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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.01- Know This, We Noticed

Welcome back to the final season of One Tree Hill.  And does it get started!  The first couple of minutes were....interesting and the rest really cool.  Without further ado, lets get started.

I am honestly a little confused by the opening montage.  We had a fire, Dan and Chris talking about killing someone, Chase being arrested in a cop car, Haley weeping over a dead body, Brooke destroying the cafe, Clay telling Quinn he doesn't want her around, and Julian being beat.  Aside from the fire, which we saw tonight, I am assuming that the rest will be revealed over the course of the season.  This should be an interesting journey.

Nathan and Haley are spending time apart.  No, they are not separating, Nathan is traveling for his and Clay's agency.  And obviously Haley is missing him something fierce.  But, Haley has the cafe that she and Brooke are running, she is the godmother of Brooke and Julian's children, and she has Lydia and Jamie to look after.  Also, amusingly enough, she has Chris to keep an eye on since he is now running the label, at least on a provisional basis.  I have to say that I cracked up when I heard he was calling himself Harry Johnson when he was e-mailing her.  Crude, yes, but oh so funny and so typically Chris Keller.  Haley also has Dan staying with her temporarily since his diner was the building burning down.  Talk about a full plate.

Brooke and Julian also have full plates.  Having twins to take care of, a cafe to run, a soundstage that Julian is trying to use for movies, and two bickering parents is going to give them their quota of interesting times.  I loved the scenes where Brooke was driving around with Jude and Davis and reflecting on her life and how far she has come.  And she really has come so far.  From being the party girl and high school slut to being a responsible mom and cafe owner, she is very impressive.  I hope that Julian isn't going to get into trouble because the soundstage isn't being used.  I suspect that the beating has to do with him borrowing money from the wrong people.  It is also possible that any or all of the montage scenes come from a movie Julian is making, but I doubt it.

So, Clay is sleepwalking.  Wonder what that's about.  Is it PTSD from the shooting (but wasn't that like 1-2 years ago given the time jump in the season finale?) or something else?  Liked that Quinn stayed up all night to keep an eye on him.  And *LOVED* the idea of him in leather pants and no shirt.  Not so fond of the mustache idea though.  I do wonder if he is really sleepwalking or if he is out wandering for another reason...

Chase and Alex are still together and not wearing much.  Talk about an easy wardrobe day for both Stephen and Jana.  It must be nice to live where you work.  Watching Alex be introduced to Chris and her reaction to his review of her work ("Crap") was great.  Chris still hasn't developed a mental filter or a superego.  That's ok though, because we love him for being the eternal jackass.  And he still refers to himself in the third person.  *Sigh*

Watching Brooke's parents was just great.  Bitchtoria was back due to her husband (can't remember his name) and lord, was that funny.  The two of them sniping at each other was just great.  I want more! :-)  And why did Brooke pick her dad to be her kid's godfather?  Why not pick Nathan or Clay or Chase?

Not sure how I feel about Dan moving in with Haley.  I wonder what happened to the diner to cause it to burn down.  I am going to guess that it is revenge for something he did in the past.

Next week, Bitchtoria and her ex snipe at each other some more.  Til then!