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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.08- A Rush of Blood to the Head

Haley receives a phone call and a visitor, Brooke receives an unwelcome visitor, Chase takes drastic and violent steps to protect Chuck, Dan continues his investigation, Skillz finds out something about Lauren, and Clay is hit by a massive bombshell....

I have to start with Clay.  Clay is a dad.  In fact, he is Logan's dad.  That's right people, the kid in the facility that Clay has been bonding with is in fact his and Sarah's son.  Turns out that in the wake of Sarah's death, Clay blocked out all knowledge of Logan's existence.  The doctor and Sarah's parents apparently tried to tell him about Logan, but Clay just couldn't hold onto his existence.  I am guessing that the doctor brought Logan back when Clay came back to jog Clay's memories and get him to remember.  Only problem?  Clay doesn't want to deal with it.  Hopefully, he'll come around so he and Quinn can take care of Logan, but who knows what will happen at this point.

That body that Haley was called in to identify wasn't Nathan after all.  So her collapse was apparently a collapse of relief because it wasn't Nathan coupled with stress because there are still no answers.  Fortunately for Haley, Deb has shown up (yea!!) to help her.  What was really surprising was that Deb strongly urged Haley to work with Dan, pointing out that anything good Dan has done was in service to Nathan.  So, Haley has wisely chosen to talk with Dan and find out what he knows, which is a decent amount.  Dan went to jail to talk with a prisoner to identify the markings on the wall behind Nathan in that video and got a name Dimitri, which Dan overheard the drug dealer he threatened talk to.  So Dan has that lead and with Julian has found the guy.  It was a good thing he had Julian with him, because Julian acted as a voice of reason and got Dan to not act precipitously, but rather to think and plan first.  I am betting that scene with Chris and Dan in the car will be occurring in the next week or two.

While I totally sympathize with Chase's reaction to what happened to Chuck, it was not the brightest idea.  It might have been much better to take Chuck away from the scene and call the police.  Instead, Chase beats Chuck's dad and is hauled off to prison.  Well, there goes the Air Force.  That makes two more scenes from the opening montage of the first episode that we have seen.  I believe the only scene left is the Dan and Chris scene.

Xavier has a new hobby, stalking Brooke.  He came to the restaurant to ask for a job only to be turned down.  Then he came to eat and got his @$$ kicked out by Julian.  Then he came back and got kicked out by Brooke.  Then he came around again and Julian chased him.  I think a restraining order might be in order here.  Brooke is rightfully fearing about what might happen, particularly given the fact that she now has two babies.

I couldn't help but laugh at the whole David thing.  So, he has dumped Taylor and decided to date a non-James girl.  Turns out the girl he chose was Lauren, who is now pregnant.  The poor guy just can't escape the James orbit, can he?  I thought it was totally sweet of Skillz to offer to man up and take care of the baby if he was the father, and obviously Lauren did too.

Next week, Xavier continues his Brooke obsession....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.15- P.S. You're An Idiot

Andrew reproposes to "Siobhan" and the results are interesting, Juliet decides to reveal what happened to Andrew and panic ensues, Malcolm investigates Olivia and the results are shocking....

Well, I called it.  Catherine was behind the assault on Tessa.  Apparently, Tessa was just supposed to be scared and attacked not beaten to a pulp.  And how did Mommy dearest find out about the whole thing?  Turns out that not only did Mr. C know about her involvement, but they have been having a little love affair.  This really reinforces my thoughts that this whole thing is part of a larger plot on Catherine's part.  Now, I could still be wrong, but I think tonight really made my thoughts from the last review alot more credible, particularly since Juliet doesn't know that Catherine knows Mr. C well because Catherine promised to keep her involvement a secret from Mr. C.

Juliet unleashed a hornet's nest with her text that she was going to talk with Andrew.  But the question is, did she send it or did Catherine somehow make it look like she did in order to get Mr. C to get his portion of the loot so she could take it from him?  Either one is entirely credible, particularly since Juliet hadn't talked to Andrew before the end of the episode.  Our little Catherine is quite the web spinner and plotter.  She left Mr. C high and dry with no money and a note that promised hell if he came near Juliet or Catherine again.

Henry had quite the fun time with Bridget.  He so loved pretending that he didn't know who she was but couldn't keep from making veiled references to the effect that he knew the truth.  And Siobhan so has him wrapped around her little finger.  As for Siobhan, twins?  Wow.  And after her expressed wishes on to Andrew on their wedding night about not wanting to have kids.  So, who is the dad?

And watch Malcolm P.I.  He discovered the dirty little secret that Martin/Charles has been hiding.  Turns out they have been running a Ponzi scheme.  While he and Bridget both thought that Olivia was behind it, Andrew has claimed responsibility for the whole thing.  I wonder if he told Bridget the truth or if he said it to keep her quiet while he sorts things out with Olivia.  Given this world, either is very possible.  If this is what Siobhan knew about, it is possible that she cut and ran in order to avoid a scandal and humiliation.

