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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.15- P.S. You're An Idiot

Andrew reproposes to "Siobhan" and the results are interesting, Juliet decides to reveal what happened to Andrew and panic ensues, Malcolm investigates Olivia and the results are shocking....

Well, I called it.  Catherine was behind the assault on Tessa.  Apparently, Tessa was just supposed to be scared and attacked not beaten to a pulp.  And how did Mommy dearest find out about the whole thing?  Turns out that not only did Mr. C know about her involvement, but they have been having a little love affair.  This really reinforces my thoughts that this whole thing is part of a larger plot on Catherine's part.  Now, I could still be wrong, but I think tonight really made my thoughts from the last review alot more credible, particularly since Juliet doesn't know that Catherine knows Mr. C well because Catherine promised to keep her involvement a secret from Mr. C.

Juliet unleashed a hornet's nest with her text that she was going to talk with Andrew.  But the question is, did she send it or did Catherine somehow make it look like she did in order to get Mr. C to get his portion of the loot so she could take it from him?  Either one is entirely credible, particularly since Juliet hadn't talked to Andrew before the end of the episode.  Our little Catherine is quite the web spinner and plotter.  She left Mr. C high and dry with no money and a note that promised hell if he came near Juliet or Catherine again.

Henry had quite the fun time with Bridget.  He so loved pretending that he didn't know who she was but couldn't keep from making veiled references to the effect that he knew the truth.  And Siobhan so has him wrapped around her little finger.  As for Siobhan, twins?  Wow.  And after her expressed wishes on to Andrew on their wedding night about not wanting to have kids.  So, who is the dad?

And watch Malcolm P.I.  He discovered the dirty little secret that Martin/Charles has been hiding.  Turns out they have been running a Ponzi scheme.  While he and Bridget both thought that Olivia was behind it, Andrew has claimed responsibility for the whole thing.  I wonder if he told Bridget the truth or if he said it to keep her quiet while he sorts things out with Olivia.  Given this world, either is very possible.  If this is what Siobhan knew about, it is possible that she cut and ran in order to avoid a scandal and humiliation.

Who is Xerxes?  Obviously someone who has been keeping an eye on things and told Olivia that there was a leak within Martin/Charles.  She thought it was Malcolm, but it turns out the leak is in Paris.  Obviously, the leak is Tyler, and I wonder how long it will be before they track the leak to him and possibly to Siobhan.

Next week, the $h!t hits the fan....