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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.07- Last Known Surroundings

Lucas comes to help Haley in her time of need, Clay talks with his psychiatrist, Brooke visits someone in prison, Chase finds out some disturbing information about Chuck and last night, and Nathan attempts an escape....

It was nice to see Lucas again, even if it was only in the airport.  Seems like Jamie and Lydia will be MIA for a while because Haley is sending them off to stay with Lucas, Peyton, and Sawyer so they won't see how bad things are.  Unfortunately, I think its too late for that.  Jamie definitely seems to have picked up on the fact that things are pretty bad given how stiff-upper lippy he was being and the way he hugged Lucas right before they left.  I hope that having them gone will enable Haley to focus most of her energy on investigating what is going on.  Unfortunately, she is trusting the wrong person, but more on that later.  I do love that Lucas was so supportive of Haley, which was totally unsurprising.  Given their history as best friends, if he were anything but, I'd smack him good.

I am trying to figure out if the psychologist learned anything from Clay during that conversation.  It seemed to wander all over the place without getting much accomplished.  I suspect that more was gotten out of it than I realized, which would be cool.  It was nice to be filled in on some of Clay's post-Sarah, pre-Nathan time.  For example, he got the beach house because he saw her standing on the porch and went in to talk with her, as was his wont.  Given the description that I've seen of next weeks episode, I am guessing that something he said tonight is going to trigger a breakthrough of some sort.

Chase and Chris had fairly easy wardrobes this week.  Chase appears to be this season's designated shirtless guy.  Not that I am complaining, just noting the fact.  I have to know, was there a foursome going on or did Chris have a menage a trois with the two women?  Oh, the mind does wonder.  :-)   And someone is beating Chuck.  Easy money says that it's his dad, but I could see it being his mom.  If Chase doesn't realize what is going on, I will slap him silly.  I suspect that he has his suspicions and that may have something to do with the arrest we saw at the beginning of the season.

Brooke was asked to visit Xavier, the guy who assaulted her and killed Quentin in season 6.  Apparently, he wasn't convicted of killing Q, only of the assault on her and holding Sam and his brother.  He was up for parole and asked to see her.  She asked for him not to be released, but he was.  Not good at all.

Dan is continuing his search for Nathan and something in the last video that Nathan sent Jamie has caught his attention.  It appears to be a coat of arms or a symbol for a team.  It is a two headed bird with a shield over its body with the letter pi written on it.

And Nathan wins tonight's badass award for breaking free, attacking his jailer, and almost escaping.  He thought he was getting help from a police officer who visited Haley earlier, but it turned out the police officer was working with the kidnappers.  Again, not good for Nathan.  Oh, and Nathan's kidnapper is also a drug supplier because he got a visit from the drug dealer that Clay saw earlier in the season.

Next week, Haley has to identify a body.  I have to say that I doubt it is Nathan, but I wonder who it is....