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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.02- In the Room Where You Sleep

Brooke talks with her father, Clay refuses to face his problems, Nathan issues an ultimatum to Dan, Alex makes a decision, and Millie has trouble telling Mouth the truth....

Well Alex, I hated you are first, but you really grew on me and I'm gonna miss ya.  Alex decided to take Chris up on his offer and go on tour.  The really sucky part of it is the timing.  Chase took the really sweet step of moving her in with him, and now she is leaving.  I get her decision and think it is the right one for her, but I still feel sorry for Chase.  Poor guy lost Mia to touring, and now he is losing Alex too.  I do wish they had shown us her telling him and really hope that they show us something next week because he deserves it.

How many people were giggling over Chuck's sudden turnaround in regards to Chris?  That was truly funny.  I must admit, I was hoping Chris was going to get chucked, but sadly, he wasn't.  Oh well.  At least Haley slammed the door in his face.  That was priceless.

Haley, honey, telling Nathan that Chris returned would have been a really good thing.  I understand that Dan showed up suddenly and you didn't have alot of time to tell Nate, but you knew about Chris for a little while before that, so telling Nate would have been awesome.  But you didn't.  Fortunately, Nate was pretty much able to take it in stride, so you got lucky there.  It sucks that Nathan has to turn around and leave right away, but at least there is a good reason for it.

Now if only Clay would get his head screwed on straight and get some help.  There is something wrong and he needs to leave the land of denial and get it fixed.  Not sure if this is about Katie or Sarah or losing his job at the other agency or what, but he really needs to work on it.  I don't know how much longer Quinn is going to be patient with him.

Poor Brooke.  She has parents who only seem to pay attention to her once she has something to offer them.  Well, at first anyways.  Victoria has come around and is being good, but her dad?  Not so much.  I just hope she isn't setting herself up for disappointment by going into business with daddy dearest.  If she is, Victoria is going to be able to say "I told you so!" but hopefully she'll have enough class not to because Brooke will be hurting.  Fortunately, she has Julian around to help her out.  And how cute was Julian trying to run interference between Victoria and Brooke by talking about the coffee cake?

And Dan has a limited amount of time before he needs to find a new place.  Bad news for Jamie who really wants Grandpa Dan around, but good news for Haley and Nathan.  I do have to say that I admire the fact that Dan tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Jamie that the insurance company was the reason he had to leave.

Until next week!