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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.11- Our Town

Talk about sucky birthdays.  Caroline bites off more than she can chew, Elena and Bonnie have a tiff, Klaus blinks, Stefan is a world class jackass, and Damon is the good brother....

Ok, Stefan last week was bad.  Stefan this week is even worse.  Casually killing hybrids, I can live with.  Heck, playing chicken with Klaus, I can respect even if it means he is more than a little mad.  But using Elena in his little game?  Dude, that was low.  And to use her on the bridge where her parents died and she nearly did, that is just even lower.  I would say the lowest, but I have a very strong suspicion Stefan is going to keep plumbing those depths of lowness.  The worst part?  He is doing this completely of his own free will.  He is ignoring Damon, taunting Klaus, giving the Council the finger (ok, can anyone really blame him for that one?), and totally threatening and alienating Elena.  That last part may be because he wants to convince Klaus that he doesn't care about her anymore, but I am somehow doubting that.

Damon being the good brother is just too weird.  He is being seriously protective of Elena a la Season 1 Stefan, letting her call the shots about their relationship, stepping between Klaus and Stefan to head off any collateral damage, and running interference with the Council.  I never predicted this twist.  That being said, he is still Damon and casually ripped the heart out of a hybrid, which was pretty cool, if totally gory.

Elena seriously gets it in the teeth today.  I get why Bonnie is mad at her and while I agree with Bonnie on some levels, I do think that Elena did the right thing with Jeremy.  He is in entirely too much danger because of her and his life has been going downhill for some time now.  Granted, this logic could also be applied to her friends, but Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric, Stefan and Damon can take care of themselves.  The only one in serious danger is Matt, but she needs someone normal around to help her stay grounded.  Not to mention the fact that Jeremy is her brother. Is he going to be pissed if/when he figures it out?  Sure, but hopefully he'll realize that she had good, solid reasons for what she did.

Poor Caroline.  She was looking forward to 18 until Katherine took that away from her by turning her into a vampire.  Then her boyfriend gets turned into a hybrid and falls under the spell of Klaus.  Then, he bites her on accident (I think), and she nearly dies until Klaus saves her.  I am hoping that drinking his blood doesn't put her under his spell.  I did love the whole birthday/funeral bash though.  That was cool, especially what everyone said about her.

And Dr. Fell is on the Council.  A little surprised at that.  I had figured she was one of the Fells, but a Council member?  Huh.  And what is her story anyways?  Ex turns up dead.  Did she do it?  Ok, I give it a 50/50 chance.

I feel sorry for Tyler's mom and Sheriff Forbes.  Both of them end up making deals with Klaus to save their kids.  Not good, not good at all....

Until next week when Caroline's dad kidnaps and tortures Tyler....