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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.12- Witness

Now that was an awesome episode!  We find out a lot about the fire and Faye is heading to a bad place.  Oh, yes, and Ethan has a little surprise for Charles....

Before character stuff, lets put together the events from the day of the fire.  The witch hunters promised the Circle a truce if the Circle would give up magic.  The Circle was split into two groups.  One group, led by Jake and Nick's dad, wanted the truce and the other, led by John Blackwell, smelled a trap.  So, when the members of the truce group met the witch hunters, they got themselves killed by having their throats slit.  John Blackwell was captured and tied to a stake so he could be burned.  Unfortunately for the witch hunters, he had a medallion that allowed him to protect himself and escape as well as kill the witch hunters in the room.  Unfortunately, he also killed Jake and Nick's mom and (I think) the uncontrolled fire was what burned the boat.

We also learned that Amelia was not present because she was avoiding John due to some betrayal.  Dawn apparently followed John slavishly and Ethan was present on the boat, but managed to leave.  Suspicious, not?   Not sure where Charles was during all of this though.  And Jake saw the whole thing because he snuck into his parents' car and then onto the boat.  No wonder he blocked it out.

Not sure how to react to Cassie's leaving Jake during the spell.  I get her wanting the truth, but going off on her own and becoming ungrounded was not the brightest thing to do.  Fortunately, he was able to go back in and save her with some help from Adam and Diana.  I do wish she'd be a bit more cautious, if only for her own safety.  Ah well, 'tis the burden that all heroes and heroines must bear.

This little love square is getting mighty interesting.  Cassie has an inexplicable attraction to Adam and Jake, Adam has strong feelings for both Cassie and Diana, Diana and Cassie are friends, Diana has strong feelings for Adam, and Jake has strong feelings for Cassie.  Keep it straight because this incestuous little circle within a Circle could implode at any time.

Faye, sweetie, I so want to smack you upside the head.  I get that you want your powers, but why the hell are you still trusting Lee after what happened last week?  And then to try and get drugs from his friend?  So not good.

Charles is definitely growing sick of Dawn.  So Dawn turns to Ethan for help because Ethan doesn't like Charles. So, Ethan hits Charles, takes his crystal, and then uses the same spell on Charles that Charles used on him.  Fortunately, Ethan is not totally blind and does not entirely trust Dawn, so he keeps the crystal.  Hope he keeps that backbone of his.

Next review in two weeks.  Until then!