Who is Xerxes?  Obviously someone who has been keeping an eye on things and told Olivia that there was a leak within Martin/Charles.  She thought it was Malcolm, but it turns out the leak is in Paris.  Obviously, the leak is Tyler, and I wonder how long it will be before they track the leak to him and possibly to Siobhan.

Next week, the $h!t hits the fan....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.14- Whores Don't Make That Much

The mystery around the photo of the boy from the first episode is revealed, Juliet gets in deep trouble because of a comment she makes, and Malcolm realizes that Henry knows more than he is saying....

So, that boy in the photo from the pilot was in fact Siobhan's son by a man named Dylan who left Siobhan when she was pregnant and did not show up again until Sean (the boy) was 18 months old.  What happened to Sean is a large part of the reason for the split between Siobhan and Bridget.  Turns out that 7 years ago, despite Siobhan telling Bridget not to let Dylan near Sean, Bridget allowed Dylan to take her and Sean to the fair and on the way back they were hit by a car and Sean was killed.  Siobhan; understandably; told Bridget that she wanted Bridget to stay out of her life which caused Bridget to spiral downward to the state we saw her in during the pilot.  It turns out that Siobhan has been secretly sending flowers to Dylan's mom on her birthday.  An act of kindness on Siobhan's part as his mom seems to think or some sort of twisted revenge idea?  With Siobhan you can never be sure.  

Juliet, I don't know what we are going to do with you.  Last week we found out that the whole rape scheme was done in order to get money out of Andrew.  This week we find out that Catherine is behind the whole thing.  This makes me wonder, how much of Juliet's problems is Catherine to blame for?  Did she come up with this scheme and other prior problems in order to force a break between Juliet and Andrew so that Catherine could get custody?  Or did she just take advantage of Andrew's cutting Juliet off to screw him over?  It really could be either one.

I have to say that Catherine being behind the whole plot was not a surprising twist.  As soon as Juliet called someone to say that their plan wasn't working anymore, I knew it was either Catherine or Siobhan.  Now, Siobhan seemed *EXTREMELY* doubtful, so I had pretty much pegged it as being Catherine, so the reveal wasn't a surprise at all.  I also have to wonder if it was Catherine behind the beating of Tessa and not Mr. Carpenter.  Of course, that would pretty much depend on whether or not Mr. C knows about Catherine's connection to the whole thing, so this is mere speculation at this point.

Siobhan was not happy that Malcolm is working for Andrew.  Not entirely sure why, but she's not and she has ordered Henry to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately for Henry, Malcolm noticed the key from Siobhan's office on his key ring and has decided to keep an eye on Henry himself.  Ah, the twists and turns in this show are almost too much to keep up with sometimes.

Next time, Andrew reproposes to "Siobhan" and apparently the results are interesting...

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.15- Return

John Blackwell returns, Cassie is in trouble (again!), Melissa finds out some disturbing news, and Jake receives a semi-backhanded compliment....

Cassie is in trouble, again!  Anyone surprised?  No, didn't think so.  This time, she is kidnapped by the witch hunters in order to get rid of her.  But, let's back up some....

John Blackwell has returned!  Very cool.  He is not outwardly evil or even intimidating.  But man, he must have done some messed up things in the past because Ethan was scared $h!tless when he saw him.  John claims to have lost his powers but I am not entirely sure that I believe him.  I have to say that I almost wonder whether or not he is working with the witch hunters to get rid of competition.  That would explain where the liquid used to compel Cassie came from.  That would also explain why they let him go and exchanged Cassie for Jake.  Am I sure of this?  By no means.  I am guessing about this.  The other possibility is that the liquid was created by Jake when he was working with the witch-hunters and kept around until now.

Watching people react to Blackwell was interesting.  Cassie was very hesitant about trusting him and Adam was open about his distrust.  Ethan was scared silly and Jake seemed to pretty much take it in stride once he recovered from the initial shock.  The rest of the Circle hasn't really reacted yet, or if they did it was off screen.  They were definitely more worried about Cassie.

I thought it was pretty funny that Blackwell approved of Jake's plan to trade him for Cassie.  If he really is trying to protect Cassie, then Jake's plan was a good one.  Unfortunately, the witch hunters disrupted that when they dosed Cassie and traded her for Jake instead.

Also, what happened to Eben?  He was clearly speared on the tree, but got off and went away.  The witch they are working with maybe?  Or, it is possible that he died in the fire and was somehow reanimated and that is what happened tonight.

