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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.12- The Ties That Bind

Bonnie finds a face from her past, Tyler gets some help to break his sire bond, Alaric finds out some information about Dr. Fell, and Klaus gets a surprise visitor....

Well, not quite as good as last weeks episode, but still cool.

We finally meet Bonnie's mom and find out why she left Bonnie without a word.  Turns out Mikael came looking for Elena and Bonnie's mom led him away from Elena and cast the spell that left him desiccated.  In the process, she lost most of her magic and so left to establish her own life.  Unfortunately, in doing so she lost the rest of her magic.  But she still has knowledge and may be able to learn magic, so she may be useful after all.  I must admit to a certain wariness about this turn of events because all to often when parents return on this show, they aren't what they appear.  Well, here's hoping for the best.

Watching Damon, Alaric, and Dr. Fell was interesting.  She knew Damon is a vampire, so she dosed him with vervain and took his blood.  She is using his blood in order to save people who otherwise wouldn't make it.  While this is not a bad thing per se, it is dangerous because if the person dies with the blood in their system, they'll be a vampire themselves.  Also, pissing off Damon is never a safe move.  Granted, he is not the same guy he was when we first met him, but he's not a cuddly bunny either.

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler.  Turning to Caroline's dad for help in breaking the sire bond is not a bad idea.  He has shown that he is willing to protect Caroline from anything, and that does mean you if you can't control yourself.  This is going to be a dangerous journey for all involved.  Also, better chains are obviously needed.

Stefan and Elena have reached a detente of sorts.  He has acknowledged that he made mistakes and she seems to have forgiven him.  Trusting him, however, is going to be an entirely different story.  Oh, and telling him about the kiss, while admirable for its honesty, may not have been the best idea.

Klaus my friend, going into a house with the powerful spirits of dead witches is not necessarily the best idea.  Unless of course, you know the right threats to make.  And he does.

Elijah is back!  And what an entrance he makes, ripping out the heart of one of Klaus' hybrids.  That is true style.

We'll be back in two weeks!