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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 10 One Tree Hill Couples

I will refer to couples by their combined name when I know it, otherwise I won't. Also, some couples I list weren't actual couples, but they still make my top ten.

[10] Brucas- Lucas was never good enough for Brooke, IMNSHO. Hence, not fond of them as a couple.

[9] Leyton- Like Lucas and Peyton individually, I have never been as fond of this couple as other people have been. They make the top ten, but not much further than that. I do love them, but sometimes the drama got a bit much.

[8] Mouth/Rachel- While never an actual couple, these two were very close and had lots of fun together, and were fun to watch. I appreciated the way she treated Mouth (well, most of the time anyways) and he (with few exceptions) treated her well too.

[7] Dan/Deb- They would be higher, but there are others I like more. I loved watching these two go at each other, particularly in Season 3 when they were playing pranks on each other. That was great.

[6] Karen/Andy- These two are so good for each other. He is incredibly respectful of her and Lucas and she loves him a great deal. They also gave us a great reveal when Andy was talking about "little Lucas" and brought baby clothes. <snerk>

[5] Keith/Karen- The star-crossed couple of the series. They love each other tremendously and keep missing their chances until near the end, only to have it taken away when Dan kills Keith. At least Karen got a daughter out of the deal. Not the best obviously, but its something.

[4] Brooke/Julian- (Brulian?) When she was abandoned by Owen, Julian picked up the slack. He knew how important Sma was to her and he was so willing to work with her. She loves him, he loves her, and they both know about living in the shadow of Leyton and the expectations of parental assholes. Say no more.

[3] Mouth/Brooke- My dream couple that never actually occurred. These two would have been great together. Sadly, it never happened. I often wonder how OTH would have been different if they had happened.

[2] Jeyton- The one that got away and a major casualty of Leyton. I think Jake was a much better match than Lucas for Peyton. Sadly, with Nicky in the picture, this would probably not have worked. Still, my favorite couple other than....

[1] Naley- If you knew this one was coming, congrats, you know me really well. This couple is the emotional center of the show. Not the dramatic center, but the emotional center. They have helped each other to grow in ways that are hard to imagine. They have been through so much and only emerged stronger because of it. Married too young, but so in love. This is probably one of my favorite couples of all time.

Next, favorite (actually, best, not necessarily favorite per se) episodes.