I am glad that Melissa twigged into the whole voodoo doll thing.  Also glad that she didn't fall back into taking drugs or anything.  I am annoyed that Faye let her go.  But it worked out well, so I can't be too mad.  And did Lee and Faye kissing wake up Lee's sweetheart?

Next new ep is on March 15th.  Until then!

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.07- Last Known Surroundings

Lucas comes to help Haley in her time of need, Clay talks with his psychiatrist, Brooke visits someone in prison, Chase finds out some disturbing information about Chuck and last night, and Nathan attempts an escape....

It was nice to see Lucas again, even if it was only in the airport.  Seems like Jamie and Lydia will be MIA for a while because Haley is sending them off to stay with Lucas, Peyton, and Sawyer so they won't see how bad things are.  Unfortunately, I think its too late for that.  Jamie definitely seems to have picked up on the fact that things are pretty bad given how stiff-upper lippy he was being and the way he hugged Lucas right before they left.  I hope that having them gone will enable Haley to focus most of her energy on investigating what is going on.  Unfortunately, she is trusting the wrong person, but more on that later.  I do love that Lucas was so supportive of Haley, which was totally unsurprising.  Given their history as best friends, if he were anything but, I'd smack him good.

I am trying to figure out if the psychologist learned anything from Clay during that conversation.  It seemed to wander all over the place without getting much accomplished.  I suspect that more was gotten out of it than I realized, which would be cool.  It was nice to be filled in on some of Clay's post-Sarah, pre-Nathan time.  For example, he got the beach house because he saw her standing on the porch and went in to talk with her, as was his wont.  Given the description that I've seen of next weeks episode, I am guessing that something he said tonight is going to trigger a breakthrough of some sort.

Chase and Chris had fairly easy wardrobes this week.  Chase appears to be this season's designated shirtless guy.  Not that I am complaining, just noting the fact.  I have to know, was there a foursome going on or did Chris have a menage a trois with the two women?  Oh, the mind does wonder.  :-)   And someone is beating Chuck.  Easy money says that it's his dad, but I could see it being his mom.  If Chase doesn't realize what is going on, I will slap him silly.  I suspect that he has his suspicions and that may have something to do with the arrest we saw at the beginning of the season.

Brooke was asked to visit Xavier, the guy who assaulted her and killed Quentin in season 6.  Apparently, he wasn't convicted of killing Q, only of the assault on her and holding Sam and his brother.  He was up for parole and asked to see her.  She asked for him not to be released, but he was.  Not good at all.

Dan is continuing his search for Nathan and something in the last video that Nathan sent Jamie has caught his attention.  It appears to be a coat of arms or a symbol for a team.  It is a two headed bird with a shield over its body with the letter pi written on it.

And Nathan wins tonight's badass award for breaking free, attacking his jailer, and almost escaping.  He thought he was getting help from a police officer who visited Haley earlier, but it turned out the police officer was working with the kidnappers.  Again, not good for Nathan.  Oh, and Nathan's kidnapper is also a drug supplier because he got a visit from the drug dealer that Clay saw earlier in the season.

Next week, Haley has to identify a body.  I have to say that I doubt it is Nathan, but I wonder who it is....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.15- All My Children

Elena finds that no one agree with her about what to do with the Originals and then finds herself at the mercy of Rebekah, the Originals find out Esther's plan and have their own way of solving it, Damon takes a necessary step to save Elena, and Alaric finds out some disturbing news about Meredith....

Turns out Elena wants to thwart Esther's plan so that Elijah, the most moral of the Originals, can be saved and no one agrees with her.  Damon and Stefan both see Esther's plan as necessary to save Elena and other people and Bonnie and Abby are both enlisted by Esther so that she can access the power of the Bennett line in order to complete the spell. So Elena is alone when Elijah comes calling to take her out on a trip down memory lane and to confront her because he knows she was lying when she said that Esther wanted to bring her family back together, so Elena confesses what Esther's true plan was and Elijah takes the step of holding her hostage to force Damon and Stefan to deal with the issue.  Only problem?  The hostage guard is Rebekah who is out for revenge because of what Elena did to her.  Not a good situation.

So now we are in a sticky moral mess where what is necessary is not good.  Elena wants to save Elijah, but to do so means saving Klaus and the rest of the Originals as well.  And Elijah wants to save his family and in doing so manipulates almost everyone around him, including Rebekah, something he clearly regrets doing.  Such are the choices our group has to make.

