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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.04- Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?

Sorry this took so long to get around to, but life got in the way.  But, as they say, better late than never....

Well, that was certainly an interesting episode.  Let's start with Chase.

Guy gets a hot girl and had quite the night.  All I have to say is ten times.  Wow!  Talk about stamina!  And then the kicker, not Alex is Chris Keller's girlfriend.  Definitely amusing.  Not good for Chase, but definitely amusing.  Maybe this is karma coming back to bite Chris on the ass, but why does poor Chase have to be in the middle.  And even knowing this, he lets her into his apartment.  Not a good thing, not a good thing at all.  But the scene with Chase, Chris, and not Alex (Tara?) at the bar was definitely amusing.  Chase was so uncomfortable, not Alex was so enjoying the whole thing, and Chris was completely clueless.

And Julian had an even worse day.  He left his baby in his car and the temperature got up to at least 101 degrees.  He is questioned by the police and Brooke isn't speaking to him.  He is left feeling like a worthless dad and with a crushing guilt.  I am glad that Brooke was talking to him in the end, thanks to an intervention from Haley.  It might be a while before he trusts himself with the kids, but at least its a start back.

The worst day award goes to Clay.  Turns out he wasn't taking drugs, but rather he lied in order to protect Quinn from the fact that he is suffering from frequent blackouts.  Even worse, both he and Quinn were threatened by his drug dealer at gunpoint.  And that scene from the first episode was tonight, glad we got an explanation for it.  Fortunately, he has decided to check himself into a program to get some help.  Hopefully, he'll stick it out and get himself better.  Did anyone else love the scene where Dan dunked Clay into the water again?  That was great and it totally forced Clay to admit what was going on.

Mouth has a bad day too, but his wasn't as bad as others.  I loved that one of the first things out of Skillz' mouth was about Mouth's weight.  That was truly funny.  And the subtextual argument over Mouth's recent weight gain that took place on the show while Skillz played referee and brought it out into the open was great.  I was also glad to see he and Millie both order salads and was annoyed to see him go after the ice cream.  Not good.  Bad Mouth!

As for Brooke, I can't blame her for being pissed at Julian.  I mean, one of her babies is left in a really hot car by her husband and she totally freaks out about it.  I am glad they spent the time apart because it allowed her to calm down and talk things out rationally with Haley.  Just an awesome idea.

And how great is it that the new cafe owner is Chris' girlfriend?  I couldn't believe the sign.  And no, it wasn't slanderous, but it was a seriously low blow.  The retaliation was funny; if juvenile; but unfortunately they got caught.

And once again, Dan uses his evil powers for good.  Threatening the drug dealer was quite amusing.  Dan is so not frightened by the punk and makes sure that the guy knows it.

Next week (ok, this week), where is Nathan?

Until then!