to see if the show is renewed.  Ironically, his lack of signing may have to do with the show not being renewed yet (or so I heard).

That being said, here is what I would like to happen.  The show gets brought back to do a final season.  After being on the bubble for 8 seasons and given the storms this show has weathered, we the viewers and the people involved in the show, deserve a chance to see the show brought to a satisfying and natural conclusion.  I know that it would also be really cool to see people; Deb, Karen, etc.; brought back over the course of the season (or for the series finale) to see where their characters ended up.  I also know that Hilarie has expressed a lack of enthusiasm to play Peyton again, but I would like to think that she would come back for a known series finale with Chad just to show her appreciation to the fans.

If the show ends this year; assuming that the finale wraps things up nicely; I won't be seriously disappointed.  My only fear is that they will be canceled with strings left dangling.


My Review of One Tree Hill 8.18- Quiet Little Voices

It's all about the (ok, that was oh so bad.....)

First, the theme. It was nice and better than some, but not my favorite. I did love the singers voice though. Anyone know who sang it?

Tonight was all about babies and family. Brooke and Julian were waiting for Chloe to have her baby, Nathan and Haley were awaiting their baby with Jamie, Clay, and Quinn. This episode was also about the past with some nifty flashbacks to events of the past. Think I also caught a new scene or two masquerading as flashbacks. There was not exactly alot of character stuff, as this season has been wont to do, but it was a nice way to get back into the series after a 6 week hiatus.

I loved Jackson's voiceover. He doesn't do them too often (that I can think of anyways) and he did a nice job. I do want to know what this shows obsession is with numbers in voiceovers sometimes. I am just thinking back to the season 3 (at least I think it was 3) opener when Peyton was going on about the number of people in the world. I thought it was so cute the way Jamie was going to create a memory book for Lydia. It gave them a wonderful opportunity to show us some nice flashbacks especially between Naley. And the scene with Naley outside of her house was the reason why "Dare You to Move" is one of my favorite songs.

I loved, loved, loved the scene with Clay, Quinn, and Jamie trying to eat 6 crackers in a minute. That was a riot. I thought the subtitles were an especially cute touch to the scene. I do want to know why Clay even thought of that, but I am almost too scared to ask. And the running commentary about luck and UNO was also amusing. I seriously forgot how violent Haley can be. Those flashbacks of people she hit or told off were amusing. Haley=Mama Bear. :-)

I felt so sorry for Brooke and Julian. I had heard that there was baby related heartbreak and before I saw the episode assumed that Chloe was going to change her mind. I didn't realize; until Julian bumped into her boyfriend in the hall; why she was going to make the decision. I want to hate her, but its really hard to. I so wanted Brooke and Julian to get their baby, but I also like to see moms and their babies. I just can't find it in myself to hate her. I am upset that she hurt Brooke and Julian, but more than that I cannot be. C'est le vie.

And I have to say that Austin did a great job directing the episode. Well done.

Next week, Nathan confronts Kellerman, Brooke receives an offer, and Julian gets coldly pissed off.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.17- The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

 First, sorry about the blank message. Minor technical glitch.

On tonight's OTH, pregnancies, contract signings, secrets revealed, and colors debated....

First, hated the theme. Was just totally wrong.

Second, loved the episode. Like last week, they struck a good balance between drama and hilarity. Hope this pattern continues.

Third, loved the ending. Not cliffhangery, but it did leave some questions that I can't wait to see answered....

Ok, and now the review.

First, Haley, aka the woman who cryed "Wolf!" Not entirely sure why she is testing everyone now. Granted it was damn funny, but I would think that when it is your second child, you wouldn't be as worked up about it. Unless my memory is seriously bad, she wasn't like this with Jamie. Although, I must admit that with Jamie, going into labor in the middle of your valedictorian speech is not such a great thing. I definitely appreciated the humour of the whole thing though. Between Quinn freaking out the first time, Brooke tripping and losing her keys, Julian totally fainting (and for the record, I have to keep looking up his name since I *ALWAYS* want to type Austin), and Clay and Nathan not falling for it at first but then believing her, this storyline had some of the episodes funniest moments. And what was up with Quinn singing that little ditty to her toaster pastries? Speaking of which, what was the deal with everyone suddenly loving toaster pastries?

Second, Chase and Chuck. I loved the stroke of brilliance realizing that Chuck might need glasses. Getting Alex's glasses was rather amusing as was Chuck first putting them on. The glasses themselves were amusing, but the weird smile Chuck made when he put on the glasses was what got me to start laughing. And the first hit by Chuck into Chase's stomach had me in stitches, especially when Chuck cried out "Chuck!" <snerk>

Third, Mouth and Millie. Not sure if social commentary and local news actually mix, but given the givens, I loved Millie's rant. And btw, if anyone didn't see the end result from a mile away raise your hands so I can b!tchslap you upside the head. That was *SO* predictable. I liked it, but it was seriously predictable.

Fourth, Nathan and Clay. I can seriously appreciate that Nathan sees alot of himself in Ian. And honestly, they are alot alike. Ian seems to be a bit harder of a drinker and partier, but then again he is in college and Nathan was in high school, so no real surprise there. And as for the revelation that Ian is apparently the driver of the car that knocked Brooke and Jamie off the bridge, that was not a huge surprise given that they indicated (in the previously on) that something would be coming out about that. A little surprising, but not seriously. I must admit that I am wondering if Ian is the father of Chloe's baby. Clay seems to be happy that the morals clause was included in the contract and I bet Nathan is having second thoughts about the whole thing given the discovery about the car. Nathan, before you go off, may I just mention the time you drove Peyton's car into another car? Or was it a lamppost? Anyways, point made.

Well, new episodes back on April 19th. Will see you then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.16- I Think I'm Going to Like It Here

Baby showers, adopting a baby, and baseball tryouts tonight on One Tree Hill

I loved the theme tonight. Very nicely done and very good.

I also loved tonight's episode alot more than I have loved the past few episodes. I love fluffy, fun episodes periodically, but tonight they struck that great balance of drama and fun that has been missing from the past several episodes. Thank you!

First, Brooke and Julian. Brooke, honey, I understand that you really want to adopt a baby, but lying is so not not the way to get a potential mother to allow you to adopt her baby. Julian was right, being honest and being yourself was what was really needed. While a picture perfect family may be nice and fine on paper, lying ain't going to cut it in the long run. When Brooke was honest and really showed who she was and why she wanted the baby so badly, that was what got Chloe to want to give her the baby. Brooke and Julian will be great parents given the chance which it looks like they'll get. We already know Brooke can be a great mom and I am pretty sure Julian will be an awesome; if more than a little quirky; dad.

Quinn, Quinn, Quinn. You are so not meant to be a lying sidekick. She was so bad at the excuses that it was funny. But at least she got Haley to the baby shower on time. Unfortunately for her, Haley was enjoying the time alone and then the celebration of the Little League to go anywhere, so ultimately, the truth was the only thing to get Haley to her own baby shower. Ah well, c'est le vie. And not quite sure what was up with all of the engagement talk. While I would like to see Quinn and Clay together in a matrimonial way, this talk out of nowhere struck me as a little odd. But maybe they are getting around to laying groundwork for a proposal. And that last scene in the lit garden was just adorable.

Who knew that growing up as Dan Scott's boy would actually end up being useful in a professional capacity? At least one good thing came out of the hell of being Dan Scott's son. Ok, alot of good (such as how *NOT* to be a dad) have come out of it, but this is the first professional thing to come out of it. Nathan knew how to handle Kellerman's son (forgot his name). And he lands another deal. Not entirely sure why Julian was along aside from the fact that he wants to adopt, I think that having Chase along (since he is Chuck's Big Brother) might have made more sense, but whatever.

I am so glad that Mouth is handling the whole Millie getting the reporter spot so well. He is being super supportive and just cool. Millie should be very grateful. And dear, don't be afraid to use Mouth as necessary. Let us just hope that this is not some sort of buildup to problems for the two of them. Let them be happy!