The last moral choice deals with Stefan and Damon.  They realize that the easiest route to cut off Esther's access to the Bennett powers is to kill either Bonnie or her mother.  But doing so will cause Elena alot of pain and will alienate her.  So their first choice is to slip the dagger into Kol in the hopes that daggering him will disable the rest of the siblings.  What they didn't count on was that Klaus wouldn't be disabled.  I am guessing that it is highly probable that Esther's spell may not have worked on Klaus either, but given the power that would have been behind it, I may be wrong.  When Klaus removed the dagger, they were forced to their second option and here Damon showed his true feelings.  He loves Elena, but realizes that she doesn't love him, so he turns Abby because one cannot be both a witch and a vampire.  In doing so, he cuts off Esther's access to the Bennett power.  He does this knowing that Elena may never forgive him and knowing that Elena would probably turn to Stefan for comfort.  That is love.  And it sucks.

After the dust settles, Elena goes to Bonnie and Caroline; who distracted Klaus during the daggering; refuses to let her in to see Bonnie saying that while they are glad Elena is safe, Bonnie always seems to suffer while Elena is ok.  While this may be partially true, it is also a little unfair.  Elena lost her aunt and was forced to send her brother away in order to protect him.  Elena is also a good enough person and has enough compassion to suffer along with Bonnie.  Also, the Originals seem to have all left except for Rebekah and Klaus who discovered that the white birch tree that can kill them is still out there and decide to find it and destroy it.

Apparently, Meredith is either the killer or is mixed up in it somehow given the files and information that Alaric discovered in her apartment.  Oh, that and the fact that she apparently shot him.  That sucks...

No new episode for a month.  Until then!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Reviews of One Tree Hill 9.06- Catastrophe and the Cure

We find out why Nathan was kidnapped, Brooke has to deal with the effects of Julian's decision last week, Chris finds out about Chase and Tara, Clay has another episode, and Dan has two unlikely confederates in his search for Nathan....

So, Nathan was kidnapped by some gangsters (Russian I am guessing) because he attempted to sign some basketball players who were on their payroll.  They view this as stealing and have decided to use Nathan as an example of what not to do.  Fortunately, Nathan has bought himself some time by convincing the guys holding him captive to ransom him.  Unfortunately, they have decided to sell him to the people who told them to kidnap him in the first place.

Poor Haley is beside herself.  She is trying to deal with Dan's revelations from last week, Nathan's disappearance, and Jamie all at the same time.  Fortunately, Brooke is taking care of the cafe and Quinn is helping with Jamie.  And Jamie helped get rid of Dan by yelling at him about doing something to Nathan.  She is holding together remarkably well under the circumstances, but I don't know how long that will last.  She and Nathan have become so intertwined at this point that losing him will probably come perilously close to destroying her.  On a cute note, Lydia started walking.  Aw.....

After her little act of vandalism last week (justifiable though it may have been), Brooke is dealing with an empty cafe.  So naturally, she turns to Millie for help.  Millie had the brilliant idea of bringing Chris in to sing.  I loved the conversation between Chris and Brooke.  He was being his normal smarmy self when Brooke dropped the bomb about Chase and Tara.  The look on his face was classic.  He has actually come to care about Tara and she ended that fairly quickly.  So, he agreed to play at Karen's cafe.  So cool.  Even better was his response to her indignant demand to know about why he was playing when he revealed the truth about her and Chase and then demanded to talk to Chase outside and promptly kicked him.  Oh lord...  And Chris' idea of therapy?  Going to a strip club paid for by Chase.  <eyes rolling>  May that little triangle now end and Tara go bubbye....

In addition to the cafe, Brooke had to deal with Julian's self-imposed "punishment" last week.  Fortunately, Dan stepped in and gave Julian some perspective after Julian helped investigate Nathan's disappearance.  I must say that Julian's use of his Director's Guild card to get into the house of Dan's former investor was amusing.  Unfortunately, the investigation was for naught.  Then in swoops Mouth who gives Dan information about Nathan's exploration of Eastern Europe for players.

Clay is still in recovery and for good reason.  He had another episode and left the center, only to run into Quinn who brought him back.  It would seem that the stress of Nathan's disappearance got to him and caused the episode, but I could be wrong.  I loved the scenes with Clay and Logan, those were really cute.

Next week, Lucas returns to help Haley out!

Until then...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.13- It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved

Ok, that was an interesting twist I didn't expect to the rape storyline.  And Siobhan continues to play Henry and Tyler like a maestro with one small hitch while Bridget gets closer and closer to the truth....

Turns out; surprise, surprise; there was no rape involved.  Instead, it was an intricate plot by Juliet to get money from her dad to replace the trust fund she had lost earlier.  I must say that when I thought she was lying, I expected something a little more mundane like Juliet lying because her advances were spurned or something like that.  Turns out she is alot more devious than I had expected.  And her enemy (whose name I can never remember) went along with it in order to get a cut of the cash.  Interesting indeed.  From the look on Juliet's face in the hotel room, she is regretting bringing the other girl in on the whole deal.

