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Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.10- The New Deal

Welcome back from the long hiatus.  And what a welcome back we have, Stefan has gone over to the dark side which has Elena and Damon up in arms, Klaus is mightily pissed off, Tyler realizes what he is in for, Bonnie is put in the middle of Stefan and Klaus, Alaric suffers because of Stefan and Klaus, and Jeremy does something that shocks Elena deeply....

Wow, I cannot believe Stefan.  Kidnapping Klaus' family I get, but by refusing to release them, he is placing everyone in danger.  The worst part is that he doesn't care.  He is so focused on damaging Klaus that he no longer cares what kind of collateral damage happens.  That is truly scary.  If he is looking to drive Elena away, he is doing a bang up job of it.  But he has to realize that driving her away won't make her any safer, so I have to wonder if he has finally gone off the deep end.

And why oh why is he dragging Bonnie off with him?  I realize that he needs her power to mask the presence of the coffins, but seriously, That is just not cool.  And what is up with the unopenable coffin?  I wonder if it contains the Original Witch in it.  If so, can Bonnie open it?  My guess is that she'll need some sort of major power boost if it is her.  That and some sort of complicated spell or ritual.  Unless it is some form of primal magic in which case a complicated ritual wouldn't be needed.

Poor Elena.  First, Stefan takes the coffins which pisses off Klaus so he decides to go after Elena.  Seeing as he needs Elena to keep making his hybrids, he can't kill her, so he decides to go after the people she cares about.  Using Tyler to help him compel Jeremy is not a good thing.  Then she almost loses Alaric.  I wonder why his ring didn't fully heal him.  Is there some sort of limit on the number of times it can work?  Or does it simply need to be recharged?  To make matters worse, Jeremy beheads a hybrid right in front of Elena.  That was possibly one of the more horrific moments.  Not that we haven't seen worse, but just the fact that he did it so casually made it so bad.  So, she decides to have Damon compel him into leaving.  I do wonder if it will take or if Jeremy got his hands on some vervain between the time he was compelled by Klaus and the time Damon compelled him.  To top it all off, Stefan just doesn't seem to care about the damage being inflicted on her as a result of his revenge.  But, I have to say that the kiss was just, wow....

And Damon.  Boy, has he changed since we first met him.  He is now taking the role that Stefan had as Elena's protector.  I wonder if that has anything to do with Stefan's change of attitude.  Knowing that Damon will step up and protect Elena would free Stefan to focus all his energy on attacking Klaus.  But if Stefan isn't careful, he'll drive Elena into Damon's arms.  Good thing or not?  We'll have to wait and see.

Seeing Torrey play the doctor was just neat.  Her last name is Fell, so I assume that she is related to the Fell family who founded Mystic Falls.  So, does she know about the supernatural world or not?

Klaus needs to be a little more careful with Tyler.  Tyler seems close to trying to break away from Klaus.  I wonder if he can.  Also, I was shocked when Klaus redaggered Rebekah.  I get why, but I was still shocked.

Next week, Caroline's birthday!  Until then....