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Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Ten Musical Artists of One Tree Hill

I am going to be a bit more specific. I will be mentioning the top 10 Musical Artists to appear on OTH and play. In other words, Bryan, Bethany, Tyler, Kate, and any other musician who has a major storyline isn't going to be counted in this one. Don't get me wrong, I love all of them, but I wanted to make this more about musicians as musicians and not as actors. And yes, this does say alot about my own musical tastes, so it will probably be different from other people who have different musical tastes.

[10] The Noisettes (Episode 7.04)
[9] The Wreckers (Episode 2.13)
[8] Nada Surf (Episode 3.11)
[7] Fall Out Boy (Episode 3.15)
[6] Gavin DeGraw (Episode 1.10)
[5] Grace Potter (Episode 6.07)
[4] Sheryl Crow (Episode 1.16)
[3] Angels & Airwaves (Episode 6.10)
[2] Jimmy Eat World (Episode 2.22)
[1] Jack's Mannequin (Episode 3.15)
Tomorrow: favorite songs. Wednesday: Funniest Moments and "WTF!"/"OMG!" Moments