With one exception, things went incredibly well for Siobhan tonight.  She has convinced Henry that Bridget knew she was still alive and they willingly traded places in order to protect Bridget from her enemies.  And Henry fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  Tyler was a little bit of an issue when he saw Henry in Siobhan's room, but she convinced him that Henry was her brother and he proceeded with her plan to get Andrew's company in trouble.  The hitch in the plans was that Andrew's partner had that picture of Henry and Siobhan in bed together and blackmailed Henry into getting his father-in-law to put some money into Andrew's company.  Only problem, Siobhan is looking to bring the company down and Henry's father-in-law will lose his money.  Oops...

Bridget is circling around the truth, but she can't see it yet.  She's figured out that Siobhan knew John and that Siobhan hadn't forgiven her for what happened.  Once she can make the leap to Siobhan not killing herself, she'll have a better grasp of things.  Only problem is that I don't know if she can make that leap.  But she did take the prudent step of hiring protection just in case.  A good idea.

I wonder if the problems with Andrew's company are real or not.  It seems as if maybe Siobhan realized that something was up and decided to jump ship and get as much money as possible rather than go down with the ship.  I've heard hints that Andrew has some bad tendencies we haven't seen yet, and I wonder if this is it.

I also wonder if Juliet's mom knew about the extortion plot and the fake rape.  I hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me if she did.

Next week, we discover why Siobhan and Bridget fell out with each other.  Until then!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.14- Valentine

Faye throws a girls only sleepover, Isaac pays Jake a visit, Cassie unwittingly calls on some nasty spirits connected to her father with Adam caught in the crossfire, and Lee gives Faye a gift that is not what it appears to be....

Cassie gets herself into more trouble on accident that most people can on purpose.  Turns out that John Blackwell's medallion absorbed the power from a coven of witches that he destroyed.  When Cassie activated the medallion last week, she alerted the spirits of every witch whose power was in the medallion, starting with the coven, who were destroyed in a church not far from Chance Harbor.  And they want their power back, so they lured her to the church and then possessed Adam; who had come with Jake to save her.  Cassie agreed to hand over the medallion, only to crush it to pieces in her hand.  This turns out to annoy Isaac, who wanted the medallion for unspecified purposes, no end and he leaves town letting Jake know that he can no longer protect Jake or Cassie.
I have to say that I was somewhat surprised that Jake listened to Isaac. Although, admittedly, he didn't do so until he found out about what Cassie was seeing and connected the dots.  Still, I cannot help but suspect that there was more to what Isaac wanted than he said.  Jake needs to be wary.  It also had to hurt that Cassie (seemingly) chose Adam over him after he said that he chose her.

The sleepover was interesting.  Watching the good girl high is always funny, and Diana was no exception to the rule.  She willingly did magic, made out with Lee (thinking he was the hot pizza guy), and then made out with the hot pizza guy (who looked sort of like Zac Efron).  Watching the looks that Cassie and Faye threw at her and Melissa was hilarious.  Faye actually seemed to be enjoying it and Cassie was totally puzzled.  That girl does need to lighten up a bit.  Granted, she has a lot going on, but still....

And speaking of Lee, he gave Faye a present that would supposedly increase her power.  Only, as it turns out, it would do something to heal a girl (presumably his girlfriend or ex).  I am guessing it steals power or siphons it off or something like that.

I did also enjoy watching Faye and Diana faceoff over Melissa.  Diana apparently was Melissa's BFF before she starting getting serious with Adam and Faye stepped into the void.  Now, Diana is back and determined not to leave and Faye is willing to ensure that she doesn't leave.

Next week the CW in my area is showing the episode on Saturday.  I will try to get my review out Saturday or Sunday.

Until then!

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.14- Dangerous Liasons

The truth behind Esther's survival and her plans are revealed, Elena unintentionally hurts Damon badly, Caroline has news for Klaus, and Matt runs afoul of Kol and Rebekah.  All of this at a party thrown by the Mikaelson family....

Esther, not quite as understanding as she seems.  Turns out that when Klaus ripped her heart out 1000 years ago, she was kept from moving on as punishment for creating vampires.  However, Ayana; an ancestor of Bonnie's; cast a spell that trapped her body in the coffin.  Only someone from that line of witches could release her.  And now that she is out, she is determined to destroy her children because they should not exist.  So, using Elena's blood (because she's the Petrovka doppleganger), she has cast a spell that has linked all of her children.  So now, if one is destroyed, they all will be.  The really interesting thing is that Finn knows about it and seems to have no problem with it.  Not entirely sure why, but he allowed her to use his blood to complete the spell.

