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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.14- Whores Don't Make That Much

The mystery around the photo of the boy from the first episode is revealed, Juliet gets in deep trouble because of a comment she makes, and Malcolm realizes that Henry knows more than he is saying....

So, that boy in the photo from the pilot was in fact Siobhan's son by a man named Dylan who left Siobhan when she was pregnant and did not show up again until Sean (the boy) was 18 months old.  What happened to Sean is a large part of the reason for the split between Siobhan and Bridget.  Turns out that 7 years ago, despite Siobhan telling Bridget not to let Dylan near Sean, Bridget allowed Dylan to take her and Sean to the fair and on the way back they were hit by a car and Sean was killed.  Siobhan; understandably; told Bridget that she wanted Bridget to stay out of her life which caused Bridget to spiral downward to the state we saw her in during the pilot.  It turns out that Siobhan has been secretly sending flowers to Dylan's mom on her birthday.  An act of kindness on Siobhan's part as his mom seems to think or some sort of twisted revenge idea?  With Siobhan you can never be sure.  

Juliet, I don't know what we are going to do with you.  Last week we found out that the whole rape scheme was done in order to get money out of Andrew.  This week we find out that Catherine is behind the whole thing.  This makes me wonder, how much of Juliet's problems is Catherine to blame for?  Did she come up with this scheme and other prior problems in order to force a break between Juliet and Andrew so that Catherine could get custody?  Or did she just take advantage of Andrew's cutting Juliet off to screw him over?  It really could be either one.

I have to say that Catherine being behind the whole plot was not a surprising twist.  As soon as Juliet called someone to say that their plan wasn't working anymore, I knew it was either Catherine or Siobhan.  Now, Siobhan seemed *EXTREMELY* doubtful, so I had pretty much pegged it as being Catherine, so the reveal wasn't a surprise at all.  I also have to wonder if it was Catherine behind the beating of Tessa and not Mr. Carpenter.  Of course, that would pretty much depend on whether or not Mr. C knows about Catherine's connection to the whole thing, so this is mere speculation at this point.

Siobhan was not happy that Malcolm is working for Andrew.  Not entirely sure why, but she's not and she has ordered Henry to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately for Henry, Malcolm noticed the key from Siobhan's office on his key ring and has decided to keep an eye on Henry himself.  Ah, the twists and turns in this show are almost too much to keep up with sometimes.

Next time, Andrew reproposes to "Siobhan" and apparently the results are interesting...