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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1/12- What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

That was a momentous episode.  Siobhan reveals a secret to Henry, Bridget gets closer to the truth about Siobhan, Juliet's mom pays a visit, and Juliet receives a surprise from a visitor after a bad day....

Well, Henry now knows the truth about Bridget and Siobhan, well, part of the truth anyways.  He knows that Bridget has been masquerading as Siobhan, but not the reason why.  I do not think I like where this is going.  Henry is rather obviously being manipulated by Siobhan because he thinks that Bridget killedGemma.  This is going to be bad.

Siobhan definitely excels at mucking things up.  She is playing Henry with the skill of a virtuoso, sold the wedding ring that Andrew bought for Bridget, and lied to Machado's face while leading him further down the path of thinking that Bridget is involved in Gemma's death.  She is also playing Tyler in order tosurreptitiously get money from Andrew.  I don't know how much further she'll take this whole thing, but I am guessing pretty far.

Bridget is clueless to the storm that is getting ready to descend on her.  Well, maybe not totally clueless, but mostly.  She has definitely figured out that Siobhan lied to her and that something is up.  I just wonder how much longer it is going to be before she puts the pieces together and realizes that Siobhan is still alive.  Methinks it won't be much longer because now that Henry knows the truth, I suspect that unless Siobhan keeps him on an *EXTREMELY* short leash, he will confront her.

Juliet's mom is a complete bitch.  She comes in like a total savior but then totally turns on Juliet the moment things look rough.  I can't blame Bridget for going at her the way she did.  I mean, seriously, the woman attacks her and sabotages the plans that she had with Juliet.

Now, Andrew, Bridget, and her mom know that Juliet had come onto Mr. Carpenter before he raped her.  That is not good.  But she seems to have found an unlikely savior in the form of her high school enemy who claims that Mr. Carpenter assaulted her as well.  I am not sure if all is on the up and up here, but let's see where this goes.

Next week, things continue to go south....