Elena screwed Damon over big time.  Turns out Esther would only meet with her if she was alone, so she got Stefan to break Damon's neck, thereby rendering him unconscious while she went to go meet with Esther.  When he came to, he was pissed.  And when he told her that he loved her, she told him that that was a problem.  Ow!  So, Damon is apparently dealing with this in oldDamon fashion, he assaulted Kol; who was crushing Matt's hand at the time; and then decided to have a night of rough vampire sex with Rebekah.  This is so not a good thing.

Stefan is still being cold-blooded and practical.  Not always the best trait, but tonight it was a good thing.  It also turns out that he isn't allowing himself to feel anything because he is so ashamed by what he has done that if he feels, all he'll feel is pain.  He knows what Esther told Elena and seems to be onboard with the plan.

Watching Caroline and Klaus was interesting.  He is genuinely infatuated with her, but she isn't giving up any ground.  He bought her a really nice dress which she wore to the ball, but she is letting him know in no uncertain terms that she isn't interested in him unless he changes.  She said, quite probably correctly, that he doesn't feel that anyone can love him, so he creates hybrids in order to feel that love he wants.  I have to say that I am intrigued by them as a couple.  She doesn't put up with his nonsense and that seems to make him like her even more.  That picture he drew for her in the end was quite nice.  When Tyler returns, this could get very interesting.

Elijah has all sorts of suspicions about Esther, but he can't get his suspicions substantiated.  He tried to get Elena to tell him Esther's plans, but she lied to him and told him that Esther had genuinely forgiven Klaus.  As Esther said, he is the most moral of the Originals, and I would hate to see him destroyed.  I do think that if he was away from his family, he would be a decent guy.

So, will Esther's plan succeed?  Somehow, I doubt it.  I suspect that someone will figure out what is going on and Klaus and/or Elijah will somehow foil her plans.  But then anyone who aided her better be careful, because I suspect their wrath will be truly terrible to behold....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.04- The Killing Moon

Haley searches for Nathan and learns some disturbing news from Dan, Brooke and Tara continue their war, Clay starts to get some answers, Julian punishes himself for what happened to Davis, and Chase continues to disappoint....

Well, Nathan is officially missing.  Haley has been calling and calling, but Nathan doesn't answer the phone because some guy with a leather brace on his wrist has it.  A kidnapper?  Definitely someone up to no good, that is for sure.  Enjoyed that Chris was really trying to help her at the police station.  Failing, but trying.  I am also glad that the desk attendant at the airport decided to be helpful.  And what about that news from Dan?  He burned down his own restaurant after Nathan brought him the baseball and picture of Lydia in the season finale because he wanted to get in good with Nathan while he was still vulnerable.  Haley suspects that Dan has something to do with Nathan's disappearance, but I seriously doubt it.  Dan seems to have changed too much to pull a stunt like that, although I could be very wrong.  And as the episode ends, he is outside her door while she calls the police because there is a murderer in her house.  Not good.

Clay has been diagnosed as having a dissociative fugue disorder.  So basically that means that when he blacks out, a part of him is awake and aware of what is going on, but it does not enter into his memory.  And since generally things like this are brought out by some massive psychological trauma, I wonder what could be so bad that this is developing now.  I would doubt that it has anything to do with Sara or Katie, but you never know.  I am glad that he decided to stay at the center and get help.

The more I see Tara, the more I dislike her and not in a good "love to hate her" sort of way.  She is just annoying and obnoxious.  First with the sign, then with the roaches in the flower, and finally with that note to Julian.  I understand being competitive, but she is carrying it *WAY* too far.  And we finally find out why Brooke was seen trashing a cafe in the beginning of the season, she was destroying Tara's restaurant because of the note to Julian.  While I found that infinitely amusing, when Tara strikes back, it ain't gonna be pretty.

And we also find out why we saw Julian getting beat up.  He was feeling so bad over what happened to Davis and the note that he went to a bar and picked a fight in order to get punished for what happened.  I so hope he got that out of his system now, because Brooke is not going to be happy with him.

And Chase continues to chase (sorry about that) Tara because Chris didn't show up for Chuck.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.  Chase really needs to grow a pair and let Tara go before this becomes any worse.

And the only unseen scenes from the opening montage of the season are Haley and the body, Chase getting arrested (suspect Tara is involved somehow), and Dan and Chris with guns.  Wonder how those are going to come about.

Until next week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1/12- What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

That was a momentous episode.  Siobhan reveals a secret to Henry, Bridget gets closer to the truth about Siobhan, Juliet's mom pays a visit, and Juliet receives a surprise from a visitor after a bad day....

Well, Henry now knows the truth about Bridget and Siobhan, well, part of the truth anyways.  He knows that Bridget has been masquerading as Siobhan, but not the reason why.  I do not think I like where this is going.  Henry is rather obviously being manipulated by Siobhan because he thinks that Bridget killedGemma.  This is going to be bad.

