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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.10- Darkness

Ok, not liking the Elders.  Also not liking what Faye is doing to get her powers back.  Nice to see Melissa finally becoming her own person though.

Ok, so we all know Cassie is powerful.  Just how powerful is she is the question on the floor.  She can do single magic even though she is bound to the Circle, she can do magic when it is supposed to be contained, and she is powerful enough to overcome an Elder's magic.  Oh, and yes, she may be "the one" they are looking for to tip the balance between good and evil.  Not a good thing, particularly since her dark powers seem to come out if she is frightened or angry.  She dreams about killing Jake, nearly kills Adam, and bust out of a box meant to contain and kill her with explosive results.  To make matters even worse, she seems to like the dark powers.  Dark side of the Force anyone?  In other words, this is potentially a *VERY BAD* thing.

I don't like Diana's grandmother.  Anyone who would casually test a child in such a cold blooded and callous manner is not someone I can ever like.  She may have had good reasons for doing what she did, but still, she gives me the screaming willies.  At least the Elders know for sure that Charles has been using magic, and I suspect that they will figure out that Dawn is in on it too.

And Faye is seriously desperate.  Desperate enough to go to a voodoo practitioner to get her powers back.  And god help us all when she gets them back.  I am foreseeing a contest between her and Cassie and I suspect that without a serious power boost, Faye doesn't stand a a snowball's chance in hell.

I am glad that Melissa is becoming her own person and not just an appendage to someone else.  At least something good is coming out of Nick's death.  Standing up to Faye is a good first step.  Now, here's hoping she continues on the path.

And Jake is back.  Good thing?  Or not?

Next week, Faye starts on her quest to get her powers back with serious repercussions for the Circle.