The baby shower was just loads of fun. From the adorableness of Brooke chugging a beer to the totally awesome toast that Haley gave it was just perfect.

Until next week!

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.15- Valentine's Day is Over

 Oh wow. I am so not sure how to lead into this, so here we go.....

First, I *HATED* the theme. I like the New Amsterdams (who did the theme this week), but this was so not a good version....

Second, I apologize for the lateness of this review, but was unable to watch last night, so I watched it this morning. Now onto the review proper.

Ok, I so have to start with Jamie and Madison. How totally cute were the two of them? The shoelaces Jamie bought of which they both proceeded to wear one of.   The wristbands and homemade valentine were really cute too. I love the sweetness and innocence of the two of them. It is so cool to watch.

Mouth and Millicent. Thank you for helping me to remember why I fell in love with these two as a couple. Sweet, uncomplicated, and just fun. The running joke about the muffin was fun and the making of the tv demo tape just brought us back to a nice place. And with Millie apparently getting an anchor job, I wonder what the future holds.

Chase, Chuck, and Chuck's mom. Watching Chase and Chuck together is really nice. I have to admit to totally hiding my face when Chuck announced his intention to sing a showtune that he wrote. His voice was not bad and the lyrics were so that of a kid. His enthusiasm was just nifty. I like the development that they are having him go through. He wants his dad back and Chase is smart enough to not destroy his hopes in that area. Instead, he is letting Chuck realize things on his own, which is really important. Chuck's mom is more than just a bit of a bitch. Not sure if she is this way because of his dad leaving or what, but she seriously needs to pull herself together for Chuck's sake. Fortunately, they have Chase to look out for them. And yes dear, Chase is better than you.

Is Nathan going to be able to persuade Kellerman's son to sign? Given his own experiences and his helping to turn Q into a decent person, I would like to think so, but am so not sure. I am a little surprised that Clay was so readily dissuaded though. He has always struck me as being more persistent than that.  Unless of course, he is trying to push Nathan a bit which would make a certain amount of sense. I also appreciate the fact that Nathan is not hiding that he sort of wants to stick it to Professor Kellerman. Totally understandable that he wants to and it is much better to admit that one up front.

I loved that Haley was totally ransacking the house for the gifts. I do wonder how much of what she is doing is honest acting and how much is because Bethany is actually pregnant. Not that it matters because it is all just seriously fun.  Watching her joy at the gifts was cute and the look on her face when Nathan gave her the single rose and the envelope was hilarious. She looked so confused and also a little hurt. Not so fond of the explosion at Nathan (although it was understandable), but the swing back when she saw the room was just too cute for
words as was her total delight at discovering the stack of Ho-Hos.

Quinn and Clay at Tric was so "awwww" inducing. Did Chase put up the decorations? Or did Clay do it? I loved the artist (whose name I have totally forgotten) and was surprised to see someone with that many tattoos playing that style of music. Loved it, but was still surprised. Also loved his look when he was waiting to start the second song and Clay and Quinn were talking.

Brooke and Julian had the most....ahhh....interesting storyline of the night.  It was like someone took all of the bad porn cliches and slammed them all together. The hot plumber (do those actually exist?), the French maid, the naughty nanny (bad Nanny Carrie flashbacks there), the high school jock with the cougar (ok, well, sort of), and the pizza delivery guy (that was attempted anyways). Just throw in a naughty nurse and it would have been complete. I had to hide my face at the beginning of each of their scenes. Not that the scenes were bad, but the cliches were almost too much for me. My favorite was when Brooke asked for a meat lovers' pizza and Julian took her literally. That just had the most hilarious scene particularly with the door being slammed in his face 3 times (Brooke once and Julian twice) and with his comment about not minding a threesome. <snerk> And they are looking to adopt. How cool.

The juxtaposition of the three couples at the beginning of the episode (Clay/Quinn, Naley, and Brooke/Julian) was giggle worthy particularly seeing how totally cute and adorable C/Q and B/J were and how ordinary Naley was.

Next week, adoption and jail of these things is not like the other....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.14- Holding Out for a Hero

Oh my Lord....that had to be on the of the funniest, campiest, and after-school specialish of any OTH episode ever.....

The song for the credits was an interesting rendition.  I liked it though.  And since when has Stephen Coletti been in the credits?  I think this is his first week, but I am unsure.

Tonight was about heroes and moving on.  There were definitely groups of people and not individual storylines, so that was nice.

Let's start with Alex and Mia.  They still hate each other, but at least they are honest enough to tell each other the truth about their talents.  I have to admit that I was surprised that that was actually Jana singing.  Some of the lip-syncing recorded on camera was off enough that it definitely jarred me.  That being said, Jana has a gorgeous voice.  I loved listening to her sing.  I really hope this goes beyond just a one episode thing.  So how many people on OTH have been actually artists?  Bethany, Tyler, Kate, Jana, the bartender (forgetting his real name), and the Irish chick (sorry, forgot her name too).  Pete Wentz if you want to count him, but seeing as he was only really in a couple of episodes, I won't count him.  That is cool.  BTW, I don't count K-Fed either.....

Julian and Mouth had a nifty little story.  Mouth has had so few good storylines recently that it is nice to see him get one.  Julian is directing an ad and the actor quits.  Mouth gives an impassioned speech and does the ad.  Nice.  And Mouth and Millie getting back together is sweet.  So wish I could say more, but I can't....

Watching Chase and Chuck was interesting.  It was definitely nice to see Chuck have a good role model in his life.  And the gut punches were just too darn funny....

Nathan and Clay definitely had fun.  The professor was being a total @$$h@t (as is normal for him) and so Clay comes into the class in order to give the professor a surprise.  Clay was very respectful while not backing down.  And the professor is wrong.  Any good business is established on personal relationships.  How personal they are depends on how big the company is, but the relationship is needed in order for the business to survive.  I did love Nathan and Clay's reaction to seeing the ladies on the street......

And speaking of the ladies, Brooke, Haley, and Quinn had the most fun tonight.  Brooke is so bored that she decides to turn herself and Haley into superheroes.  This potentially groan-inducing storyline was totally saved by the three actresses.  They were having so much fun with it that it made their scenes totally hilarious and enjoyable and not too silly.  The outfits were hilarious and the confrontation with the bullies was appropriately over-the-top.  Haley calling each of them by name was great, Brooke was just cute, and Quinn being the crazy bitch was just too funny.  The scene was very after-school specialish, but in a great way.  Brooke became bitchy-Brooke in the best possible way.  It sounded a little weird coming from an adult, but it was still funny.  I almost want to see that again.

Next week, my review will be out Saturday since the Baltimore CW is not showing it until then.  Until that Valentine's day episode, I will see you....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.13- The Other Half of Me

I loved this episode.  It was so cute and yes, incredibly sappy.  Not a lot of plot, but some definite cute scenes and lots of fun.  But, hey, it's a wedding episode, so what else did you expect?

So not fond of the theme song.  Wasn't awful, but... <shudder>

So not sure where to start, so I'll start with Jamie.  I loved the whole subplot about him and Haley having a competition.  That was just fun.  His first speech, while very nice and eloquent, was so not him.  Nathan came to the rescue with the suggestion of opening with a quote from his favorite author.  By the way, just in case anyone was wondering (and you know you all were) it is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (US edition p. 426) from Dumbledore to Harry Potter.  That and the story were just wonderful.  I thought it was so great that he took suggestions from both parents.  I am also seriously impressed that Jackson could remember all of that.  I am sure it took several takes, but that was alot to remember and say properly.

And now to the maid of honor.  I loved the callback to the "Every Night is Another Story" and Brooke calling Haley...."Brooke."  Her speech was nice and lovely.  And it so should have been from Peyton.  I understand why Hilarie couldn't come back, but not having Peyton there was just incredibly weird and felt totally wrong.  I am glad that we at least got a mention of both Lucas and Peyton, but not having them there was just not cool.