Siobhan definitely excels at mucking things up.  She is playing Henry with the skill of a virtuoso, sold the wedding ring that Andrew bought for Bridget, and lied to Machado's face while leading him further down the path of thinking that Bridget is involved in Gemma's death.  She is also playing Tyler in order tosurreptitiously get money from Andrew.  I don't know how much further she'll take this whole thing, but I am guessing pretty far.

Bridget is clueless to the storm that is getting ready to descend on her.  Well, maybe not totally clueless, but mostly.  She has definitely figured out that Siobhan lied to her and that something is up.  I just wonder how much longer it is going to be before she puts the pieces together and realizes that Siobhan is still alive.  Methinks it won't be much longer because now that Henry knows the truth, I suspect that unless Siobhan keeps him on an *EXTREMELY* short leash, he will confront her.

Juliet's mom is a complete bitch.  She comes in like a total savior but then totally turns on Juliet the moment things look rough.  I can't blame Bridget for going at her the way she did.  I mean, seriously, the woman attacks her and sabotages the plans that she had with Juliet.

Now, Andrew, Bridget, and her mom know that Juliet had come onto Mr. Carpenter before he raped her.  That is not good.  But she seems to have found an unlikely savior in the form of her high school enemy who claims that Mr. Carpenter assaulted her as well.  I am not sure if all is on the up and up here, but let's see where this goes.

Next week, things continue to go south....

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.04- Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?

Sorry this took so long to get around to, but life got in the way.  But, as they say, better late than never....

Well, that was certainly an interesting episode.  Let's start with Chase.

Guy gets a hot girl and had quite the night.  All I have to say is ten times.  Wow!  Talk about stamina!  And then the kicker, not Alex is Chris Keller's girlfriend.  Definitely amusing.  Not good for Chase, but definitely amusing.  Maybe this is karma coming back to bite Chris on the ass, but why does poor Chase have to be in the middle.  And even knowing this, he lets her into his apartment.  Not a good thing, not a good thing at all.  But the scene with Chase, Chris, and not Alex (Tara?) at the bar was definitely amusing.  Chase was so uncomfortable, not Alex was so enjoying the whole thing, and Chris was completely clueless.

And Julian had an even worse day.  He left his baby in his car and the temperature got up to at least 101 degrees.  He is questioned by the police and Brooke isn't speaking to him.  He is left feeling like a worthless dad and with a crushing guilt.  I am glad that Brooke was talking to him in the end, thanks to an intervention from Haley.  It might be a while before he trusts himself with the kids, but at least its a start back.

The worst day award goes to Clay.  Turns out he wasn't taking drugs, but rather he lied in order to protect Quinn from the fact that he is suffering from frequent blackouts.  Even worse, both he and Quinn were threatened by his drug dealer at gunpoint.  And that scene from the first episode was tonight, glad we got an explanation for it.  Fortunately, he has decided to check himself into a program to get some help.  Hopefully, he'll stick it out and get himself better.  Did anyone else love the scene where Dan dunked Clay into the water again?  That was great and it totally forced Clay to admit what was going on.

Mouth has a bad day too, but his wasn't as bad as others.  I loved that one of the first things out of Skillz' mouth was about Mouth's weight.  That was truly funny.  And the subtextual argument over Mouth's recent weight gain that took place on the show while Skillz played referee and brought it out into the open was great.  I was also glad to see he and Millie both order salads and was annoyed to see him go after the ice cream.  Not good.  Bad Mouth!

As for Brooke, I can't blame her for being pissed at Julian.  I mean, one of her babies is left in a really hot car by her husband and she totally freaks out about it.  I am glad they spent the time apart because it allowed her to calm down and talk things out rationally with Haley.  Just an awesome idea.

And how great is it that the new cafe owner is Chris' girlfriend?  I couldn't believe the sign.  And no, it wasn't slanderous, but it was a seriously low blow.  The retaliation was funny; if juvenile; but unfortunately they got caught.

And once again, Dan uses his evil powers for good.  Threatening the drug dealer was quite amusing.  Dan is so not frightened by the punk and makes sure that the guy knows it.

Next week (ok, this week), where is Nathan?

Until then!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.13- Medallion

Cassie is torn between Jake and Adam, Diana and Ethan throw a party, Faye introduces Melissa to a friend, and an old acquaintance shows up in town and brings out the worst in people...

