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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.04- The Killing Moon

Haley searches for Nathan and learns some disturbing news from Dan, Brooke and Tara continue their war, Clay starts to get some answers, Julian punishes himself for what happened to Davis, and Chase continues to disappoint....

Well, Nathan is officially missing.  Haley has been calling and calling, but Nathan doesn't answer the phone because some guy with a leather brace on his wrist has it.  A kidnapper?  Definitely someone up to no good, that is for sure.  Enjoyed that Chris was really trying to help her at the police station.  Failing, but trying.  I am also glad that the desk attendant at the airport decided to be helpful.  And what about that news from Dan?  He burned down his own restaurant after Nathan brought him the baseball and picture of Lydia in the season finale because he wanted to get in good with Nathan while he was still vulnerable.  Haley suspects that Dan has something to do with Nathan's disappearance, but I seriously doubt it.  Dan seems to have changed too much to pull a stunt like that, although I could be very wrong.  And as the episode ends, he is outside her door while she calls the police because there is a murderer in her house.  Not good.

Clay has been diagnosed as having a dissociative fugue disorder.  So basically that means that when he blacks out, a part of him is awake and aware of what is going on, but it does not enter into his memory.  And since generally things like this are brought out by some massive psychological trauma, I wonder what could be so bad that this is developing now.  I would doubt that it has anything to do with Sara or Katie, but you never know.  I am glad that he decided to stay at the center and get help.

The more I see Tara, the more I dislike her and not in a good "love to hate her" sort of way.  She is just annoying and obnoxious.  First with the sign, then with the roaches in the flower, and finally with that note to Julian.  I understand being competitive, but she is carrying it *WAY* too far.  And we finally find out why Brooke was seen trashing a cafe in the beginning of the season, she was destroying Tara's restaurant because of the note to Julian.  While I found that infinitely amusing, when Tara strikes back, it ain't gonna be pretty.

And we also find out why we saw Julian getting beat up.  He was feeling so bad over what happened to Davis and the note that he went to a bar and picked a fight in order to get punished for what happened.  I so hope he got that out of his system now, because Brooke is not going to be happy with him.

And Chase continues to chase (sorry about that) Tara because Chris didn't show up for Chuck.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.  Chase really needs to grow a pair and let Tara go before this becomes any worse.

And the only unseen scenes from the opening montage of the season are Haley and the body, Chase getting arrested (suspect Tara is involved somehow), and Dan and Chris with guns.  Wonder how those are going to come about.

Until next week!