And what the hell is it with Skillz and his friends' mothers?  He really has this thing for older women.  Deb was definitely hot, Sylvia, not so much.  I did love his "Don't no one say nothing!"  That line had me rolling on the floor.

I am enjoying the bonding between Quinn and Alex.  Alex needs to have a real friend and Quinn seems to fill that void nicely.  I also felt sorry for Alex when we saw Chase and Mia in the limo.  May I just say that making out, etc., in a wedding limo that is not your own is so uncool?

I appreciated that Victoria was actually a good mom.  I also appreciated that Julian's parents actually got along.  Julian's dad dancing with Brooke was just very sweet and really cute.

The flashbacks to earlier times in Brooke and Julian's relationship was cool.  That dance Brooke did was cute and the memories that Julian had were just fun.  Their vows were nice.  And is it my imagination or is that the church that Lucas and Lindsey were supposed to be married in?

Next week, we get three superheroes....well sort of......

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.12- The Drinks We Drank Last Night

OMFG, that was one hilarious episode.....

First, I loved the theme.  Enough like the original but very distinct.  Anyone know the band?  Sounded familiar for some reason....

This episode is going to be impossible to do in my normal character driven format, so I'll switch to a more linear format as a result.

We start with Brooke in the bathroom looking majorly confused and then finding Sylvia in the tub.  This is followed by a sentence letting us know that we are going back 12 hours and then we have a shot of a shirtless Julian.  NICE!
<fanning self>  Ok, I'm back.  We find out that he and Brooke have been naughty 2 and a half times (dare I ask which one of them constitutes that half?) (And, can I just say stamina?  Ok, 'nuff said :-) )  Julian goes to his bachelor party and Brooke to her bachelorette party.

Then we move to Haley and Nathan.  Nathan is studying and is trying to figure out what his @$$hat of a professor said to him.  Haley convinces him to stop thinking about it and just study.  Then she leaves.

We move to seeing Haley, Brooke, and Quinn going to a spa.  When they are almost there, Haley lets it drop that Alex and Millie are waiting for them there.  Brooke is upset that Alex is there, but is placated when she finds out that Alex got the spa suite.  Then we move to seeing the girls getting massages and drinking some sort of green homeopathic drink.  I hafta say that it looked like some shacknasty drink.  Ewww......

Someone (I think it was Alex), gives Brooke a bag which is filled with interesting goodies and the girls decide to go out for fun while Haley (who refused the drink) goes home.

Then, we go to the suite the next morning to see the girls all asleep in various places.  Haley comes in with coffee and doughnuts and wakes people up.  We are treated to some interesting facts including that Millie got a pair of boots stamped above her ass (love that Quinn called it a "ho tag", never heard that one before), Quinn got her tongue pierced, and Alex has a nice black eye.  Oh yeah, and Brooke lost her engagement ring and is wearing one of the largest and tackiest toy diamond rings on her finger.  And then there was the skateboarding dog.  Loved that.  And the call from Julian to Brooke which was intercepted by Sylvia.  That was a slightly disturbing, but absolutely hilarious scene where Julian started the conversation with some naughty talk while apparently naked in
bed and ready to be naughty with himself. <fanning self again>  I'm sorry I have to say it, I think he meant "Brookeing" himself.....

So, now we start the investigation into what exactly happened the night before.

Now I will go out of sequence in the show and go in chronological order.  At least to the best of my ability given what we saw.

At some point, someone called Sylvia and she joined the girls at a bar.  At this bar, Sylvia got in a wing eating contest and won, Millie drank a cocktail made out of 15 liquors that was served in a cowboy boot, and Brooke called Julian, made out with him, and he took the ring to hold onto it (an event which caused Brooke to spend the entire next day looking for it).  The girls then left the bar and somehow got their hands on an ice cream truck as well as Dave Navarro.  So curious as to how the hell that happened, but anyways......

At some point they went to Professor Kellerman's house, TPed it, and stole his dog (the aforementioned skateboarding dog) while Quinn accidentally nailed Alex in the eye with her elbow.  The fact that he named his dog Dogest is cause for my head sinking into my hands at the horribly bad joke (seeing that Kellerman's first name is August).  They also went to a bar with a bull that they all rode and that Alex fell off of.  Then once they picked up Dave Navarro they went to Clothes Over Bros where they girls proceeded to go through a whole box of condoms.  And before your minds goes into the gutter <too late I says>, know that they used them as water balloons where Dave Navarro hit Alex in the eye and gave her the black eye.  The girls left and locked Dave Navarro in the shop
therefore causing his band's shows to be cancelled.  At some point before leaving the store, Brooke and Sylvia exchange harsh words with Sylvia getting in a particularly low blow about Brooke's infertility.

Nathan returns the dog and tweaks Kellerman's nose.  Julian takes Brooke to the church where she discovers that he spent last night getting the church ready with Haley and some help from Sylvia.  Brooke and Sylvia make up and Brooke asks Haley to be her maid of honor.  Finally, Alex and Quinn bond while cleaning the suite.

This was so not a character driven episode, but rather a series of comedic episode and loads of fun.  I did like that Alex and Quinn are bonding and that Brooke and Sylvia are setting aside their enmity for Julian's sake.

Next week, the wedding.  And someone gets randy in the limo......

My Review of Life Unexpected Episodes 2.12 and 2.13- Teacher Schooled and Affair Remembered

This is the first of the 2011 posts.  After this it is exclusively OTH (I think) until the last ep before season finale.  The season finale review was never put on LiveJournal, but was one of my first reviews on here.

And here we go.....


Wow.  That is the way to end a series (assuming that this is the series finale).  I am so glad I was not spoiled on the ending because I would have so killed anyone who spoiled me....

And now for what is presumably the last time, my review of the episodes....

There's a lot to cover, and even though this was a double episode, I won't be splitting the review into parts, so there will be a certain amount of backtracking.

Lux, Lux, Lux, all the lies you've been telling all year are finally coming home to roost.  And surprise, surprise, Lux handles them with absolutely no grace.  All year, she's been being told that dating Eric is a bad idea and that it needs to end, but she has been so consumed with trying to be what she thinks Cate and Baze want her to be that she didn't listen.  Tasha told her to end it, Eric told her to end it.  Heck, even Sam told her to end it.  But instead, being Lux, she ignored all of them and kept driving this train until it wrecked in the worst possible way.  I do have to say that I am glad that Sam fessed up about what was going on.  And based on what was going on before he said anything, I doubt her did it to hurt her.  Given that outburst he had at Baze and then the way Baze defended him to Cate, I think he did it to be a better person and to make Baze proud.  Baze showed in the best possible way that he truly wants what is best for Sam, and Sam reciprocated.  I feel so bad that Sam lost Baze because of Emma, because he really seems to need someone who will believe in him and help him out.

Anyways, back to Lux.  She plans a wonderfully romantic evening for her and Eric only to have Baze and Cate walk in and spoil it (thank goodness).  I do also have to say that I am glad that Eric finally worked up the guts to tell someone and then end everything.  No matter how grown up she may act, Lux is a severely screwed up kid who needs guidance.  Don't get me wrong, I love her to death and given the ending, she is obviously a good person, but her choices this year have sucked.  When she first met Eric and they had a date, that was cool.  But once she knew he was a teacher, things went beyond dicey to just flat out weird.  She then proceeded to suck Tasha into her web of lies and got Tasha in major trouble, and then sucked in Sam was well.  Fortunately for Eric, Cate and Baze let him leave without pressing charges.

