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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.11- It Just Got Normal

Welcome back after a very long break.  Things are really getting interesting now.  Siobhan is back causing alot of confusion, Machado knows that Charlie and Siobhan are connected, Juliet's secret is revealed, and Bridget finds out one of Siobhan's secrets....

I feel sorry for everyone trying to keep Siobhan and Bridget straight.  With them both in New York, interesting things start happening.  Siobhan made plans to meet with Henry and when she didn't show, he confronted Bridget about it.  Poor Bridget was terribly confused.  And Siobhan is none too happy that Bridget is fitting so well into her life.  I so want to see what happens when the two knowingly end up in the same room.  The results will be most interesting.

Poor Juliet.  She tells Bridget what Mr. Carpenter did and then Bridget goes off and decks him.  Not that I blame her, but not necessarily the best thing to do.  I am also not entirely sure that I believe Juliet.  Her actions seem to be textbook perfect symptoms of someone who suffered rape, so I could be wrong, but they do seem almost too perfect.  We'll just have to wait and see if I need to eat crow.

Henry is so not in a good place right now.  His wife was killed and he is blaming Bridget.  That is understandable given the fact that no one currently alive besides Malcolm, Bridget, and Siobhan know who Bridget actually is.  Then, Siobhan shows up and acts as if the past few months hadn't happened and when she is supposed to meet him, stands him up.  Poor guy is suffering from severe emotional whiplash.

I am glad to see that Malcolm has potential for a job with Andrew.  He can stick around and help Bridget out if she needs it.  I don't know what he is going to do when Siobhan reveals herself though.

Machado is slowly coming to realize how twisted everything is.  He was looking for a connection between Charlie and Bridget, only to find out that the connection was between Siobhan and Charlie.  Now he is going to go back and question Bridget.  How much longer before he starts putting the pieces together?

Next week, Siobhan apparently reveals the truth to Henry who seems to have a confrontation with Bridget.

Until then!