Well, Cassie just keeps getting scarier and scarier.  She knows how to use the Balcoin medallion to attack and has also used it to confirm that John Blackwell is alive.  I also don't quite know whether to agree with Adam or Jake.  Jake wants Cassie to do whatever is necessary to protect herself and the Circle, whereas Adam wants her to shy away from dark magic and Jake to protect herself.  Cassie, on the other hand, is determined to find a middle path but the path seems awfully precarious.  She slips so easily into using dark magic, it is very scary.  Granted, each time she has used it, it has been in defense of herself and/or the Circle, but still.  Not a good thing.  The look on the psychic's face when Cassie said that she remembered how to use the medallion was a look of sheer and utter terror.  She knew what Cassie could do with the medallion and was scared beyond all reason.  Dear, crossing Dawn is one thing, she is a disempowered witch.  Crossing Cassie, the product of incredibly powerful white and dark magic bloodlines is another.  You screwed up and paid the ultimate price at the hands of the witch hunter who led the attack on the boat 16 years ago.

It is official, Jake has killed witches before.  Although he didn't say it, the look on his face when Cassie asked him the question was enough.  We know that he did it because he was tricked into thinking that all witches were evil, but still, that is not likely to engender trust on Cassie's part.  And hooking up with Faye?  Also not a good idea if you want to stay in Cassie's good graces.

I can definitely say that I am annoyed at Adam for taking the medallion, even if I do understand the reasons.  He wanted to protect Cassie, but he really needs to trust her while protecting her.  She is independent enough to strike out on her own if need be.  The best way to protect her is to let her do her thing and be there to keep it under control if necessary.

How sweet was it that Diana and Ethan threw Adam a party?  Just loved that.  She is still so hung up on him, but is gamely hanging in there and just letting things develop as they will.  That is a true friend.  And Ethan has recovered from his extended drunkenness enough to start to be a dad again.  Those toasts to Adam were just awesome, particularly Diana's which served to remind us just how much those two have been through together.

I want to smack Faye for introducing Melissa to the dealer.  I know she is trying to rebuild that friendship, but that was not good.  That dealer is enough like Nick to instantly spark interest on Melissa's part.  Also the drug is helping to dull the pain.  This is a bad path.

Was anyone besides me surprised that Charles saved Dawn's life?  I can honestly say I wasn't sure if he would.  The two of them have been on the outs for a little while now, but he is a good enough man to really care about her.  Again, I don't think this is a good thing.  Dawn can use those feeling to manipulate him if she is subtle about it.

And John Blackwell is still alive and out there.  I wonder, are we going to meet him right before a break, or is he going to remain in the background for a long time?  I suspect he'll show up around the spring break or the season finale, but I could be wrong.

Next week, Valentine's day....

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.13- Bringing Out the Dead

That was a momentous episode.  The origins of the Petrova doppelganger were revealed, Caroline is struck by tragedy, an ongoing mystery is revealed, and a family is reunited.

Apparently the Petrova doppelganger have been dividing brothers for centuries.  Katerina and Elena have both divided Damon and Stefan and the original Petrova (Tatia) divided Klaus and Elijah.  In fact, it was her blood that was in the wine that transformed the Originals into vampires.  I am going to guess that is the reason why the blood of the doppelganger is needed to make hybrids.  Since the Petrova blood was used to make vampires in the first place, it is linked to the curse and is therefore necessary.  Talk about a lot to take in.

Klaus' family is now reunited.  Damon and Elijah removed the daggers from Kol, Finn, and Rebekah.  Hail, hail, the gang's all here.  And this cannot be good news.  Rebekah is justifiably pissed off at Elena for daggering her and Kol and Finn are out for revenge against Klaus because he daggered them.  And now Mommy dearest is back in the picture.  Turns out Mommy was in the locked coffin and she was freed by Bonny and her mom.  Mommy Original (never caught a name) has forgiven Klaus for his crimes and wants to bring the family back together.  So the question on everyone's mind is "Is anybody safe now?"  I would say that the answer is not a good one.

Did everyone else enjoy that dinner party as much as I did?  The veiled (and not so veiled) threats, the verbal knife twisting, the fights, and general male bitchiness made for an entertaining meal.  A deal was almost struck, but I think it is now null and void.

Let us now pause for a moment to express our mourning at the passing of Caroline's dad.  He was stabbed with a knife while he still had vampire blood in his system and, due to his strong beliefs, he refused to drink blood to complete the transformation and has now passed away.  I feel so sorry for Caroline.  At least she got to spend a good day with her dad before the end.  Wish it could have been more, because he was an awesome character, but all good things must come to an end.

We almost lost Alaric too, but Elena killed him and because she is a supernatural creature, he came back to join us.  I have to admit that I honestly thought he was a goner.  I am really glad he is not though.  The question here is: Who is killing members of the Council?  It would seem to be a human, but who?  Dr. Fell was a suspect until we found out that she was in surgery when Alaric was attacked.  The other interesting thing is that all of the attacks have been done with Alaric's weapons.  Not good.  Not good at all.

It was nice to see Matt back.  He really needs to be around more.  He is a great support system for our group as everything keeps falling apart.

Next week, Klaus throws a party and everyone's invited.....