After Eric left, Lux went from bad to worse.  She acted like the entire thing was Cate's fault because Cate didn't want to hear about her prior life.  While there may be some truth to that, the fact of the matter is I don't think Lux ever really tried to talk with Cate.  She seemed to assume that Cate didn't want to know anything and therefore she said nothing.  She blamed Cate for giving her up (understandable) and seems to never really have let that go.  Fortunately, Cate's maternal instincts seemed to have kicked into high gear here and Cate knew something was wrong.  A little late, but at least we know that they exist.  Unfortunately, Cate seems to have picked the worst possible way to deal with them.  She went into uber-overprotective mode and Lux withdrew even further.  While I am very sorry that Cate can never have any other children, I am glad that she was able to use that tragedy to become a better mother for Lux.

Baze continued his growth into a wonderful father and human tonight.  While the road was rocky after Lux let him in on the secret that Emma and his dad had an affair in the most hurtful way possible, he recovered nicely.  When he had the chance to take the low road and hurt his dad tremendously during the toast at the birthday party, he instead took the high road for his mother's sake and got in a couple of shots at his dad while allowing the affair to stay a secret.  He gave Sam very visible evidence that someone in his life wants what is best for him and even gave Eric a chance to get away without ruining his career.  His growth from when we first met him until now has been astonishing and glorious to behold.

I do feel sorry for Emma.  She obviously really loves Baze, but given everything, was anyone really expecting anything different?  Admittedly, the line, "Oh, by the way, I had a four year affair with your dad." does not exactly roll off the tongue easily, but to never tell him seems horribly wrong to me.  At least we know a large part of the reason that she initially refused to date him.  Can we just say "weirdness"?  And the less said about the @$$hole who is Baze's dad the better....

I feel even worse for Sam.  Finally there is someone who believes him and believes in him, and it goes down in flames because mommy messed things up.  That seriously sucks.

I have to say that I was seriously touched by the scene of Lux going to talk with Jones.  His revelation about his mom and his worries helped Lux realize that being weird is a part of the high school, heck, part of the adolescent experience.  She needed that and it helped her get back with Cate nicely.

And now for the last 5 minutes.  I will insert spoiler space, just in case anyone has not seen this and wants to remain unspoiled....













We start with Baze, Math, and Jamie working on the bar.  Ryan and Lux walk in and most of this weird family unit are together. Cate is at the doctors office and sees Julia (Ryan's ex) there and she is *PREGNANT*.  Instantly, everyone goes, "Oh no...." and then we see Cate walk into the bar and she sees the family unit having a blast.  Ryan sees something is troubling her and she says, "We need to talk."  Then the screen goes black and up pops the words "Two years later..."

And we are at graduation.  Lux somehow managed to become valedictorian (at least I assume so given the fact that she is giving a speech with a yellow stole on over her graduation robes) which was schmaltzy, but cool.  We see Tasha and Jones sitting next to each other.  Then we pan to see Ryan, Cate, Baze, Jamie, and a women who is presumably Jamie's girlfriend (have we met her before?) who are joined by Julia and her baby who sit next to Ryan.  After her speech (which was really nice by the way), Lux comes down and hugs Tasha and then kisses Jones.  May I just say that it is really cool that she and Jones ended up together and Tasha is still with her?  Then we see Ryan and Julia together and then (and this shocked me) we see Baze and Cate kissing.  This was followed by a line that made my jaw drop because I do not think we have heard it before:

Lux: Mom, Dad, do you want to stop making out and take pictures?

HOLY CRAP!  Did Lux really just call Cate and Baze, "Mom and Dad"?  Wow, that was nifty.  Then we get a nifty picture of the cast.

While I do hold out a small amount of hope for a new season, I do wonder where it will go if it happens.  Are they going to redo the last two years so we can see how everyone ended up together?  Or are we moving onto college?  If we don't get another season, at least we got a nice, solid ending and closure.  That is enough for me.

Until next Tuesday when OTH comes back....

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.11- Stand Taken

This is the last review from 2010.  Next is 2011, which will be the last of my copies from LiveJournal.  Yea!


Holy crap....previous secrets could not hold a candle to the secrets revealed this week.  Owowowowowowow.......

Most of the secrets revealed in this episode were revealed in the previews, which definitely upsets me.  That moment where Lux revealed what Trey had done to her should have remained a secret and unspoiled.  Unfortunately, it was spoiled and therefore a large portion of the shock was negated.  That being said, I definitely was impressed by this episode.  Let me get to the characters now.

Lux has always kept secrets.  Between not wanting to give Cate and Baze a reason to reject her and what I am sure was a feeling that she had earned what had happened, she has been very careful when talking about the past.  We have had clues that there were bad things that had occurred at Valerie and Trey's but I must say that I was not expecting what we got.  I figured that there was some sort of physical or emotion abuse, but sexual abuse did not quite enter my mind.  I am glad it didn't go any further than it did, but how far it got was bad enough.  I am also very glad she told the truth at last.  It took Tasha seriously guilting her into telling the truth, but at least she did it.  I will say that I am sure that things will change between her and Eric, but I don't know whether it will be a change for the better or the worse.

I am not sure who takes the news harder, Baze or Cate.  Baze has a very guy-like reaction which is to go out and beat on the man who hurt his daughter.  He just wants to fix the problem.  It was nice to see that he and his dad are back on talking terms, even if it took Emma going behind his back to do it.  He has grown up so much since the beginning of the series, and he is right; Lux is the catalyst of the change.  My heart definitely broke when I saw him being so upset in his jeep after that talk with his dad.  He is so clearly frustrated and feeling helpless about the whole situation.  Cate has a much more interesting reaction to the news.  Instead of looking to beat Trey as Baze wants, she goes to Valerie and talks to her as one mother talks to another.  That was very cool.  Seeing how much Cate believes in Lux despite everything is just awesome.  I am definitely glad about that.

I have to say that the last 2 minutes totally threw me.  We went from a celebration of Lux coming into their life to a very interesting conversation between Emma and Baze's dad.  So the two of them had an affair?  Wow.  I was so not expecting that particular wrinkle.  Also, Lux overheard and given the previews, this is going to get *SERIOUSLY* messy.

Life Unexpected will be back for a season (and probably series) finale 2-hour event on January 18th.  Until then, have fun!

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.11- Darkness on the Edge of Town

As far as mid-season finales go, this was a seriously tame episode.  No real cliffhangers, nothing to rope you back in for the next episode.  That being said, this was a good episode....

We're back with Gavin DeGraw as the theme singer.  Nice to hear, and definitely cool.

What is it about Tree Hill and storms?  Storms happen and wackiness ensues.  Everyone is in danger of one sort or another tonight, and somewhat surprisingly, all of the threats abated before the episode ended.  In a way I wish they had dragged it out over the hiatus, but I am sure there are reasons, so I won't bitch too much about it.

Let's start with the couple in the least danger, Nathan and Haley.  Their danger was more from Nathan getting seriously soaked changing a tire and Haley accidentally kicking over the can that held the lugnuts (I actually had to ask my brother for that word).  Then they drive to the bridge and see Jamie standing out in the rain.  They panic and look on in horror at what is happening.  Then we see them with Jamie in their bed.  That was seriously cute.  I did love how proud Nathan was of Jamie and how sure he was that Jamie was going to spell entrepreneur correctly.  His imitation of Dan was somewhat amusing, as was the fact that he instantly told Jamie how proud he was.  Speaking of the bridge....

I do believe we can officially call that bridge "The Bridge that no character shall go near."  Unless I am *VERY* much mistaken that is the bridge that Rachel drove the limo off of in the Season 3 finale.  The only reason I have any doubt is that the river seemed WAY too shallow to be the same river as that one.  It is possible that the river's depth fell.

I do want to know how Lauren's car flipped over.  It was definitely a relief to see that she seems to be ok and I do hope that Chuck is good.  He was definitely not doing too well when she left with him and Madison.  No matter how annoying he can be, no one wants to see a kid seriously hurt.

