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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.08- A Rush of Blood to the Head

Haley receives a phone call and a visitor, Brooke receives an unwelcome visitor, Chase takes drastic and violent steps to protect Chuck, Dan continues his investigation, Skillz finds out something about Lauren, and Clay is hit by a massive bombshell....

I have to start with Clay.  Clay is a dad.  In fact, he is Logan's dad.  That's right people, the kid in the facility that Clay has been bonding with is in fact his and Sarah's son.  Turns out that in the wake of Sarah's death, Clay blocked out all knowledge of Logan's existence.  The doctor and Sarah's parents apparently tried to tell him about Logan, but Clay just couldn't hold onto his existence.  I am guessing that the doctor brought Logan back when Clay came back to jog Clay's memories and get him to remember.  Only problem?  Clay doesn't want to deal with it.  Hopefully, he'll come around so he and Quinn can take care of Logan, but who knows what will happen at this point.

That body that Haley was called in to identify wasn't Nathan after all.  So her collapse was apparently a collapse of relief because it wasn't Nathan coupled with stress because there are still no answers.  Fortunately for Haley, Deb has shown up (yea!!) to help her.  What was really surprising was that Deb strongly urged Haley to work with Dan, pointing out that anything good Dan has done was in service to Nathan.  So, Haley has wisely chosen to talk with Dan and find out what he knows, which is a decent amount.  Dan went to jail to talk with a prisoner to identify the markings on the wall behind Nathan in that video and got a name Dimitri, which Dan overheard the drug dealer he threatened talk to.  So Dan has that lead and with Julian has found the guy.  It was a good thing he had Julian with him, because Julian acted as a voice of reason and got Dan to not act precipitously, but rather to think and plan first.  I am betting that scene with Chris and Dan in the car will be occurring in the next week or two.

While I totally sympathize with Chase's reaction to what happened to Chuck, it was not the brightest idea.  It might have been much better to take Chuck away from the scene and call the police.  Instead, Chase beats Chuck's dad and is hauled off to prison.  Well, there goes the Air Force.  That makes two more scenes from the opening montage of the first episode that we have seen.  I believe the only scene left is the Dan and Chris scene.

Xavier has a new hobby, stalking Brooke.  He came to the restaurant to ask for a job only to be turned down.  Then he came to eat and got his @$$ kicked out by Julian.  Then he came back and got kicked out by Brooke.  Then he came around again and Julian chased him.  I think a restraining order might be in order here.  Brooke is rightfully fearing about what might happen, particularly given the fact that she now has two babies.

I couldn't help but laugh at the whole David thing.  So, he has dumped Taylor and decided to date a non-James girl.  Turns out the girl he chose was Lauren, who is now pregnant.  The poor guy just can't escape the James orbit, can he?  I thought it was totally sweet of Skillz to offer to man up and take care of the baby if he was the father, and obviously Lauren did too.

Next week, Xavier continues his Brooke obsession....