Brooke wins a huge medal.  She keeps her cool, knows what to do, and keeps Chuck and Madison calm while she helps Lauren.  She is somewhat inventive in trying to free Jamie from the car and quite firmly insisting that Julian help Jamie first.  Surprising?  No, but still cool.  I loved that she and Jamie had so much time together.  It was nice to see.  I also loved their talking about why Jamie let Madison win the spelling bee.  I was never worried that she wasn't going to make it because of discussions about her and Julian's wedding, so that moment wasn't as dramatic for me as it could have been.  I do want to smack her lightly for the low blows aimed at Julian early in the episode, but given what happened later on, I'll refrain.

Julian continues to rock and rock.  He tries to defuse a fight with Brooke where she is not fighting fair, rushes out to her when he thinks she is in trouble, rescues Jamie first, and stays with Brooke to get her out.  Finally, he keeps on going with CPR to get Brooke back.  He is willing to do what Brooke wants to keep her happy.

Finally, Quinn.  She who was in the most danger the entire time.  She was dealing with CrazyKatie who had a gun and then a knife.  I am glad that she fought back because she really needed to.  I was opposed to her hunting Katie down, but defending herself and taking back her life is more than worth it.  I am also glad that she didn't leave Katie to die or anything.  She kept her soul intact and defended herself at the same time.  Hopefully, this will end that particular storyline and we can move onto something else.

Well, OTH is on hiatus until January 26th!  I'll write you more then!

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.10- Thanks Ungiven

Secrets, secrets, who knows the secrets.......

Everyone has secrets that they need to keep and most of them come out.  And here we go.

First, Lux.  About the only person whose secret didn't come out.  She was so ready to confess about Eric to Cate when the police showed up.  Watching the dance that she and Sam were doing was just too much fun.  He has the potential to either be a total and complete @$$hole or a really cool character.  I wonder where he'll go.  I do think he would actually be good for Lux, but if he keeps up with the blackmail, it ain't never gonna happen.  Lux and Tasha have a relationship that is seriously going to be on the rocks.  I think it will make it through, but I do wonder how long it will take before the two of them are back on solid ground.

I totally get why Cate wanted to hide the pregnancy from Ryan.  With their marriage in trouble, she wants to know that Ryan wants her.  I can totally get that and would be that way myself if I were a pregnant woman.  Abby was being a serious bitch sticking her nose where it didn't belong.  Granted, Cate has a history of hiding things, but can't you respect her freaking privacy?  Let her be sure, let her break the news in her own time.  Instead, she kept pressing and pressing until Cate blurted it out.  Totally uncool.

Baze's dad continues to compete with Bitchtoria (from OTH) for one of the worst parents currently on TV.  I understand that he wants his rules followed, but can't he at least be grateful that Baze has in fact grown into a very good man and that Emma is a large part of that change?  I wish there had been a different way for Baze, but his dad backed him into a serious corner.  Baze is not the type you want to do that to.

Next week, Tasha is on trial and Lux drops a massive bomb.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.10- Lists, Plans

Dan returns, Nathan returns to college, Mia and Alex have fun with Chase, and Julian is seriously sweet and cute....

As always this season, let me start with the theme.  I believe this week's was Aimee Mann.  I love her, so I am disposed to like this weeks.  Very nice.

Let us start with Quinn.  It was nice to see Dan back, especially seeing as he was doing his best to talk her out of killing Katie.  I missed seeing part of the beginning (heard, but didn't see), so I was a little confused about the restaurant.   At least I think it was a restaurant.  Was it his?  Anyway, seeing how far Dan has fallen, both in business and as shown by his scruffiness was interesting.  I don't think anyone else could have shown her the errors of her ways so completely.  The list he made, his descriptions of the changes, and his bluntness really worked well to show Quinn just how much she needs to not do this.  Which may or may not be a mistake considering the preview for next week.

Next, Nathan.  I am proud of him for taking the harder professor.  I am definitely annoyed that the professor has this massive misconception about Nathan and seems to be holding a grudge against athletes that he is taking out on Nathan.  It was very big of Nathan to purposefully go for the harder professor and that should be acknowledged.  But it did give us a chance to see Tutor Son in action.  That was hilarious.  "Outside animals can't fart inside," is a great mnemonic device.  I have one from 20 years ago that I can never forget.  And combining Nathan's studying with Jamie's spelling practice was neat.  Oh, and the best line of the night, "I need to avoid guys named Keller." (or something close to that anyway) <snerk>

I loved that Haley manipulated (in a friendly manner) Alex and Mia into being the celebrity bartenders.  If you want to ensure high attendance that is the way to go.  And the way the two of them were teasing Chase was just too much fun.  Also loved the guys waiting in line for 20 minutes to be served by Mia or Alex.  Then the one guy who wanted Haley to serve him.  I am afraid that the fighting will break out again if Mia finds out what Alex did in the storage room.

Erin is awesome.  I love her voice; which so reminds me of KT Tunstall; and her music.  Another great artist I find courtesy of OTH.  Kid Cudi was actually not bad, which is saying a lot given my tastes in music.

Finally, Brooke and Julian.  How sweet was it that he gave her as much of that list as possible?  She has lost so many of her dreams, so seeing him give her hope again was nice.  And the last scene with him sans shirt was definitely nice.  :-)

Next week, Katie returns and all hell breaks loose.....

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.09- Homecoming Crashed

Bits of Lux's past are revealed, Emma's son comes to Lux's school, and Cate and Ryan figure some stuff out....

Well, well, well.  Eric appears to have some competition in the form of Emma's son (whose name is eluding me right now).  And he knows about Eric and Lux.  This should prove interesting.  I definitely like him as a new character.  He seems to like Lux or at least sympathize with her given that he covered for her and the way he talked with her in the hallway.  I am going to enjoy this.  Speaking of Lux, she was abused at the house from earlier this season.  Not totally surprised, but curious.  I feel bad for Tasha.  She was defending Lux; deservedly so; but could get in real trouble.  This trio of kids will make for an interesting group.

Baze flirting with a woman.  Shocker!  Oh wait, not so much.  The potential client has something against women, so Baze goes in a charms her.  Don't know quite why Emma was so upset.  Ok, wait, I do, but it still seemed a bit silly to me.  I am also glad to see Baze admit to some major insecurities regarding his being a good dad.  His relationship with Lux drives him to improve himself and that is a good thing.  I do worry that he might take it too far.  Hopefully, he'll know where the limits are.

The other person I felt bad for is Cate.  She so did not deserve to have Lux dump all over her.  It is so easy for everyone to accuse Cate of projecting because she can be so neurotic, but a lot of the time; like tonight; it is not at all true.  I do wonder how (or even if) she'll get the truth out of Lux.  I hope she does.  While Lux can be a liar; witness her relationship with Eric and its assorted lies; she is a good girl for the most part.  I am also glad that Cate figured out why she married Ryan.  They really need to work things out.

I am also glad that Ryan has formed such a strong bond with Lux.  She needs another adult other than Baze and Cate that she can rely on and Ryan fits the bill nicely.

In two weeks, Thanksgiving and the attending drama....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.09- Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Thanksgiving at Nathan and Haley's.  Hail, hail the gang's all here....and their drama came with them...

As usual for this season, I will start with the theme.  I liked this weeks.  I especially liked the beginning.  It was a different style, but similar.  When the drums came it, it felt a bit more like an attempt to copy and not a new version.  It was good, but not my favorite.

Tonight had some moments that felt like an after school special.  I appreciate that Thanksgiving as a holiday lends itself to that particular type of story and this is not as after school special as some shows (here I think of Dawson's Creek's season 3 Thanksgiving episode), but there were points that were definitely a little to saccharine even for my tastes (and believe me, I *LOVE* sappy, saccharine movies and shows).  It is sort of hard to talk about different storylines tonight since everything was so mixed together, so let's take this by groups.

First, Nathan, Haley, and Clay.  Clay informed Nathan that he will need to get a college degree in order to be an agent.  I am a little surprised that Clay didn't know that Nathan doesn't have a degree.  Not super surprised, but they are such good friends and Clay tends to be so thorough that I would have thought he would know.  So, I assume Nathan is going back to school.  Fortunately, he is married to a great tutor, so I am sure she'll help him if needed.  But regardless, she will support him, and I am sure he'll make it.  And Nathan, trust Haley when she is making a ton of food.

Second, Mia v. Alex.  That was just hilarious.  From the football physicality to the insults being thrown about, this was hilarious.  Mia "bumps" Alex a couple of times and Alex retaliates by clotheslining Mia.  Which is followed by Mia hitting Alex on the head and then a brief cat fight.  Alex's being thankful for being hot and famous was so asking for it from Mia.  And may I say how glad I am that Jamie broke them up (at Nathan or Haley's instigation?).  This being followed by their learning that Chase wants neither one was just classic.  Speaking of Chase, I so did not understand the purpose of his being at the bar all alone getting drunk.  Although it did yield the amusing scene of him imitating a turkey while the lone customer stares and then walks away.

Third, Brooke v. Bitchtoria and Sylvia.  Brooke was so trying to be domestic and just failed.  Not sure how you catch a turkey on fire, but she managed.  Then Bitchtoria shows up and Brooke starts drinking.  I understand why Sylvia wanted Brooke and Bitchtoria to be together, but given their history and Brooke's statement that she didn't want anything to do with Bitchtoria, Sylvia definitely stepped over a line.  I know her heart is in the right place, but she seems to be constantly overstepping and getting herself into trouble.

On the subject of Sylvia, what is it with Skillz falling for older women?  First Deb and now Sylvia.  Although I did love the exchange between Skillz, Julian, and Nathan about that subject as well as the look exchanged between Sylvia and Skillz during the football game.

It was nice to see Quinn back.  She and Clay are happy together now, but I am worried about her.  Stalking their shooter is so not a good idea.  I am wondering where this is going.

As soon as Skillz starting talking about farm-fresh turkey, I knew what was going to happen.  It was still funny to watch though.

The overly saccharine moment for me was Haley's speech about being thankful.  I appreciate the sentiments, but something about it was a bit too much.  Not entirely sure what, but there was something.

Next week, Quinn continues to be a stalker....

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.08- Plumber Cracked

A lot of truth comes out.  Ryan, Baze, and the guys have a "Guys Night Out," Emma has a son, Cate's attempt to get Paige drunk to get info on Julia backfires, and Lux and Tasha are having ISSUES......

I continue to be severely disappointed in Lux and Eric.  While I admit that they are a cute couple, they are risking more than just Eric's job to be together.  Lux is risking Tasha's friendship and the trust that Cate has put in Tasha.  Lux totally deserves having Tasha jump all over her.  I do sort of hope that Tasha does something to end the relationship between Lux and Eric, although I doubt that she will.  Eric needs to man up and just end this, period.  He is the adult, Lux is the child.  He needs to do the right thing.

I must say that I did not see the whole "Emma has a child" thing coming.  I assumed that the mysterious man was a a brother or something, not a son.  I do not understand why she felt the need to hide this from Baze.  He pretty much wrote the book on messing up with a teenager and then getting it right.  I am glad that he has so grown up this season.  I know I have said it before, and I will keep saying it.  He is becoming a wonderful man and dad.  I hope this is a permanent change and not some temporary thing.

Cate and Ryan are now separated.  Not totally surprising, but still a bit of a jolt.  But seeing the number of lies that the two of them have told each other, they need the time apart.  They really need to take time to consider everything that has happened and then get together and have a nice long talk.  Watching Cate's attempt to get Paige to talk backfire was really amusing.  A drunk Cate is just fun to watch.  Strip pool...<snerk>  Then watching her mother Tasha was just totally sweet.  I feel so bad for Tasha and want the truth to come out so that she can be restored in the sight of Cate.

Next week, Lux was abused?.....

My Review Of One Tree Hill 8.08- Mouthful of Diamonds

Not a lot of plot tonight, but a lot of good character stuff.....

First, the theme.  I liked tonights.  I definitely didn't love it, but it was better than some others this season.

Have to start with Brooke and Sylvia (aka the mother-in-law-to-be).  Tonight had their conflict go from hidden to the open.  And was it interesting.  Brooke, not surprisingly, doesn't want Sylvia to pay for the wedding because then Sylvia would be able to dictate what will happen.  Not to mention, Sylvia has been redoing so many things to *HER* wants and desires while totally ignoring Brooke.  Their initial confrontation was desperately needed.  Once they got the yelling out of their systems, they were able to talk with Julian about what happened and get some perspective.  I loved the Brooke throwing balloons thing.  And I loved even more that she did hit Sylvia.  That was funny....

Nathan gets his first client signed.  That was cool.  Being an athlete gives Nathan a totally unique perspective and a certain amount of authority with the athletes.  He can talk their language and understand what they want.  I have to say the look on Troy's face when he met Tony Gonzalez was really funny.  I am pretty sure that is the look I had on my face when I met a musician I have listened to since I was a kid in college.  Nathan took it all in stride since he is used to being around famous people.

Watching Haley make Jamie more comfortable was funny.  The lengths to which she would go to make him feel better was definitely amusing.  The glasses, the fake teeth, and the eye patch fulfilled their purpose: making Jamie realize that all sorts of things are embarrassing but can be embraced.  The story about Haley getting her braces was nice and I liked that mirror when Jamie met the girl at school.  I am also very glad that Haley and Mia got the singer (forgot her name) to work with them.  Having those nice conversations were very helpful and very nice.

Not much to say about Mouth and Chase.  They didn't do a whole lot other than clean, drink, and sort of mope around.

Next week, Thanksgiving comes and there is a lot to be thankful for....or is there?

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.07- Camp Grounded

On a camping trip, secrets are revealed and other things are stripped away.... (Ok, I had to say that...)

First, my DVR had a weird quirk and I missed the episode before the credits.  So I may be missing some information.

Let's start with Ryan and Cate.  Still fighting from the second honeymoon debacle.  This is a case where I have to take Cate's side.  Ryan has always been the steady guy who is there to keep Cate in balance.  I swear that these two never really talked before the wedding.  Is it really a wonder that they are having so much trouble now that they are married?  When you don't really know your spouse, the real them must be somewhat shocking.  From the first time we saw Cate, she has been neurotic, self-destructive, and just flat-out weird.  She needs a steady, balancing person to help keep her level.  In fairness to Ryan, he said all of this himself, which I am grateful for.  And the final line where he was asking about therapy gives me a certain amount of hope.

Baze has been playing the level middleman this season.  That is really nice to see.  He is really pulling it together and helping to keep Ryan and Cate going.  I love that Emma acknowledges his odd position as sort of a third person in Ryan and Cate's marriage and is willing to accept it.  I really hope she means it and is willing to keep going because anyone who dates Baze is going to have to be secure enough to accept this odd relationship.  Baze handled both Ryan and Cate nicely and helped them out without being judgmental or trying to come between them, a total 180 from last season.  And Emma helped Lux to come to a decision.  More on that in a bit.

Lux, honey, no matter how right it feels, seeing a teacher is so not a good idea.  I don't care how freaking hot he is (and yes, I would totally make out with him if given the chance!), teacher and students kissing=BADNESS!!!!!  I admire her restraint in not smacking that bitch from her class, but I wish she had listened to Tasha.  Lux is a grownup in so many ways because of her past, but legally speaking, this is just bad, bad, BAD!  I hope Tasha continues to remain non-judgmental, which I hope will give her a chance to stop this before more badness happens.

Next week, guys night out and Cate dances on a bar.....

My Review of One Tree HIll 8.07- Luck Be a Lady

Tonight's episode proved that you don't have to be a girl to be bitchy, luck is very fickle, and bridal expos are not the best way to bond with your mother-in-law....

First, the theme.  I loved this weeks.  It stayed true to the original while retaining its own individuality.  Very very well done.

Tonight had two major storylines, one of which encompassed several smaller storylines.  So, I think I review this episode by storyline rather than by character.

First, guys night out, aka Julian's excuse to bond with someone other than Brooke, aka "Let's watch the guys outbitch any girl."  Wow, and I thought girls could be bitchy.  These guys put any girl to shame.  The sheer amount of cattiness and bitchery present in the poker room was just amazing.  I know that some of it was just frustration, but some of it was just mean.  It was all really funny though.  I loved that Julian kept winning; even if Alex was cheating by dealing to him from the bottom of the deck; and that he was the only one not bitching at someone else.  Nathan kept going at Clay, Chase at both Mouth and Alex, Mouth back at Chase (or Chaste [LOVE that nickname]), and Skillz, Junk, and Fergie on the sidelines occasionally throwing something out.  And at last, we have explanations for nicknames.

Julian (to Skillz): What are you skilled at?
Skillz: Everything!

Fergies real name is Ferguson, Junk's parents owned a junkyard, and Mouth received his nickname courtesy of Nathan's dislike of his commentating and a punch to the mouth.  And how great was it that Clay though Julian was Jamie?  That had my sides busting.

Nathan was really upset about the humiliating experience with the Hawks.  Poor guy really should have been sent off with at least a basic idea of what was going on, but Clay was too distracted by Quinn being gone and his dancing (ok, how many of us just wanted to pause the tv and admire that butt?  ME!!  Ok, out of the gutter now....) to really give Nathan what he needed.  Fortunately, that didn't really matter because Nathan got his first client anyway.

And I always knew Skillz secretly had a mancrush on Lucas.  <snerk>  That was just too damn funny.  Particularly when Mouth awoke to find "Lucas" in his bed and Skillz sitting down with "Lucas' " arm behind his back.  <double snerk>

But the ultimate bitch of the week award goes to Chase.  I have to say that I never thought anyone could outbitch Bitchtoria, but Chase managed.  Between being totally mean to Alex and totally using Mia to make Alex jealous, Chase became a total jacka$$ tonight.  I cheered when Alex slapped him and was urging Mia on just before she did the same.  SCORE!

I will say that the one thing that sort of confused me about this storyline is that I could have sworn that Julian went on a camping trip last year for the same reason.  Not that I totally object to the story, but it was a little weird.

Storyline number two: Brooke v. Sylvia (aka the mother-in-law-to-be) at a bridal expo with Haley as the special guest.  I have no doubt that Sylvia means well, but she really needs to lighten up on the controlling factor.  Brooke wants the wedding to have elements that she wants, but Sylvia totally doesn't listen and insists on doing things her way.  At first, I have to say that I looked at Sylvia as the sweet-smiling-bitch type, which she may be, but I do think she wants the best.  Brooke just needs to figure out how to balance her wants with what Sylvia wants.  Hopefully Julian can help out in this arena.

I did love how Haley kept agreeing with Sylvia over Brooke.  That was just funny.  And the fact that Haley immediately agreed to come to the expo as soon as the words "ugly bridesmaid dresses" were out of Brooke's mouth was a riot.  And I am glad that Haley got Erin to come into the studio.  I figured that would happen, but it was nice to see anyway.  I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Next week, secrets and other revelations.  Sounds like we're getting really close to mid-season hiatus.....

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.06- Honeymoon Interrupted

Ryan and Cate have a massive blowup as secrets are revealed, Eric and Lux come to a crossroads of sorts, and Baze and Emma come to an understanding.

I'm going to start with Lux and Eric.  From walking in on your teacher (and crush) walking out of your aunt's bedroom to having trouble with exams he is supposed to be tutoring her on, these two had a rough week.  The tension between the two is absolutely palpable.  I was glad that they had their blow-up.  It gave both of them a chance to clear the air about what is bothering them.  It also gave Eric the chance to review Lux's tests and determine that she might have a learning disability.  I do hope that this is continued and not just dropped in this week.  If that is the reason behind her trouble with grades, then hopefully she can get help and pull herself up.

Ryan and Cate start off happy and light and end in a pretty dark place.  Their doubts that we saw right before their wedding come out and the results are not pretty.  Ryan was having doubts because he thought that he might have gotten his ex pregnant.  And what a way for Cate to find out.  So not good.  And then Baze; in a moment of honest confusion; tells Ryan about Cate coming to see him before the wedding just made everything worse.  These too seriously need to get into marriage counseling to air their issues and talk things out.  That has always been their problem, keeping secrets from each other.  I never thought I would say this, but I am glad that Paige and Baze have big mouths at this point.  If Ryan and Cate are going to make this work, they need to get everything out in the open.

Baze and Emma were amusing.  Emma's date being gay was a funny twist.  It is even funnier when I realized where I have seen the actor before.  He played a frat brother on Dawson's Creek who Jack (played by Kerr Smith) dated for a brief period before being "traded in for a younger model".  Dating the boss is a bad idea.  Dating the boss' son is possibly even a worse idea.  I shudder at the possibilities for destruction present in this particular pairing.

Next week, Eric and Lux get caught by Tasha.  Uh oh......

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.06- Not Afraid

Brooke and Julian receive a surprise visitor, Clay and Quinn are still suffering the aftereffects of the attack, Nathan has trouble adjusting to post-basketball life, Mouth and Millie have trouble defining their relationship, and Mia and Chase have trouble relating to each other.

As is normal this season, I want to start with the theme song.  I really liked this version.  After a few weeks of not-so-good themes, this was really nice to hear.

I loved the title and how it tied into all of the storylines tonight.  Each character faced a fear of some sort tonight.  Lets see how.

Nathan is facing his life without basketball.  His fear is that he is not going to be as good at anything as he was at basketball.  Not sure why he is having this doubt, because he has shown himself to be a great father for a long time.  I suspect that these doubts are normal for anyone who gives up their dream even if they are proven good at something else.  I did love his costume.  It was neat.  And that moment with the high-fiving of Julian was totally amusing.  It was also nice to see him helping out Clay and then going to talk with the football player.  Having a former athlete talk with current athletes is a great idea.  Maybe he has found a job that he will be as good at as he was at basketball.

I feel so bad for Brooke.  Accidentally insulting your future mother-in-law is not a good first impression.  And then mother-in-law; or is it monster-in-law?; to be ruins her idea for themed costumes for her and Julian followed by a taking over of the wedding.  All in all, not a good week for Brooke.  Her fear seems to be related to not having her dream wedding in the wake of the financial losses she has suffered.  I do have to ask, was Julian going to wear anything else besides that clock?  Not that I am complaining at all mind you, but I am curious. :-)

I think I feel worse for Julian.  Mom stops in before she was supposed to and then takes over.  And putting poor Julian in that dalmatian outfit....ow.  I think the clock would have been better.  Ok, I'll stop before this review becomes rated R or worse.  <veg>  I foresee many more problems with his mother in the future.  This could be fun.  Which will be worse, Victoria or the monster-in-law?

Quinn honey, buying a gun is not exactly the best idea.  I get why she bought it given the givens, but it still is not the best idea.  I do have to say that I loved her nightmare in the beginning.  The whole little debate of vampires versus zombies was giggle inducing.  Kudos on the make-up jobs.  Quinn and Clay have a long time to go before they are fully comfortable at the beach house again, if they ever are.  Quinn is incredibly jumpy and having nightmares and Clay, while seeming to handle it better, is having problems of his own.  I think getting a change of scenery will be good for Quinn and I am glad that Clay is insisting on it.  Quinn's costume was cute and Clay as Edward Cullen was just damn funny.

Mouth and Millie so need to come to an agreement on their relationship.  I get that he is not ready to date her again and can respect that.  I do think that she overreacted a bit to what he said.  Maybe she is just trying to get a point across, but to me she came across as being bitchy.  I did enjoy her outfit.  That was great.  And Mouth, your own abs are just fine, you don't need the enhancement.

Chase and Mia also need to come to an agreement as to their relationship.  I liked that she expressed sympathy and showed real concern for Chase.  Even though she doesn't like Alex, she does care for Chase.  In this case, he was being bitchy.  I am glad that he realized it and apologized for it.  And the whole running schtick about his bad bartending skills is funny.

I also liked that Haley's mystery caller was the girl on the piano.  Lord, I *LOVED* her voice.  That was just awesome.  I hope she is going to continue being on the show.  And Haley as herself from high school was just cute.  I laughed so hard when Haley was turned away from the clown barbershop quartet.  That schtick was amusing too.

Jamie, Chuck, and the girl (I forgot her name) as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger was just funny.  I loved how Chuck use his uncle to creep out Jamie and the girl was just too damn funny.

Next time, Brooke versus the monster-in-law Round 2....

My Review of Life Unexpected 2.05- Music Faced

Ryan finds out about Cate's lies, Lux and Baze find out about the pregnancy attempts, Cate gets some major revelations, Baze finds a possible love interest in an unexpected location, and Lux finds surprise when she sees Tasha kissing someone.....

contraceptives and I was right.  I get her worries, but lying is never the answer.  When oh when are you going to figure that out?  I am glad Ryan is sticking around, but I fear that we haven't seen the last of lying Cate.  And as for that blow-out with her mom, wow.  Her mom so shouldn't have said some of what she did, but the same goes for Cate.  I am glad that they patched it up.  Thank goodness Cate learns quickly, even if only temporarily.

I am not fond of the way Tasha addressed Lux even if she did have valid points.  There is a much better way to do things than she did.  Yes, Lux is lucky to have everything she has, but that doesn't make her feelings any less valid.  Eric was absolutely correct in what he said to Lux.   She has been shuffled around so much that when it seems that someone is going to accept her, she tends to push them away.  Baze and Cate are the exception and even they took a while for her to warm up to.  I do wonder what the future holds for her and Jones.  I do hope we are not about to start a love triangle.  I loved the last scene with Lux and Cate.  That was quite beautiful.

Watching Baze and Emma (his boss) was interesting.  They seem to be heading to a love relationship and while that might be interesting, I do wonder if he could handle her as strictly a friend.  That would be interesting.  I laughed so hard when Emma said that Cate looked like that girl from Roswell.  Love the shoutout to a show I love.  Whether she helps him move on as a friend or more, I love watching these two interact.

I also LOVED how the show used Haley's past to help out Cate.  That was really neat.  And the way the show integrated music was incredibly reminiscent of what One Tree Hill does.  That was neat to see.  Never heard of Ben Lee, but I definitely liked him and I love Sarah McLachlan so that was a total treat.

Next week, Ryan and Cate go on a vacation only to wind up with a familiar face next door.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.05- Nobody Taught Us to Quit

Nathan makes a surprising career decision, Mia goes crazy, Alex has been lying to Chase, Brooke continues to deal with the fall out of the financial misdeeds at Clothes over Bros, Clay comes homes, and Haley continues to help people.....

First, hated the theme tonight.  Wrong part of the song and not a great style.  So disappointed.

I am so loving the openings with Haley writing to Lucas.  I do miss Chad's voiceovers because he has the right voice for it, but Bethany does a good job and the reminders of the past are really nice.

Bitchtoria is back with a vengeance.  I was shocked when she yelled at Brooke the way she did.  I was hoping we had gotten past all of that.  Watching Brooke fall apart because of what Bitchtoria said was like a bad flashback.  Fortunately, Haley, Nathan, and Julian were there to help her realize that the problems laid with Bitchtoria and not her.  I was so proud of Brooke for facing Bitchtoria down.  Doing that really helped her with her confidence and with the realization that just because her mom disapproves does not mean that it is the end of the world.  Based on what she said tonight, she seems to be planning a comeback of some sort which will be nice.  I really hope she gets the chance.  I do have to say that watching Brooke taking out all the really lovely things from her wedding planning book was painful  She so wanted her perfect wedding and now the chance has been pretty much blown.

Like last week, I am so proud of Nathan for walking away from his dream for his family.  And yes dude, you are an avoider.  Which is fine because alot of people are that way.  I know I am.  It was really good of him to be worried about Clay and I think it says alot about Clay that he was more concerned about Nathan than himself.  And now Nathan is going to be working with Clay.  This means he will still be involved in sports (hopefully basketball) in some way while working with (or for) his friend.  I can also see Nathan maybe coaching, but if he wants to be with his family, being a sports agent is one of his best options.

Mouth, Mouth, Mouth.  <head smacking on table repeatedly>  Why, oh why are you trying to be something you are not?  I get that he is bored and wants to appear to be doing something more with his life, but being so incredibly fake was painful.  I am glad that Nathan gave him an exclusive interview and I do wonder where Mouth is going.  Could he somehow parley the podcast into a sports announcing career?  Or, as was sort of indicated, will he work with Nathan to help out Clay?

I sort of feel bad for Alex and definitely feel bad for Chase.  I do not know how much of a role research for a movie part played in her decision to be with Chase and work at Tric, but Chase obviously seemed to think it was a large part.  Also, knowing that part of the reason for his breakup with Mia had to do with her traveling, Alex should have talked this all out with him.

Watching Clay and Quinn move back in was not the most fun.  They are both obviously still traumatized by what happened and I think it will be a while before they feel comfortable.  Witness Quinn at the back door and with the curtains and Clay's eyes and face while standing at the door of the bedroom.

Haley plays a majorly supportive role this week.  Watching her be very assertive and helpful at the same time was funny, even knowing that the whole Mia going crazy thing was a fairly obvious plot point to get them to Portland for the Life Unexpected crossover tonight.

Last, I liked the dual press conferences.  Having the two so mirror each other was a nice touch.

Next week, Halloween hauntings galore.....

My Review of One Tree Hill 8.04- We All Fall Down

Brooke liquidates everything, Nathan makes a decision about basketball, and Chase and Alex play some golf.

Well, let's start with Brooke.  While I totally admire her for liquidating her company to make up for what Victoria and Millie did, I think it was not the smartest thing.  While it is admirable and compassionate, what is going to happen to everyone she employs?  Also, by liquidating her personal assets, what is she going to have.  Granted, it is noble and all that, but at some point pragmatism is going to need to take its place.  I really hope things work out.

I am not entirely sure what Julian was doing except for maybe coming up with a new project.  I am really glad he is supporting Brooke and planning the wedding, but I wonder what is going to happen given what she's doing.  And I loved that he picked the flowers and that Haley thought that they were from Brooke.  He also gave Nathan a push; albeit inadvertently; in his decision about basketball....

And that decision was to leave.  Not entirely surprising considering what he said last week and how bitter he was in Season 5 when he was forced out of basketball against his will.  I don't think he wants to put Haley and Jamie through that ever again.  And when Julian mentioned that Jamie liked baseball and Nathan didn't know this, Nathan realized that he wants to stay home.  Really sweet, and totally understandable, but again I ask if it is pragmatic and workable.  Presumably he and Haley will figure out how to make it work (particularly if they have good savings), but this might be interesting.

I loved Haley in the crisis center.  First, Junk calls, then a total perv, and then someone calling about a fallen souffle (which is a disaster, just not the kind this hotline is for).  She was there for Quinn and Clay and then totally understood what the last caller was saying.  Other than that, she was really more of a supportive character tonight.

Chase and Alex had the fun story tonight.  Truth or Dare Golf.  Interesting idea.  Alex, honey, talking about your underwear (or lack thereof) and then bending over enough to practically show off your beautiful posterior is going to cause accidents.  <snerk>  That was funny.  And then the final hole where Alex won was predictable, but amusing.  The conversation about Chase in high school was also funny.  Alex didn't do a horrible job in guessing.  Perfect, no, but not bad.  I loved the little test she had for him when they were at her room.  It was sweet.

Next week, One Tree Hill (well, most of our characters anyway) head for Portland for a Life Unexpected crossover.  Sounds neat!